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Ghost Sonata, The by STRINDBERG, August
The Ghost Sonata (Spöksonaten) is a play in three acts by Swedish playwright August Strindberg. Written in 1907, it was first produced at Strindberg's Intimate Theatre in Stockholm on 21 January 1908... The Ghost Sonata is a key text in the development of modernist drama and a vivid example of a chamber play. In it, Strindberg creates a world in which ghosts walk in bright daylight, a beautiful woman is transformed into a mummy and lives in the closet, and the household cook sucks all the no ...
Musical Chairs Episode 1 - Moonlight Sonata in Your Pee Hole
Join us on this adventure as we discuss Joan Rivers and the passing of our heroes, some new music coming out soon, my new designer hand-soaps, and even taste one of Lay's new flavors of potato crisps.
Movietime with Graycon Sonata
Graycon Sonata reviews Machinima films. She gives her brand of insightful and smart commentary on these independent films.Machinima (pron.: /məˈʃiːnɨmə/ or /məˈʃɪnɨmə/) is the use of real-time 3D computer graphics rendering engines to create a cinematic production. Most often, video games are used to generate the computer animation. Machinima-based artists, sometimes called machinimists or machinimators, are often fan laborers, by virtue of their re-use of copyrighted materials.
Kreutzer Sonata, The by TOLSTOY, Leo
Publication of The Kreutzer Sonata in 1889 was a significant intellectual event worldwide. Censored in Russia, it set off an explosive debate in Europe, America, and Asia on matters relating to sexual abstinence and the hypocrisy of marriage. The novella emphasizes Tolstoy's controversial view on sexuality, which asserts that physical desire is an obstacle to relations between men and women and may result in tragedy. The Kreutzer Sonata has been recognized as among the best examples of Tolst ...
Maestro: Independent Classical Spotlight
A monthly podcast dedicated to the best of independent classical musicians, composers, and labels from around the world.
Beethoven Club of Memphis Concert Series
To celebrate its 125th anniversary the Beethoven Club in Memphis, Tennessee is producing a series of concerts featuring rising young artists.
Under The Grid Podcast
Under The Grid is a Podcast dedicated to linking Gamers with a spew of great Video Games that may have gotten overlooked over the years due to being out-shined by such popular games as the Halo or Call of Duty series.
Melting Point Radio at WRMC 91.1FM
What's your Melting Point? Come find out...DJ's Alex Yule-tide and Jack Cuneo, bring you the best of the new, and the best of the not-so-new. We play an eclectic assortment of metal that covers the gamut from black to power, prog to heavy, Gods/esses to indie and unsigned acts.
Beethoven Rocks!
Get ready to meet one of the biggest names in music. Did you know two hundred years ago, Classical music composer Ludwig van Beethoven was the world’s most popular rock star? And guess what? He’s still BIG! This audio series, hosted by National Public Radio’s Susan Stamberg, gives you an introduction to his life and works—visit for even more!
A 1-hour programme featuring this month's best reviewed CDs on
Lisztonian: Classical Piano Music
Lisztonian provides free classical piano music from popular composers and works. All recordings are free to download and enjoy without ads or memberships. Recordings include works from the following composers: Franz Liszt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann, Moritz Moszkowski, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Aram Khachaturian, Franz Schubert, Gabriel Faure, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Modest Moussorgsky, Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy, Felix Mendelssohn, Cesar Fran ...
Edgar Allan Poe Poems by Edgar Allan Poe
Best known for his scary tales, mystery and detective stories and imaginative fantasy stories, Edgar Allan Poe was also a gifted poet. He wrote more than 70 poems and almost all of them have been widely appreciated by readers and critics alike. This collection contains some of his most famous ones, including the immortal Raven, which combines a sense of doom and nameless despair. With its ringing, alliterative and repetitive lines and strange, supernatural atmosphere, it remains one of Poe's ...
