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Mortification of Spin is a weekly casual conversation about things that count. Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd serve up a humorous, informal podcast with bite. Join this engaging and thought-provoking conversation on the challenges the Church faces and what counts in the Christian life. Served up with a healthy dose of germane cultural references. Hear for yourself if British accents carry more weight...
No commercial breaks. No frightened executives. Subscribe to's free podcast to get O'Reilly's one-of-a-kind brand of news analysis. Head to for daily analysis directly from Bill.
JazzTimes publisher Lee Mergner and jazz singer Rene Marie preview new music and talk about issues and trends in the jazz world.
Radiocrimi gebaseerd op de IRT-affaire, een van de grote Nederlandse politieke drama's aan het einde van de vorige eeuw. De Spin is geen historische reconstructie maar een interpretatie van de gevolgen van het vervagen van de eens zo duidelijke normen en waarden op het menselijk handelen. Het is een verhaal van moreel verval en het steeds verder verstrikt raken in een kleverig web van achterdocht, intriges en jaloezie. De grenzen tussen goed en kwaad verdampen wat uiteindelijk leidt tot een ...
A Redhead Spins The Blues is a weekly blues radio show. The DJ, Kim Sedlock, interviews bands live -- and the bands also perform live, in between chatting with Kim. Other times, she DJs the show, playing a wide variety of old and new blues from different parts of the country, including tinkling piano blues, gritty backporch harmonica blues, rockin' blues, classic blues, and even experimental blues. The show can also be heard be heard live on Mondays from 1:00-3:00PM on 106.1FM, WSCA, or stre ...
The Spin-off
Hosted by TV journalists Michael Schneider and Joe Adalian, KCRW's The Spin-off is the podcast that takes you inside the television industry. Twice a month we feature in-depth conversations with people who are changing what and how we watch. You'll hear from showrunners, writers, actors, executives and other TV journalists tackling the latest news and evolutions in television.
A knitting and spinning audio podcast from the Nebraska & Iowa prairies.
Spinning Logic
The goal of Spinning Logic is to thread together the unique stories of unique guests and to celebrate the vast array of people that represent humankind.
Wool n' Spinning
Wool n' Spinning with Rachel Smith, the place where fibre becomes yarn.
Knit Spin Farm
Show notes for the Knit Spin Farm podcast by JoAnnaSpring
NC SPIN Podcasts
Our weekly statewide TV and radio program provides balanced debate on issues ranging from Economy & Jobs, Education, Healthcare, Public Infrastructure, Leadership and Energy.
Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn. Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.
Spin Reduxit is CBC New Brunswick's political blog. CBC reporters Jacques Poitras and Daniel McHardie analyze the latest in New Brunswick politics and decode the spin emanating out of the provincial legislature.
Note: the latest episode of Spin The Globe will be available here for the time being, but if you want archived episodes, head over to The Globe - world music radio show originating at KAOS-fm, Olympia USA. Featuring music from around the planet, plus artist interviews and global culture information. More info at podcast in cooperation with SoundRoots -
Spin Talk
A daily talk show covering everything from news and current affairs to topical features that get people talking.
Spinning Yarns
Welcome to Spinning Yarns, the hit new podcast critics are calling “pretty good,” “better than silence,” and, “I don’t get it.”Jace and Liam, two best friends living on opposite sides of the planet (Liam in Perth, Australia, and Jace in Portland, USA) get together each week via the magic of the internet to discuss the latest news and events in both Australia and America.Listen in on this glorified long-distance phone call and see for yourself whether or not these yarns are worth taking an ho ...
Tale Spin
Tale Spin is a program wherein guest contributors share personal experiences in a storytelling format. Contributors engage the listener by sharing primarily non-fiction anecdotes. Tale Spin and its team of storytellers and writers intend to highlight the connections between individuals in our local and broader community. The 20 to 30 minute program also highlights songs from musicians who are from the Long Beach, CA area.
