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Semi-Pro Cycling Podcasts
Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced rider, Semi-Pro Cycling helps get faster, stronger and healthier.
Semi-Pro Cycling Podcasts
Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced rider, Semi-Pro Cycling helps get faster, stronger and healthier.
Semi-Pro DFS Podcast
Your Hosts, David S McIvor and Kurtis Little, are 2 former high-school jocks that now bust their balls in the Canadian Oil Industry. Every week, tune in to their not-so-AMATEUR-but-not-exactly-PROFESSIONAL DFS picks and previews for NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, and PGA... along with a lot of cursing and terrible name calling... Welcome to Semi-Pro
Semi Pros
Bringing you unprofessional Premier League, North East football and general sports talk with appalling production values since 2016.
The Semi Pro Podcast
What happens when 4 semi professional Instagram artists talk? We can't even tell you but it's pretty enjoyable! so give us a listen, we hope you enjoy it!
The Just Barely Sports podcast with the Minor League Geek
The Just Barely Sports podcast is a show about the wacky side of Pro and Semi-Pro sports. We talk about the logos, foods, special events and people that divert your attention from the actual sports themselves. So if you love the feeling of being in an arena, but don't care too much about anyone lifetime free throw percentage, we are the show for you!
PhotoNetCast - Photography podcast
PhotoNetCast brings you the photography topics that matter, whether you are a newcomer, photography enthusiast, semi-pro or even a photography professional. We highlight the latest news, discuss photography equipment (dSLR cameras, photography lighting, accessories, etc.), workflow, tips and tutorials, as well as discuss in-depth topics to help you improve your photography from both a business and creative prespectives. Hosted by Antonio Marques, Jim Goldstein, Brian Auer and Martin Gommel, ...
Frank Johnson Jr
Welcome to St.Louis Semi pro football talk
Lima Warriors Coaches Show
Join us each week as the "Voice of the Warriors" Mike Hirn will interview head Coach Rich Stotts and Lima Warrior players about the previous and upcoming games on the 2013 schedule.
How To Become A Rockstar Photographer Podcast with Matthias Hombauer
The How to Become A Rockstar Photographer Podcast with Matthias Hombauer is the show for concert photography beginners, enthusiasts, semi-pros, and pros..or for you if you chase your dream to becoming a successful music photographer. You’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and tips from the best music photographers on the planet while you´re driving your car, during your workout or walking the dogs? Then this podcast is exactly what you were waiting for. In each episode, you’ll get acces ...
Goon - Meet the Director and Actor
Labelled an outcast by his brainy family, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way.
Tales From The Road Podcast
Bad Decisions Make Great Stories! The funniest, most epic road stories we can find, told by athletes who lived them! Nothing but gut-busting tales with Sparky, Scotty and the Cheap Seats as they sit around the bar table with Pro, Semi-Pro, College, and Beer-Leaguers. New Episodes released on Tuesdays (Your Tuesday Tale) and Fridays (WTFriday Tale). Visit our website at www.TalesFromTheRoadPodcast.comto:- Subscribe to our Newsletter and get latest and greatest TFTR everything- Get Kick-Ass Me ...
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After technical difficulties wreck a normal edition of the show. Dave steps in Solo style to make sure Semi-Pro stays on schedule! He rips through NHL Hockey Night in Canada. UFC Fight Night 127 Werdum vs. Volkov And NASCAR Auto Club 400
In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I’ve crashed recently and just don’t feel the same as I did before. What can I do to get my confidence back? Question 2: I’ve been off the bike for the last two months and dread to think how low my power numbers have gone. How should I go ...…
Hey guys! i'm Mike - Former semi - pro hockey player, private pilot and Instagram model! I am taking on a new mission! Teaching YOU exactly how to use Instagram efficiently & effectively in 2018! Today's episode is a little story on how I got started in all of this! Hope you enjoy and can't wait to bring you the next episode!!Mike…
The Bros have a special episode where they combine their love for basketball and pop culture to bring you "The Best Fictional Basketball Players of All Time Draft." The rules are simple: 1. You must draft 5 starters, two reserves, and one coach. 2. You cannot pick a real basketball player who played themselves in a movie or TV show (i.e. MJ fro ...…
Avec l’athlète semi professionnel et photographe Laurent Nosari
Deke sits down with Semi-Pro Soccer Standout Max Flick as we get Max's story about recent combine tryouts, DJing in the city of Pittsburgh, and his part in the Creative's Drink Empire!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
On this episode we look back at the E League Major in Boston. We talk to TEAM NUIT BLANCHE entry fragger "Tsar Bomba" about life as a semi pro CS:GO player and the importance of chemistry with a team. Lastly we look forward to the upcoming CS Summit 2 event in Los Angeles.
Semi-Pro DFS Podcast
Dave and Kurt talk about old ass Jaromír Jágr, and NHL Trade Deadline. They also dip into the next 4 days of NHL action. And sift through the PGA Waste Management Golfers.
