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Momento Romántico
Poemas de amor declamados en línea
In the Hands
Music old and new from composer / pianist Paul Cantrell and his friends. The podcast features complete pieces -- not just snippets! -- and spoken commentary. Music ranges from Chopin, Brahms, Schubert and Schumann to fresh compositions to avante-garde improvisations.
Nature's Lead
This podcast both examines and inspires a certain approach towards life that is based both on personal philosophies and on, more importantly, the writings of people such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. The host, while working in technology for a major corporation, holds a Master's in English Literature and is a true Romantic.
Walden by Henry David Thoreau
Two years, two months and two days! This is what forms the time line of one man's quest for the simple life and a unique social experiment in complete self reliance and independence. Henry David Thoreau published Walden in 1884. Originally drafted as a series of essays describing a most significant episode in his life, it was finally released in book form with each essay taking on the form of a separate chapter. Thoreau's parents were in financial straights, but rich intellectually and cultu ...
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens is one of the most appreciated Victorian writers, his novels gaining worldwide recognition by both critics and readers. First published in 1850, David Copperfield begins with avid the tragedy of David's brother dying when David is just a boy. After this episode he is sent by his step-father to work in London for a wine merchant. When conditions worsen he decides to run away and embarks on a journey by foot from London to Dover. On his arrival he finds his eccentric aunt, Bets ...
Three Short Works by Gustave Flaubert
Here is a collection of strikingly different pieces by Flaubert: a prose poem in the voices of Death, Satan and Nero; the trials and apotheosis of a medieval saint; and the life of a selfless maid in 19th century France. Each exhibits the vigorous exactness, and the mixture of realism and romanticism, for which Flaubert is renowned.
Introduction to The Philosophy of History by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The introduction to Hegel’s lectures on the philosophy of world history is often used to introduce students to Hegel’s philosophy, in part because Hegel’s sometimes difficult style is muted in the lectures, and he discourses on accessible themes such as world events in order to explain his philosophy. Much of the work is spent defining and characterizing Geist or spirit. Geist is similar to the culture of people, and is constantly reworking itself to keep up with the changes of society, whil ...
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Montgomery’s literary classic recounts the exciting adventures undertaken by the fiery eleven-year-old Anne Shirley, an orphan girl accidentally adopted by middle aged siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. A coming-of-age novel, Anne of Green Gables focuses on Anne’s new life at Green Gables farm in Avonlea and her adjustment into the Prince Edward Island community. The story launches when the aging siblings Matthew and Marilla decide that they could use an extra hand around their farm, and ...
Iracema, the Honey-Lips: a Legend of Brazil by ALENCAR, José de
Iracema (translated as Iracema, the Honey Lips: a legend of Brazil) is considered one of the most important books of Brazilian romanticism, but also of Brazilian literature as a whole. It's been called a poem in prose, a poetic novel, a fictional-historical novel, an indianist novel, an epic-lyric narrative, a mythic poem. The obvious difficulty in defining this work shows its many facets: legendary, narrative, poetic, lyric, mythic. The story revolves around the unexpected appearance of a P ...
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The by BLASCO IBáñEZ, Vicente
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, by Vicente Blasco Ibañez and translated into English by Charlotte Brewster Jordan, depicts two branches of a family with its roots in the pampas of Argentina. The wealthy Argentinian, Julio Madariaga, comes from Spain and raises himself from poverty, becoming a self-made, wealthy cattleman. He is a man of extremes; an honest man with a rascally knack for taking advantage of others; a self-made man with overweening pride, prejudices, and a sharp, flinty te ...
Common Story, A by GONCHAROV, Ivan
Alexander Fedoritch Adouev is the naïve, pampered son of Anna Pavlovna, a provincial landowner. He decides to go off to Saint Petersburg, not only to make his mark upon society but also to fulfill his two rosy romantic dreams of becoming a great writer and finding a great love. He is taken under the reluctant wing of his uncle, Piotr Ivanitch Adouev, a pragmatic, hard-headed businessman who scorns everything romantic and tries to cure Alexander Fedoritch of his sentimental, youthful illusion ...