Spinning Thoughts
We talk to your favorite bands! Spinning Thoughts is hosted by Angelo Gargaro with contributions from many of his friends. Discover new bands and explore the ones you already love with entertaining interviews, interactive social media, album/concert reviews, news, exclusives, and more. Share music, spread love!
Still Spinning
Welcome to Still Spinning, The Joyce Theater's podcast about dance and the creative process.
New Spin is a weekly music-oriented podcast broadcasting live from the Slumber Studios in Antipolo City, Philippines.Thursdays, 6:00PM Manila/2:00PM DubaiOne hour of full on live and loud music. Hosted by JC Reyes of Slumber Studios.The goal of the show is to become an alternative outlet for artist to promote their music. If you are in a band/group or a solo act and want your stuff featured on the show, hit us a message and we'll work out a way to get your stuff on the show.Some, if not most ...
Everything and anything that can improve our lives interests me. I love sharing new ideas and mindsets that help me towards the life I want to live. Anything from my body to my mind that can help me become a better person overall is what I enjoy talking about. Also, I love talking to anyone chasing their passion whether they've found it yet or not. Talking to people pursuing something more fulfilling and discussing their journey is endlessly fascinating.
Listen to the editors of talk about music and beyond, plus sample new tracks from a spectrum of genres. All of the songs picked are available legally for free elsewhere, so there's no worries about copyright problems.
Spinning On Air
Spinning On Air connects us to people who think creatively about what they do. Originals, whose ideas and perspectives can open us up to being more creatively aware in our own lives. Hosted and produced by David Garland, Spinning On Air began as radio broadcast on WNYC in New York City 30 years ago, and now originates independently from a little studio at the edge of the woods in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. From this spot outside the mainstream, we get in touch with the new decent ...
This ain’t your Peter Parker show! This is the Spider-Man podcast about Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.
Political talk about the world today, government corruption, constitutional basics, and living free in an ever-increasing prison state.
Every week I'll "Spin It" with a Quarterback, former athlete, coach, member of the media, friends, & family about how football has positively impacted their life!
Dani and Drea are just 2 friends exploring what this "adult" thing is about. Life is fun but it's also hard, so hopefully we can do it together. You in or NAH?
Spin Sessions
Monthly house music mixes brought to you by Spin
Spinning Webs
Jack and T.J. suit up for an in depth look at the history of everyone's favorite web-slinger!
Spinning Yarns
Chec out my myspace page.
Garzon Spin
The Garzon Spin was founded early on 2018 by Jesus Garzon. This is a sole project run by Jesus Garzon. In the Garzon Spin, he interviews political candidates, elected officials, and community leaders. With all this information, Garzon hopes to get a better understanding of the problems in the city of New Haven, the state of Connecticut, and the nation as a whole. Join Jesus Garzon at garzonspin,com
Spin Class
A Couple of Clueless Caucasians Critiquing The Classics
Podcast by Cyclone Bicycle Supply
A group of stories-within-a-story, told in the classic Louisa May Alcott style."I've a little cold," said the old lady, "and am too hoarse for talking, my dears; but Aunt Elinor has looked up a parcel of old tales that I've told her at different times and which she has written down. You will like to hear her reading better than my dull way of telling them, and I can help Minnie and Lotty with their work, for I see they are bent on learning to spin."The young folk were well pleased with grand ...
SpIn Podcast
Podcast by SpIn Podcast
Spinning Yarns
Always entertaining and informative, in each Spinning Yarns Podcast our Oriental rug experts interview prominent interior designers - bringing our audience the best interior design tips, tricks and techniques to help you better serve your clients and better build your home. In every show we discuss the interior design industry and all the latest trends from the ground up, weaving our decades of experience in the rug trade with expert contributions from interior decorators, furnishers, arts a ...
NSPL Spin Sessions
National Spinning Premier League presents spin sesssions with Vic Pardel discussing all you need to know on spinning.