Everything But The Camera
On today’s episode of everythingbutthecamera I talk with James aka about his interesting change from semi pro hockey player to full time cinematographer. We also discuss tactics on how to organically grow your social media following and much more. Check out more of James and his amazing work here. Insta: @skytography.caTwitter: ...…
Keg Talk crew discusses sports and pop-culture
The Keg Talk crew discusses fantasy sports and debates the coaching in the movies Semi-Pro and Kicking and Screaming
Evan speaks to his son, Alex Hackel, who is a professional skier, about training tips and approaches used by athletic coaches. Explore how you can use some of the same techniques in your training programs. Click here to see Alex’s Ski Movie and click here to learn more about Alex Hackel. Brought to you by…
Dave and Rush through the episode touching on the announcement of Stipe Vs. Cormier. With NHL All-Star Sunday content. And UFC Jacare Vs. Brunson 2
In 2011, Danny Fournier founded the Edmonton Music Awards. In addition to that scene-boosting enterprise, he owns and operates Oddball Productions, a music marketing company boosting the careers of individual artists. Danny used to work for a major label and brings that experience to bear on his indie artist offerings. As you'll learn in this e ...…
In 2011, Danny Fournier founded the Edmonton Music Awards. In addition to that scene-boosting enterprise, he owns and operates Oddball Productions, a music marketing company boosting the careers of individual artists. Danny used to work for a major label and brings that experience to bear on his indie artist offerings. As you'll learn in this e ...…
Dave and Kurt go over the best and worst parts about the NFL Conference Championships, and Pro Sports All-Star weekends. The also get into the next 2 days of NHL. And the PGA Farmers Insurance Open(With TIGER!!!). Kurt also deals with some Haters
Dave and Kurt commend their American fans. Then jump right into Hockey Night In Canada for January 20th. NFL Conference Championships. And the MONSTER of a card that is UFC 220.
Dave and Kurt break into the upcoming Ketogenic diet involving Kurt and recap Dave's Hot Hot Weekend in DFS + Kurt gets punched in the face... also the NHL Hat-trick for January 10th - 12th and the first PGA cut event of the year, The Sony Open.
With Jamel "Ace Boog" Clark aka "J Nos" and James "Tsunami" Flythe!!Special interview with the manager of the East Lake War Eagles semi-pro football team, Jason NielsenPanther Talk!!!And NFL news rumors and playoff analysis!!!
Dave and Kurt sit down and run through ANOTHER gold medal for Canada at the World Juniors, and also recap a week of DFS. Then they get into the December 6th Hockey Night In Canada slate. And then NFL Wild Card Weekend
Dave and Kurt talk about Dave losing the Throwdown and enduring -27 C in a bikini. They also recap football wildcard matchups, UFC, and hype up Miocic vs Ngannou Then the boys get into the 3 day NHL slate. And the return of PGA with the Sentry Tournament of Champions.
What are the fundamental ways of being to have quality results in your life? Is it patience? Is it your mindset? Is it slowing down? Something that we don't usually think of when we think of successful people is their ability to slow down. Today, in the first part of a two-part episode, I interview Chris Pimmer, instructor of Self Mastery: Upgr ...…
Dave and Kurt discuss privileged white boy problems, privileged white boys in rec hockey, and a tumultuous week of NFL DFS. then the boys break down their favorite plays for December 13th-15th of the NHL on Draftkings.
Dave and Kurt sit down and recap a week of Draftkings DFS, new NHL lineup strategies, MLB off season news, and GSP vacating the Middleweight title. They also get into Hockey Night In Canada for December 9th. NFL Week 14. And UFC Swanson vs Ortega
Funky Thinker Eric Horn has developed Blastchat, a social messaging app that allows you to blast direct messages to your most important friends, customers, fans and others via push notifications. We have simplified the process of sharing real time information with the most important people in your life. In a marketplace full of distraction, we ...…
Dave and Kurt discuss personal hobbies and the rage attached to them, and pressing the pause button on the NBA. Also the NHL 3 Day Forecast. And the return of Tiger at the PGA Hero World Challenge
Dave drags his ass OUT of bed while Kurt wants to drag his ass TO bed. In this AM edition of podcast the boys discuss night shifts, time change, and Black Friday. also get into the Hockey Night In Canada slate for Nov 11th. The NFL Week 10. And the upcoming UFC Fight Night 120 Poirier Vs Pettis.
Dave and Kurt break down a WILD weekend of sports, and discuss to stop numbering the podcast episodes. Then they break into NHL 4-check. The NBA 4-point play. and then the PGA OHL Classic.
Dave and Kurt are JACKED up for an excited weekend in sports. Dave also explains his previous WEEK 9 luck in NFL and Kurt's wife comes to realize her husbands energy drink dependency. NHL Hockey Night In Canada Nov 4th @ 8:32. NFL Week 9 @ 43:37. and the coveted UFC 217 @ 1:08:10.