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South Dakota State Percussion Professor Aaron Ragsdale hears about last week’s podcast (01:40), getting the job at SDSU (02:20), growing up in Fayetteville, AR (22:50), the UNLV-Arkansas 1991 basketball game and Scotty Thurman’s shot against Duke (34:20), School Theater and writing a One-Act Play in high school (40:00), going to the University ...…
Irenicast - Conversations to Provoke Your Progressive Christian Imagination
The witch hunts of the early modern period were served by the very things we trade in today: uncritical reception of tradition, groupthink, the impulse toward comfort and away from “otherness.” Since Halloween is just around the corner, Jeff and Allen discuss that perhaps we still hunt witches in our own time by proposing a spiritual discipline ...…
2018 Honda AccordAll-new Honda Accord is updated in many ways. This is the #1 selling car in America for over 41 years. Over 13 million sold in America and 11 million Accords made in America, made in Marysville, Ohio. This is the 10th generation Accord. Accord outsells all but two SUVs in America. A Honda Accord is sold every 2-minutes - that’s ...…
Chatham Baroque open their season Friday Ocotber 13 with the Italian Sonata at Westminster Presbyterian Church 7:30pm. They stopped by the QED Morning Show to play music by Dario Castello live and shared a sneak preview of their new cd with Andrew Fouts, violin, Scott Pauley theorbo and viola da gambist Patricia Halverson.…
Sunshine & PowerCuts - [em]Powered by Nature
"What does the power say?"Welcome to the 4th PowerCut Episode where I share insights into our experiences with Backup GeneratorsThere's also a Behind this Episode bonus recording!To get access and to listen to it, support the podcast by becoming a Patron.Listen // Review and Rate On:Apple PodcastsStitcherTuneInBlubrryPlayerFMConnect Via:Twitter ...…
American Highways, a musical podcast from Guy Livingston
Time is completely variable, as Einstein theorized, and as these miniatures prove. In this episode of American Highways, pianist Guy Livingston brings us some of the shortest music ever written. Some are pieces that attempt to stretch time out beyond their tiny length, others bring us into new worlds. Most are from Guy Livingston’s CD entitled ...…
Classical Music Discoveries
Sonata No. 1 in C Major, K. 279Sonata No. 2 in F Major, K. 280Sonata No. 3 in B-flat Major, K. 281Sonata No. 4 in E-flat Major, K. 282Sonata No. 5 in G Major, K. 283Joana Filipe Martinez, pianoPurchase now at:
the main topic today has to do with finally attending what I conisider my first official furmeet. I think it went well Furmeet info – Music Gigi D’Agonstino – Sonata ( Kwooky Womble – I’m Furry ( ...…
the main topic today has to do with finally attending what I conisider my first official furmeet. I think it went well Furmeet info – Music Gigi D’Agonstino – Sonata ( Kwooky Womble – I’m Furry ( ...…
Pent up feelings and a hidden message in the middle of very dangerous times for Prokofiev and Russian music.
It's Not A Label Podcast! DJs/Producers/Friends Leo Itskovich – Podcast Set Tracklist: 01. Leo Itskovich - Identification (Extended mix) 02. Assaf - Dream Machine (original mix) 03. Moonverse - Zenosyne (Extended mix) 04. Photographer feat Susane - Find a Way (original mix) 05. Robert Nickson - Heliopause (Original mix) 06. ...…
The Ghostpuncher Corps steps inside the mysterious walls of the House of Humours! Uncle Stickey’s House of Humours loot table can be found here: Support Ghostpuncher and Ghostpuncher Corps at Songs used in this episode: Skagos - Blossoms Will Sprout From the Carcass (Intro/Outro) Dr. Phi ...…
Sunshine & PowerCuts - [em]Powered by Nature
Welcome to the third PowerCut Episode - Daylight SavingsThere's a News Flash at the beginning of the episode.Then the recent Twitter Poll results are revealed and discussed.And the episode was recorded on the first day of Daylight Savings.Reminder - International Podcast Day on September 30th! Can't wait to celebrate!To become a patron and join ...…
Another RPG spotlight, and anothe rlegacy episode. We do have new content coming very soon! Tales of Graces, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean and more!!! Recorded 1/5/15
Somewhere in Dreamworld
Malcom Messer might have the most cinematic dreams that have ever existed, complete with "three weeks later" title cards, and an eerie soundtrack by Beethoven. He's also pretty stoked about Jamba Juice.
Pianist David Allen Wehr holds the Jack W. Geltz Distinguished Piano Chair at Duquesne University. He introduces the third season of Schubert on the Bluff with guest composer Claude Debussy. The first concert is Tuesday September 26th but the programs continue through April 15th and two will be given in Foxburg Pa for the Allegheny Riverstone A ...…
Scene & Herd Radio is a podcast that reunites former Buffalo bands to discuss their music, the scene and what inspired them. Featured Song: "Diseased" Led Astray | Sorrow Paroxysm (2003) "That Kid is Back on the Escalator" The Rival Sonata | EP (2005) Facebook Page Instagram Email: TeePublic Store - Help Support Th ...…
Sunshine & PowerCuts - [em]Powered by Nature
PowEp002 - The second PowerCut Episode - Dinner in the DarkIn this episode I have an anecdote from an Off Grid dinner party I hosted.This week the weather wasn't great and we had an intense lightening storm.We are thinking of all those affected by the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.I also caught and had to recover from a cold. So this episode was s ...…
Holy Eucharist Rite II at 9:00 a.m. with Hymns; sermon by the Rev'd Susan Pinkerton. Organ: Adagio (Sonata I, Mendelssohn), Cwm Rhondda (Manz), Allegro maestoso e vivace (Sonata II, Mendelssohn).