Why We Spin Yarns
Follow the journey of Giselle and Clif, a couple living aboard their sailboat, Sedna, as they embark on their first ocean passage. Get a glimpse of life at sea from the saltiest of sailors, to the greenest of pollywogs. Listen to a narrative of a ever-present, nomadic culture that follows the wind.
No Spin Homilies
No Spin Homilies is a website dedicated for the express intention of teaching Christianity through the utilization of Audio Homilies and Audio Bible Studies. The primary mission is to teach people about Sacred Scripture and help them to not only grow in wisdom and love of it but, also, to apply it in their daily lives.
Knitting, Spinning and assorted awesomeness
Nonstop, high-energy workout music mixes to help you groove while you move. Podrunner fixed-speed and interval exercise mixes are perfect for power walking, jogging, running, spinning, elliptical, aerobics, and many other tempo-based forms of exercise. An iTunes award-winner six years in a row!
This ain’t your Peter Parker show! This is the Spider-Man podcast about Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.
Weekly Podcast from the Spinning Unrest studios featuring insights, news, tour information the best in new Alternative music.
My Spin Podcast
From album/concert reviews to general music talk. This is your place for My Spin on all things music.
The Official SpinDriveBastard podcast features handsome superchampions providing an hour of news and opinion on video games as well as other areas of geek interest.
News without the Spin
News from around the country that the Mainstream News Outlets are not reporting.
Listen in for the latest on collegiate and professional sports. New guests each week on the show.
This show features a husban and wife, Angelo and Johnell Johnson. Together we will discuss what made news durin the week. We will cover everything from politics, entertainment and even relationships. Tune in because you never know what we might say!
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Season 2 Podcast Edition is available! Be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe inside of the iTunes Store/Podcast so that we become more visible and grow this platform! It's amazing to have a season 2 of anything and I am truly grateful for each and every listener! NOW AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD!! Click here Article I wrote for XO Necole: Click he ...…
In this Episode, we interview very cowardly guest (only joking) he is playing the Lion in Lochgelly and District Amateur Musical Association's (LADAMA) production of The Wizard of Oz, running from 29th May to 2nd June 2018. *Drum roll please* Mr Andrew Gardiner. We talk to him about The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the transition from Kansas to O ...…
Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle discussed the Royal Wedding, that happened today, and pulled cards! It was fascinating! ....Next Week, on Saturday, Dax & Mary explore Harry & Meghan's Numerology and take YOUR questions! ......On this show, we had some TERRIFIC Calls too! You'll find our CHAT POST linked here >>> ...Co ...…
The band unleashed two robust new songs this week for Local Spins on WYCE, which also debuted new tracks by Suzies, The Extra Texture, Shanf, Minor Element, JRob and more. Listen to the full radio show podcast, watch the video of Conrad Shock + The Noise's in-studio performance. The band plays the Local Spins Summer Kickoff in Grand Rapids on M ...…
Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast S3EP5 Ralph "Rafa" Ramirez - GTS HobbiesJoe talks to Ralph "Rafa" Ramirez, owner and operator of GTS Hobbies, maker of some of the best minibikes on the West Coast. Drone pilot, David "Dee" Rivas also comes by catch up with the crew.Links: http://ww ...…
In this episode of the 95 Degrees podcast, we talk about alien invasions AGAIN, Burner confesses about something lewd, and Grimhof hosts his spin-off podcast about Science!
Welcome to part 3 of May Day femle superhero movies as I look at the Daredevil spin off 2004s Elektra. Can Marvel do any better than DC in the solo female superhero movie stakes? Will Elektra be electrifying or is this one big sai???? Find out here oh and enjoy.
