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This is the musical world of Eban Schletter, award winning composer/songwriter and Theremin virtuoso. He is best known for his work on TV shows such as "Mr. Show with Bob and David", "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Another Period" and "Stan Against Evil", as well as film scores including "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Run Ronnie Run". He was also the co-producer of "The Pod F. Tompkast", a musical contributor to "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" and the live accompanist for "Spontaneanation with ...
Comedian PAUL F. TOMPKINS & Composer EBAN SCHLETTER Present Sketch, Conversation, And Stream-of-Consciousness Monologuery.
SPONTANEANATION WITH PAUL F. TOMPKINS is a completely improvised show, from monologue to interview to narrative sketch. Join Paul, his special guests, his incredibly talented improviser friends, and accompanist Eban Schletter for an hour of comedy that none of them ever see coming. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
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As a special pre-Oscars offering, we’re breaking down the five nominees for Best Original Song! We have opinions and we’re not afraid of sharing them for a fairly strong crop of songs. Except for one. A very specific one. Then, we’re getting our snacks in order, our bubbly on ice and our ballots ready for the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday. We'v ...…
Hawaiian Tide; Sea Star; Jaws at 8; Cassette Recorder; Punk Bands; The Greatest Technological Invention of Post-Modern-Pre-Dystopian Times; The Most Socially Accepted Mental Disease; Euphoria; Conventional View of Love; Following Bliss; Three Payments
First Theme; Petaluma; Fishing Trip; Imagined Sweetheart; Nine; Cinema Influence; Bad Boys; Super 8 Epic; Forever Friends featuring Paul F Tompkins.
All that's happened; Hollywood Free-For-All; Good Morning World; My Opinion; Swearing!; Theremin Jam; My Ukulele; I Can't Find a Toy for My Baby; Kissing Queen; White Summer Bonnet featuring Crissy Guerrero; Wash your mouth out!
The Music of Science Fiction and Horror 2.0 With Special Guests Photographer/Producer, Dennys Ilic and Composer, Eban Schletter Welcome to Episode 29 of Booze and Phasers! The podcast where Claudia Dolph, Audrey Kearns and guests drink Genre and talk booze…we mean, we booze Genre and drink phasers… wait a minute, green people, Gorn – ENERGIZE! ...…
Bringing the podcast back; Advice from a legend; Songs of human evolution(?): Ape Man 2000, Boots On the Ground (featuring Sara Watkins) , I Wonder Why; Hymn of the Defeatist; How to lighten the mood (with a "Stan Against Evil" Easter egg); Kris' Turn (All of Those Sunshine Days); Someplace To Go.
Starring Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars and Mark Gagliardi as Croach the Tracker. Also starring Hal Lublin as the folksy narrator; Paul F. Tompkins as the Gelato Stand; Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm as The Jonathan Coultons; Hal Lublin and Annie Savage as androids; Paul F. Tompkins as Paul's Character and Paul's Other C ...…
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