Dave and Kurt go off topic and talk a bit about Halloween and the Kevin Spacey saga. but eventually get into: NHL for the next 3 days. Small tidbits on NBA DFS. and The PGA Shriners in Vegas.
The Story Of U Podcast
This week's guest is Meagan. We talk about soccer, the lessons she learned from playing at a semi pro level, finding a positive outlook on life and the benefits of that, her personal training business and much more.....This week's episode is sponsored by Float Now. Check them out at and in Saskatoon at 203 Idylwyld Dr S. Call (306) ...…
Dave and Kurt plow through a late night episode. Dave deals with an epic man cold, and recap a week of DFS woes. Then talk about Hockey Night In Canada for October 28 NFL week 8 And the "meh" UFC card in Brazil.
Dave and Kurt open the show on a rant about over privileged athletes and a recap of the weekend. Then cover The NHL 4-check The NBA 4 Point Play and the upcoming PGA/WGC events
David S McIvor and Kurtis Little experience their fisrt ever "Technical Difficulty" and recap a week in DFS. Then the boys discuss Hockey Night In Canada, who owns the color orange, and how bad Steve Mason really is. Then jump into the "Turbo" edition of Week 7 NFL And go through every fight on the UFC - Cerrone vs Till card.…
David S McIvor and Kurtis Little look back on a horrendous week of NFL, why NOT to change your lineups for no reason last minute, and Fat Pat Perez. Then the boys get into their NHL 4 Day Forecast(Now called the 4-Check). discuss lineup options for Draftkings season opening 1 Million dollar Tipoff contest. And closing out, the boys go over PGA ...…
David S McIvor and Kurtis Little recap a so-close-yet-so-far week in NHL and PGA picks. Then the boys dive into NHL Hockey Night In Canada October 14th and NFL Week 6... Then unfortunately discuss the upcoming abysmal season of the NBA, or as Kurt would put it - "CLE and GS best of 82"
Your Hosts recap a weird weekend in sports, including NHL upsets, NFL sleepers, and UFC BULLSHIT!!!!... anyway. The boys get into a 4-day NHL slate for the listeners and slam Draftkings for being cheap on NHL contests - 4:44 The Dave and Kurt get into PGA fall season with the CIMB classic - 33:32 as always follow us on twitter @semiprodfs and I ...…
Dave And Kurt sit down to record the first official Semi-Pro Podcast! They go over previous weeks losses and strategies... and hate on athletes. Then they dive into: NHL's Hockey Night In Canada for October 7th - 4:04 NFL Week 5 - 35:25 and the October 7th UFC 216 - 1:04:58
Join David S McIvor and Kurtis Little as they break into the world of DFS Podcasting and preview the 2017-2018 NHL Season.
Things start off with a bit of scandal this week as Todd leads the gang on a journey of discovery about how dating was in the 1940's and 1950's.Todd gets a little upset when his title gets devalued, Google's #1 user is Lauren, Mitch's chair is broken and he's still stuck in 1920's Boston, the gang can't tell the difference between Han Solo and ...…
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours Podcast
Daniel O’Brien is a singer-songwriter, semi-pro roadie, and a recovery advocate. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
Imagine following your dreams and finding success, then deciding to throw it all away to risk chasing another dream... and loving every minute of it. That's the MO of our latest guest; semi-pro MMA fighter, photographer, world traveler, (tattoo artist?) Ste Lane. What does it take to chase happiness, and is the risk worth the reward?…
The Esports Narrative: A Competitive Video Game Podcast
TEN:004 | Semi-Pro & Collegiate Esports with Ramsey Jamoul Ramsey Jamoul is the CEO of Wichita eSports (@wichitaesports), which started as a student group at Wichita State University, now they are an esports startup focused on hosting semi-professional and collegiate video game tournaments. They are building a community that unites a variety of ...…
Pack Interference – A CSU-Pueblo Football Podcast
Trysten and JP catch up with former ThunderWolf and speedster and all around good guy, Daniel Wise. The fellas discuss everything from training for the NFL, playing for the local semi-pro Steel City Rage football team, tryouts for the NFL and CFL to becoming a father.
According to Forbes, writing a book is good business. Or as we like to say, your book is your new business card. Every Wednesday, Daria Anne, co-founder of Writestream Radio Network and Writestream Publishing LLC shares valuable information on writing and publishing. She also welcomes expert guests to share their success tips. On July 26, Jeffe ...…
Ruth Brennan Morrey is a 41-year-old mother of 3, has a PhD in Counselling Psychology, is a former Division I and Semi-Pro soccer player, and Olympic Trials marathon runner. How does she do it? Ruth tells all about her routine, eating habits and how her background in psychology informs her triathlon career. Bridget Haga calls in with her burnin ...…
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