Episode 23: Today we talk about the lies, deceit, half truths and the chaos and exhaustion all of this creates. And how both sides see it so differently! Here are the questions I asked: Does the lying bother you? Is it making your head spin, enraging you, or do you find you are just avoiding it and becoming numb to it, because it’s consistent a ...…
This week we talk about the spin-off series "Cobra Kai" continuing the exploits of the original Karate Kid. We go to the 'Isle of Dogs" and critique the latest Wes Anderson animated feature. And in our main segment, we slay "I Kill Giants" the movie adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. Listen now!…
Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, digging a deeper ditch of exhaustion, frustration and futility? Do you feel like you’re being crushed under the weight of expectations unrealized dreams? Jesus said that it was his job to be the vine and ours to be the branches. That we are to abide and rest in him and allow him to give us stre ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
In this epidode we have Taylor Gardner on from Backspin Tee in our Product Demo segment. He discusses their products and the science of hitting a moving baseball. Listen to him talk about exit velocity, launch angles, and debunk a couple of myths in baseball and softball. In the Top of the Order segment we discuss the suspension of Robinson Can ...…
On this weeks edition of the Country Racing Show, Michael Felgate is joined by CRV’s Darren Galley and Maggie Payne look back at the week that was and “Spin a Yarn” with Warrnambool trainer Symon Wilde.
Episode 82 is up at! This week we discuss:•The Flash - “Think Fast”•Arrow•Gotham - “No Mans Land”•Batwoman to the Arrowverse•Alfred Pennyworth spin-off •Agents of Shield Season 6•Captain Marvel leading into Ms Marvel?•Kenobi•WestWorld •Sea of Thieves DLC•PUBG - Miramar•No Mans Sky•Dustin’s Comic Picks of the Week…
Gracia Burnham is the author of the New York Times bestselling book In the Presence of My Enemies, author of the book To Fly Again, and founder of the Martin and Gracia Burnham Foundation. Gracia Burnham knows what it is like to have life spin out of control. While serving as missionaries in the Philippines with NTM (now known as Ethnos), Graci ...…
It's EDC Week Part DUEX! On episode 18, Moe (DJ) Cosagio spins a mix featuring the DJs and Producers taking to the Las vegas clubs and stages from May 18th thru the 24th, 2018. Find us on Twitter: @VegasUNTZ | Instagram: Cosagio_Official
Jeremiah 10:23 – I know, O Lord, that the way of human beings is not in their control, that mortals as they walk cannot direct their steps. (NRSV) Back in 1966 in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, life was a two-channel universe pictured in black and white and topped by rabbit ears. I'm sure that some readers will remember those old television sets, w ...…
Long tracks this week. So if you decide to skip a track, you need to double your fastforward jumps, at least. -------------- Setlist: "If They Move Kill'em - My Bloody Valentine Arkestra" - Primal Scream "The Unbreakable" - BT "Europe Endless" - Kraftwerk "The Lady With The Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix)" - U2 "Liberty Planet (ft. Acchu Iwa ...…
Have you visited 40 countries, written books, appeared on TV and radio as a Border Security Analyst, served in the Air Force, or have owned successful businesses like Spin the Globe—which offers accessible travel options for people with disabilities? Well, my guest today, Ms. Sylvia Longmire has achieved all of this–largely while fighting MS an ...…
Solo: A Star Wars Story has an interesting, troubled and deep past in the Star Wars history books. So before the movie releases Dylan breaks down that tale to Ash and Ciaran and gathers their thoughts. Last Shot, the Han Solo/Lando book is also discussed, along with what the guys think the next spin-off movie should be before they give their fi ...…
Frank unveils his brand new catchphrase, and reveals Alan Kabani's real name. Links to all the music played can be found at Tracklist: Andrew Howes – LubeUnderscore Orkestra – Exactly Like You(703) 863-4357 - Halo 5Master See – I Reject ItLa P'tite Fumée – Flex Saturday – I Swear I Am Not Dead Merle Bardenoir – Bridget Cl ...…
J.C. takes a spin class; J.C. gets into an accident
Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #354 hosted by Don Baine.Feiyu Tech G4 Pro 3-Axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal for the Apple iPhone The emergence of high quality cameras redefines our approach to Smartphone filming. The G4 Pro 3-Axis Gimbal allows you to capture professional quality, stabilized, free-floating video footage with your iPhone. ...…
The bet is made! If the Knights win Winnipeg's Wheeler In The Morning has to spin the Wheel!
