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Two brutally honest people, Jabrir and Tracey, talking about life: love: and the pursuit of complete pop trash. Come along for the ride.
Sassycast Podcast
An LGBT politically incorrect podcast where we just talk about whatever we want
Do You Have A Tale to Tell? Because Cat wants to hear it.Cat's Tales is hosted by internet personality, “SassyCat” (Cat for short). Join your favorite little kitty, as she interviews her guest speakers who share their expertise and/or personal experiences. Guest speakers can be anyone from experts with PhD's to John Q Public. The show topics vary from week to week, covering everything and anything, no subject is taboo. “Cat” is an ordinary girl who is outspoken and inquisitive, sharing her o ...
Two bears, a chaser and their Goldilocks. Talking about whatever
Sassychat Podcast
Two sassy sisters, Jen & Tina, have one mission in mind. And that's to take your life (and ours) from SUCKY to SASSY!!! Quite frankly, we're sick of our lives sucking, and we're ready to make some major changes. So jump on board with us. Through hilarious stories, banter, laughter and some LIFE COACHING and ADVICE with a lucky caller, we can all start changing our lives from SUCKY to SASSY. Let's do this!
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The Degenerates find their way to Elturel in order to deliver their intel to Leosin Erlanthar and Ontharr Frume. On the way they have trouble pronouncing the name of a mount, visit the sassy cat, slap an elf, and do a bit of drinking in a tavern headquarters. Find out what the next step of their adventure is in Episode 10! Also, swearing and im ...…
Travis is hot off the top because of a spiral of racist youtube videos. Andrew got a new tattoo. Handsome Dan thinks he should be the host and the “producer” needs to shut up more. They talk a bit about beers they like, birthday plans, trying new things, and much much more. Who is our one Google Play Listener?…
After a short time away The Fat and Sassy Cat Daddy returns to talk about all the key matches at this years Wrestlemania 34! I also take some time to do some fantasy booking!
Welcome back! Thanks for joining us for Episode 26 In this episode, Dana and Kristi are catching up on Life, WIPs, FOs, and Stash Enhancements. For more info on Dana's Dumpster Yarn, check out Episode 16. Speaking of catching up on Life...Kristi got engaged! Check out this gorgeous ring she picked out with her Fiance, Eddie. Don't forget to tak ...…
It’s like trying to find your way back home with a sassy cat while eating charcoal-flavored sliders while plunging 125ft into a hot and spicy soup. Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars - Exclusive: Google’s New AI Tool Turns Your Selfies Into Emoji Tesla starts pre-orders on solar roof for $1,000, rolls out ...…
A brief recording of a drunken SassyCat & her childhood friend in #neworleans at the #bewareofdarkness & #thestruts concert. Watching the guys pack up equipment and getting autographs. #craziness
I was thinking about what to do and if I was going to get time to do it. Well, I did get to doing it and it's here. Thought of what Sassy Cat would like or listen to and along that train of thought I ended up stumbling across a couple of tunes from the past and decided to see if they could co-exist on the Deserted Island. So I mashed them up. B ...…
It's the night before I leave for New Orleans. Coming down from the Anxiety I suffered from earlier today. From SassyCat’s iPhone.
The Purrrcast is the cat podcast for you and your feline friends. Based in Los Angeles, hosts Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris chat with fellow cat enthusiasts about the furry little creatures they love. Not sure how the cats feel about it though. On episode FIFTY-FOUR of The Purrrcast, we welcome YouTube extraordinaire Taryn Southern to talk al ...…
A streetwise pup, a sassy cat, and another old dog (who is clearly on the verge of death) lack any amount of patience to just wait for their owners to return to pick them up from their temporary ranch home. So, naturally they escape into the California wilderness and survive an impossible journey back home to a family that may have been trying ...…
OMG, NEON DOES ANOTHER SASSY CAT SHOW! <3 Neon calls a guy who gets upset about Mondays. We talk to a lady in a checkout line and educate her on cell phone etiquette. A lady tries to tell us not to play with her. A guy has swords that we want to slay a dragon. Some guy has a good condition item we want to know about. A guy gets way too excited ...…
Q'LaLa talks Kito Taylor (Ghost Town DJs) and Sassy Cat makes her premier with the Celebrity Gossip!
Who is Toni Braxton new Boo and what is T.I. family up too? Find out from Sassy Cat.
New post by SassyCat
Thanks #SassyCat for taking and making the time to keep Febooary rolling on. You are doing and have done a great job for the community. Thanks!
Talking about #febooary and #audio #friendships
Lynn Brunelle is a mama gone geek! In this "Who's On Bainbridge" podcast episode, BCB's Sandy Schubach has a delightful conversation with Bainbridge Island resident Lynn Brunelle. A writer, illustrator and former teacher, Lynn believes in getting kids excited about science. For Lynn, science is a magic that can be reality, and something that is ...…
It's a double episode with Dreamworks TV and Awesomeness Exec, Melanie Augustyn! Take a seat at the table with the magician's wife who hates Hollywood drinks and knows the secret to getting inside Jim Henson Studios... MELANIE AUGUSTYN // BIO Melanie Augustyn is a Creative Executive at DreamworksTV, the newest venture for Dreamworks Animation/A ...…
May be offensive to some listeners it's crazy mother-daughter time for SassyCat and her mom.
It's crazy mother-daughter time for this SassyCat & her mom.
My Xperia can stream Periscope and Audioboom simultaneously through the Qashqai speakers. So I can listen to both voices simultaneously.
With shouts to @iankath, @documentally, @sassycat, @macolgan, @firemanrich
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