Three Short Works by FLAUBERT, Gustave
Here is a collection of strikingly different pieces by Flaubert: a prose poem in the voices of Death, Satan and Nero; the trials and apotheosis of a medieval saint; and the life of a selfless maid in 19th century France. Each exhibits the vigorous exactness, and the mixture of realism and romanticism, for which Flaubert is renowned.
Outcast, The by READE, (William) Winwood
For many nineteenth-century Christians, the new biological and geological discoveries of that era brought on severe crises of faith. Winwood Reade’s small epistolary novel “The Outcast” tells the story of a young man who sacrifices love and family and property for the sake of his conscience, which tells him that his lifelong beliefs cannot stand up to the heady revelations of the new science. Interestingly, the most crushing discovery for the anonymous letter-writer of this story is not simp ...
Monk: A Romance, The by LEWIS, Matthew
Matthew Gregory Lewis's The Monk: A Romance is a story of frustrated and unrequited desire between mentor and pupil mixed with elements of the supernatural. It includes several subplots: rape, torture and incest. It is the old story of the forces of good versus the forces of evil, except that in this one evil comes out ahead.When The Monk was first published in 1795, it was received well by readers and reviewers causing a second edition to be printed the following year. But by the third year ...
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Director's Notes: Blog: musical short film with the track 'Insuficiente' ('Not enough') from the album 'Museo del Romanticismo' by Rusos Blancos (I*M Records, 2016 / https://i ...…
“Queremos acoger (y, también, independizarnos)” Del malestar social y el necesario adiós al romanticismo anarquista El Evangelista de Solentiname: una persecución prosaica contra el poeta nacional Las mil caras y una sola cara de Donald Trump: entre payasos, títeres, imitadores y el libre desarrollo de la personalidad Del sirope de maíz, el azú ...…
Hoxe Silvia Tuñas Añón e Anxo Núñez Fernández falarán dos últimos temas de actualidade, de convidado teremos connosco a Amaro Núñez Fernández que nos contará a súa experiencia no Xapón.
Migue Dobrich vs. Carlos Tanco,Miedos, humor gráfico, romanticismo, música y moscas. @MVDNOpod Bongo Party with Luca BacchettiE’ vedendo la recente campagna di sensibilizzazione del Barga Jazz Club che mi sono chiesto cosa avrei potuto fare per dare il mio contributo… Un Jazz Club, o qualsiasi locale dove si fa musica e’ un luogo di aggregazione c ...…
Vuelve la tradición a Sin Distorsión Podcast y les traemos el repaso del dígalo con letras del reforma con motivo del 14 de febrero el día de San Valentín o el día del amor y la amistad, dónde veremos cuáles son los mensajes más graciosos, descarados y corrientes que las personas se mandan en el periódico. Pero eso no es todo ya que para los qu ...…
Podcast Épocas y autores de la literatura española
Voz: Manuel López Castilleja Música: Pianissimo II_Suzanne Cianni Termina el período anterior, el Romanticismo, con un cierto hartazgo de fantasía, de imaginación. A la sociedad burguesa del XIX que estaba haciéndose con el poder no le agradan las fantasías idealistas románticas. No obstante, durante un tiempo conviven muchos rasgos románticos ...…
En esta rima se conndensa toda la fuerza del Romanticismo más genuino: una naturaleza destructiva que es, paradójicamente, la única salida para un alma atormentada por un amor perdido. La fusión panteísta hombre-mundo que se propone como solución no es otra que un suicidio.....Hola, puedes encontrarme en o en ...…
Recita: Ana María Olivares Titulo: RIMAS Autor: Gustavo ADOLFO BÉCQUER Prólogo: Ana María Olivares Editorial: Poesía eres tú Colección: Poesía ISBN-13: 978-84-15006-19-0 Depósito Legal: M-3714-2011 P.V.P.- 5 Euros Puedes adquirirlo aquí. Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (Sevilla, 1836 – 1870), fi ...…
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