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Weekly teachings from Southview Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Weekly teachings from Southview Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Southview Baptist Church is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Pastor Aaron Householder serves as Senior Pastor. Learn more at
Weekly Sermons from Southview Church, located in Spring Hill, TN. Pastor Mark Rampulla
Southview Baptist Church
Welcome to the Southview Assembly podcast. Bring the Word to your iPod and take it with you on the road and everywhere you go. Listen as Pastor Tim Brown brings God’s Word each week in modern, easy to understand language.
Mid-South View Point radio talk show is hosted by Byron Tyler. The program airs over 640 AM and 100.7 FM on the Bott Radio Network affiliate in Memphis, TN. Byron welcomes guests in the community addressing various concerns, issues, and events. Many of the programs feature Christian ministries that serve humanitarian and spiritual needs in the area.
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Life Together Pt. 3 // Speaker: Sam Seifert
The legendary singer/song writer Bill Gaither joins host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point. Bill and wife Gloria Gaither inducted into ASCAP's Songwriters of the Century, have written more than 700 popular gospel songs, including “He Touched Me,” Because He Lives,” and “There's Just Something About That Name”. Bill along with ...…
This is part 5 of Pastor Mark's 8 part series on our word for 2018...LEGACY. God's word never comes back void. Whether it's His written word or His spoken word, God is constantly speaking to His people. Are you cultivating the "seeds" of His promises over you? What is your role in cultivating your legacy?…
Spiritual Warfare Pt. 2// Speaker: Dr. Clyde Glass
In this message, Dr. Chris Dickerson reviews Philippians 2:1-11 and asks the question "How can we live in unity with one another"?
Listen in as Dr. Chris Dickerson reviews Philippians 1:27-30 and asks the question "What does it take to live as a Christian"?
Join us for a message on how to have joy in the midst of struggles. When we focus on Christ and Christ alone, He is exalted even in the midst of our difficulties.
Pastor James Kirkwood, executive director for Memphis Christian Pastors Network, Rufus Smith, senior pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church, and Steve Gaines, senior pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church and current president of the Southern Baptist Convention joins host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point. The discussion centers on the ...…
In this kickoff message to our study of Philippians, Dr. Chris Dickerson discusses the first steps to discovering joy: give thanks to God despite our circumstances, pray for the growth and godliness of others.
Experiencing Spiritual Vitality Pt. 3// Speaker: Dr. Clyde Glass
"It's not you, it's me." If you ever dated someone, you probably heard that line before. But what if that statement really applies to Jesus speaking to His people? Following Christ may not be easy but it is extremely rewarding. Pastor Eddie breaks down why we truly need to learn to Accept Rejection.
At 29 & 1/2 weeks gestation Gianna Jessen’s mother walked into a Planned Parenthood for a saline solution abortion, Gianna miraculously survived. On this episode of Mid-South View Point Gianna tells her story, including coming face to face with her birth mother. The failed abortion had also provided the “gift” of cerebral palsy, as she calls it ...…
It was a fairy tale start to any young girls dream, but came crashing down with her husband's addiction to cocaine. Kim Jaggers would later file a missing person’s report for her husband in the ICU room at the hospital while waiting for a critical surgery on their infant son. Two days later she discovered her husband had committed suicide. Kim ...…
Brenda McGowan, national director for church and community engagement for Prison Fellowship along with Sheila Floyd of The Pursuit of God Transformation Center joins host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point. Prison Fellowship is the world's largest Christian ministry to prisoners, founded by former Richard Nixon aide Charles W. ...…
Dr. David Leavell is guest on this episode of Mid-South View Point and offers a simple and practical way he’s sharing the good news of all time. David is the lead pastor at First Baptist Church in Millington, TN and current president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. This program originally aired January 2, 2018 with host Byron Tyler on the ...…
Standalone from Dec. 31, 2017
To some, the virgin birth is a stumbling block to believing in Christ. But in truth, it proves that Christ is sufficient to take away our sins, it proves the reliability of scripture and it helps us obey God.
Listen in on this exciting and crucial discussion on better understanding the lineage of Christ and how His birth fulfills all the Old Testament prophecies about the coming Messiah. Pastor Chris Dickerson does a masterful job of tying it all together as we continue to ponder the series question "what child is this"?…
The story of Christmas had many characters who played a vital role in the plot and execution. God loves using people in His stories. Are you walking in the plot line for God's redemption story for humanity?
Lori Humber, Volunteer Service Director at Agape Child & Family Services joins host Byron Tyler on the episode of Mid-South View Point. Joining Lori & Byron is Martha Edwards, a volunteer veteran with Agape who shares her excitement of working with this Christ centered ministry providing children and families with healthy homes. This show aired ...…
The birth of Jesus invoked the glory of God. His birth delivered good news to the world and triggered amazement. If you recognize the child, then there should be an urgency to respond to Him, an urgency to proclaim Him and an urgency to praise God!
Joseph was a big part of the Christmas Story. Pastor Mark share the power of his decision to say "yes" to the dream god had for humanity. Are you dreams becoming fulfilled through the power of God's plan.
Bethany Woods and her 6th Grade Class from Rossville Christian Academy join host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point for a special celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We talk with the kids, hear some Christmas songs, and take a voyage to the time the Pilgrims first came to America. The show ends with an interview with Rya ...…
Simplicity & Generosity Pt. 3Speaker: Dr. Clyde Glass
The reality of who Jesus is demands a response. Some, like Herod, are hostile to Jesus; some, like the chief priests and scribes, are ambivalent to Him and some, like the wise men, worship Jesus. Which one are you today? Who do you say Jesus is?
Simplicity & Generosity Part 2Speaker: Dr. Clyde Glass
Sermon notes available on YouVersion Events.
Simplicity & Generosity Pt. 1Speaker: Dr. Clyde Glass
One Holy catholic Church Pt. 4 // Speaker: James Wheeler
One Holy catholic Church Pt. 3
God desires for us to accept His Holy Calling from the gospel as disciples of Jesus. Guest Pastor Mike Boarts discusses 2 Timothy 1:8-12 and lays out 5 truths of accepting this holy calling.
One Holy catholic Church Pt. 1 // Speaker: Dr. Clyde Glass
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