When the music industry emerged from the shadows of AM radio and found itself in the hardcore punk music mosh pit of the late 20th Century, fans followed suit and got involved on their own terms. Music industry professor and Jade Tree Records co-founder Darren Walters went from listener to active participant, supporting the work of artists on t ...…
On today's episode, the guys unite the league with DC's Justice League: Rebirth Vol. 1 Issue #1. Spinning out of the events of DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Justice League: Rebirth #1 pits our familiar heroes Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman against an alien foe simply known as the Reaper. Will our new Green Lanterns and Superman joi ...…
Snails! Slowly settle in this week with Paul and Donna for a weird and fantastic, but way relaxed, examination of the weird lives of snails! But first, the news! Plants “Eavesdrop” on Slimy Snails. Article courtesy of “What? I’m a plant. Doo dee doo. Just being a plant, pay no attention.” We are going to talk about how t ...…
Chris and Casey are shocked and chagrined that they've been on the podcast for 90 episodes! That's pretty fantastic and because of it, they celebrate with talking geeky pop culture. Wait, that's what they do EVERY episode? Oh that's right, well enjoy another round of it! Episode Notes: Marvel Matthew & Ryan Firpo to pen Eternals movie Introduce ...…
Broadway had to spin the Wheel Of Consequences after he lost the 30 Second Rodeo. It landed on, "Make up a story about the object to your right." My options were: Jade's cup, part of a leftover omlet, or a packet of ketchup. I chose the cup. Here's my story about...a cup.
Rolo obsesses over two entrancing sirens (Sasheer Zamata and Aparna Nancherla) who teach the Pirates about being #blessed. This week’s episode features two new stories: “The Person Who Could Not Spin,” a horn-soaked, ska-inspired party track about learning to twirl by a Kindergartener from Virginia named Dillon and “Triple Power,” the truly epi ...…
Dean-O fought through the hordes of Microsoft Windows post-update gremlins to bring you this episode. An episode where he discusses Net Neutrality, the spin cycle of mainstream news, North Korea, Bolton's stupid mustache, and who the government thinks is a potential "extremist." The maintop for today consists of an analysis of the analysis arou ...…
Episode 38 Knitting FO Watch … FO Vanilla Socks out of yarn from Poland…. On the Needles Winter Dance – FiftyFourTenStudio our of Lion Brand Wool Ease “Navy” Diamonds for Lisa – Little Church Knits Spin Me Right Round Hearthside Fibers “Midnight” 85% Polworth 15% Tussah Silk Sewing Circle Still looking for my sewing machine :( Acquisitions All ...…
Season Finale. The boys discuss hiatus changes. PJ kicks ass at football. Moviepass is getting worse then staying the same. Sex by cop is illegal in Kansas now. The drunkest and driest cities are discussed. Check your spelling on tats is a must. Zombieland 2 and Lando spin-off in the works? And much much more.…
This week, singer/songwriter Steffany Gretzinger joins us to talk about the songs that changed her life. The gang also hears a possible all-female Black Panther spin-off, learns about Woody Harrelson’s plan to go into the ministry, talks about Selena Somez’s Esther-inspired outfit, gets into a surprisingly deep conversation about wiener dogs an ...…
Picture a disc/wheel in a playground with leaves, rustling wind, and that disc is just spinning and fluctuating in speed. Super weird right? Check it out. Could it work in a film perhaps? What would you added over it? Besides wind, obviously.