Check out this weeks KICK ASS PODCAST with ya boy QPC and special guests KEN MAN, Steven Mabe, Insane John and "Boston" ... It's more fun than swimming through your house, I PROMISE !!! LOL !!! Seriously, this was a really fun and funny show !!! Topics discussed: Porn, Rasslin, Hurricane weapon conspiracy, Atlantic city, Coner vs Mayweather, an ...…
With Monday's eclipse still resonating in our memory, here's a Fishko Files meditation on music and moonlight, with thanks to Beethoven and a dozen or so pianists. (Produced in 2000)
The Ghent Altarpiece, or the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, is one of the most important pieces of Renaissance art–which is probably why it’s also known as the most frequently stolen painting of all time. In 1931 the most beguiling portion of it went missing for good, and what followed was an eighty-year caper involving Nazis, psychics, and stol ...…
Julián Carrillo, Six quasi-sonatas in quarter tones for cello solo, Jimena Giménez Cacho, 2007
Julián Carrillo, Six quasi-sonatas in quarter tones for cello solo, Jimena Giménez Cacho, 2007
Your Faith Journey - Finding God Through Words, Song and Praise
This was a special musical performance at Faith Lutheran Church in Okemos, Michigan by Pastor Ellen Schoepf of Pathetique Sonata, Opus 13 Adagio Cantabile by Ludwig Van Beethoven.
Tales of Two Cities Podcast
Welcome again! This week Nikki and Ellie explore the lore of hospitals and asylums in the Oregon and California areas. We discuss feminist connections, body parts, and eugenics all within the span of 30 minutes. So sit back and dare to look inside the world of hospitals. Website : ...…
Ole’ Miss Percussion Professor Ricky Burkhead talks about getting the Ole Miss job (02:20), going to school with Jerry Rice and the world of HBCU Classics (17:30), growing up in Greenwood (MS) and the music of the 1970s (20:30), playing in combos with local band directors (28:40), going to Mississippi Valley State University for undergrad (38:3 ...…
In 1994 Tony Cicoria was struck by lightning, and it had the strangest effect on him. Not only did he develop an insatiable desire to listen to piano music - something he'd never been interested in before - but he ended up composing his own sonatas. He tells Outlook's Daniel Gross his remarkable story.Image: Lightning strikes Credit: GREG WOOD/ ...…
This week we will have another guest appearance by Marvin the Grump! Please visit my website and consider becoming a member! Music from this week’s lesson can be found at: Please subscribe and consider becoming a member for access to videos of ...…
Fly2Mars Podcast 14 with Daniel Briegert - Back 2 Ibiza - Electro & House Dj Set from - 2017-08-03If you like it please share it, thx 4 support!!!! <3 <3 <3Daniel Briegert on facebook Briegert on beatport Brieger ...…
We wanted to rebroadcast this show since it was mentioned in "13143 Basking in the Light." We thought many of you would want to revisit this.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began learning how to compose piano and harpsichord concertos when he was 11 years old. Unlike his studies of the art of opera composition by other composers, his father, Leopold, h ...…
New Waves presents pianist Peter de Jager with the premiere of the definitive version of Chris Dench's epic 98-minute 'Piano Sonata' (2015-16).By
Birthday Card!! (Show notes) Contest Results: It's our birthday and we’ll give games away if we want to! This years winners! David Sieber and Aaron Hall!! They won Saloon Tycoon from Van Ryder Games And Control from Keymaster Games! Announcing our brand spanking new Patreon Page! Please go and take a look and support us if you can! https://www. ...…
Joana Filipe Martinez performs the world's most difficult piano sonatas.1. Prokofiev: Sonata No. 82. Beethoven: Hammerklavier3. Rachmaninoff: Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor4. Scriabin: Sonata No. 5, Op. 53Purchase now at:…
The His Turn -"His" Turn™ team, Paul Brian & Paul Fix III, are reviewing a surprise extra vehicle while in Souther California, the 2018 Hyundai Elantra. The all new 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT is designed for versatility and value in the compact vehicle segment. The redesign incorporates the new cascade grille that is also present on the 2018 Sonat ...…
Paul Fix III joins Paul Brian in San Diego, California in this His Turn - "His" Turn expert car review of the 2018 Hyundai Sonata. The 2018 Hyundai Sonata is receiving a refresh. Hyundai is getting back to its striking and head-turning design. The exterior and interior have been changed to reflect their forward thinking company. Hyundai sedans ...…
- Could Ford Buy Lucid Motors?- GM Extends Bolt Plant Shutdown- VW I.D. to Undercut Bolt and Model 3 Price- Scania Tests Autonomous Platooning- Ford Grooming Next Head of Design?- Drug Dealers Stuff Fusions with Weed- 2018 Hyundai Sonata UpdatesBy
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