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SPEAK UP AND STAY ALIVE Radio~The Book~Live Events
Listen each week as Pat Rullo shares little known healthcare and hospital hazards in a fast-paced and entertaining format. World class and good looking guest experts – fun and lighthearted games – the Healthcare Hazard of the Week where Pat goes – “beyond the bull” – all guaranteed to keep you safe during any healthcare or hospital encounter.
Dedication by Stay Alive Crew.
Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast
Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at
Carolina Hurricanes Official Podcast
Features The Hurricanes Report, Kaiton's Corner and interviews with Canes players and coaches
Mayhem Sports
Join us for The new and Improved Mayhem Sports as we talk pro wrestling and sports for a full 30 mins you'll never forget. Feel free to call in and voice your opinions at (646) 200-3984! We will be discussing sports as mentioned as well as the events leading to all the major organiztaions and their Pay-per views respectivly!!! Please rate the show/comment as well as mark us as favorites. Don't miss out! Remember were also on Itunes so plz download and tell a friend!!!!!!
Small Developments Made Easy with Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen has done over $30 Million of small developments deals - townhhouses, subdivisions, stata-titling, property options, house and land - and more. The amazing part is, often he doesn't put a cent of his own money into the deal. Now he's going to show you how to make big money from small deals, with maximum safety too.
Metissakana (mp3)
di Annamaria Gallone “Metissakana” in lingua wolof (Senegal) significa “la fusione sta avvenendo”. Quale titolo migliore per una trasmissione che vuole raccontare voci, suoni e immagini dell’afrocultura? Ogni giorno cinque minuti dedicati a cinema, letteratura, musica e tutto ciò che è arte, in questo mix di culture che rappresenta il mondo d’oggi. IN ONDA DAL LUNEDI’ AL VENERDI’ ALLE 12:00 IN REPLICA ALLE 19:00 Annamaria Gallone è regista, scrittrice, produttrice. Collabora a numerose rivis ...
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VIDEO QUESTION & ANSWER - What is a good business to start with no money? [3 WAYS REVEALED] “OLA I refuse to give up on my dreams. About 4 years, I embarked on this journey of building a business. Since I started, I’ve made some sales here and there but nothing significant enough to take it over the top. I’ve had moments of frustration. In fact ...…
Fine Music Radio — The energy debate simmers on, and has been relatively quiet for a while, but don’t be lulled into a sense of false security. At the moment we’re in a holding pattern, with the decision on Nuclear new-build programs in the pending tray.The Government has passed the hot potato on to Eskom, or have they? Does para-statal Eskom h ...…
Wetzel and Forde are back for another episode and this time they do a little digging into Nick Saban's claim that he didn't know Tuesday was Election Day. Plus, the guys break down the Richard Sherman vs. Kaela Carpenter drama as well as an in depth discussion about win probability and why they dislike the meaning less stat. All that and more i ...…
What is the future for Europe? Using a mix of cultural, philosophical and political approaches, this evening will seek to answer the question of quo vadis Europa. Can the European project be saved? Which are the cultural ties upon which the EU can build? Can we identify new forms of post-statal political organisation, in order to secure civilit ...…
Nella prima parte del nostro programma oggi parleremo di una manifestazione di protesta che, domenica scorsa, è stata inscenata a Bruxelles da alcuni gruppi anti-immigrazione. Parleremo poi del veto che il governatore della Georgia ha posto a un controverso disegno di legge sulla libertà religiosa che era stato approvato dal parlamento statale ...…
0:15 – Introduction to Episode #31… featuring Shane Battier1:10 – Jason explains how Shane came on the podcast3:30 – Shane tells us about his charitable contest at to win a trip to South Florida to play a round of golf with Shane ( – We ask Shane about the transition from b ...…
The Show is a GO tonight and yep, it's hitting the fan. Could there possibly be more drama in the world of fantasy sports than what's going on right now? UNREAL! Have you heard about the High Stakes late payouts? People are still waiting including at least 1 6 figure winner! What in the world is going on??? Kevin Kolb - Is he worth a first roun ...…
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