On this episode of me and the Fellas(Fresh & Rob)welcome Mikaya aka (spicy kaya) & Kalika of The Queens Circle Podcast up to the show for a healthy debate thats end up turing into another episode of The Battle of the Sexes when our surprise guest (Rapper/Director) Harlem's own Gdott walks in lol. 2 bottles of wine, Hennssey, and a LeBron loss l ...…
Mighty Matt Frost joins us from Radelaide to talk about the lengths you go to see Star Wars when you live remotely, his Star Wars rep in high school and we conceive our first potential spin off show. Follow us on twitter: @starwarsspelt Follow us on instagram: @starwarsspeltout Drop us a nice email: Subscribe to our Y ...…
This episode is a special treat as Jeff sits down with his brother Pete to discuss a little bit about their childhood memories growing up with the Masters of the Universe. They also give a brief glimpse of some of their crazy shenanigans as kids as well! In these discussions, we find out that Pete's favorite character just happens to be one and ...…
Filmmaker C. Fitz and LGBTQ pioneer Jewel Thais-Williams talk about their fabulous documentary “Jewel's Catch One” that’s available on Netflix with Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™. The film tells the story of Jewel Thais-Williams and her legendary “Jewel’s Catch One” nightclub often referred to as the Studio 54 of the Wes ...…
We announced our book club and the responses were deafening! In their silence. One person responded and it was Amber Petty from LA! We discuss "The World Only Spins Forward" by Isaac Butler and Dan Kois today on Touche.
Join Age journalist Anthony Colangelo and AFL great Glenn Manton, as they spin the AFL football world free from its axis and live with the consequences! This Week: Show me an AFL podcast that talks Kendrick Lamar ticket prices, gratuitous player commentary, umpire antics, cat castration and compares the Richmond FC to the NBA’s Golden State War ...…
Chris and Paul were lucky to be joined by the Quantum Bad Boy himself Mr. Nick Capper! Nick just finished up his Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a sell-out run, he joins us on the couch to talk some shit about movies including Predator love, rebooted Jurassic Park confusion and villains. GO SEE NICK CAPPER LIVE and follow him on Tw ...…
On this weeks show, we discuss Mental Health Awareness Week and how Reg is not only ordained but also certified to help you mentally & physically. We discuss the life of Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit, we ask the question of who still lets Paul W.S. Anderson ruin anything he can get his hands on which was brought on by the Monster Hunt ...…
The Supreme Court rules in favor of sports betting (sort of), so we discuss the over/under on sports-entertainment gambling. Pete Rose joins us and we get to deal him the news (how’s he going to take it?). Plus, your bonus spins! As the NBA Playoffs continue on script for Warriors/Cavs 4, we take matters into our own hands to book some better o ...…
Are you at your wits end as a nurse? Well, panic no more there are people out there who can help you get back to that core of nursing joy. This next guest, through personal struggle and professional triumph, shares with us practical strategies and inspiring tools to beat nursing burnout to the ground. After 15 years as a hospital executive, Kar ...…
This week we start by plying on a Dodec, then we end spinning a single on a Dodec.
Featured Content Matt Larson is a wonder-er, a family man, an animal lover and true believer in education. He’s a physical education teacher from New Jersey who LOVES to read and through his love of reading, he harnesses his talent for connecting people. Through Voxer, Matt has lead a number of virtual book studies, continues to lead conversati ...…
Something is Ricked… and it comes this way… we talk about the S1E9 of Rick and Morty, talk about cursed items and our favorite moments from the episode! SHOW NOTES Semi Pertinent News 70 more episodes Let’s talk about this for a minute… though it seems wholly pertinent S3 DVD Out Now! What’s in the box?!? Rickmobile is back on the road!! Dan Ha ...…
Let's talk getting stuck in our heads with spinning thoughts, beating up ourselves, blaming ourselves, our partner, entertaining angry or retaliative thoughts, and fantasizing about how to solve the slight, the hurt, the criticism, the put down.
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