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Soul and Jazz ( launched its unique, legal and commercial free podcasting service on the 18th May, 2009, and features music across the spectrum of soul and jazz from the last 50 years.
There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding what we do, and who we are. Sometimes, these misconceptions give us a chuckle at our local dungeon, but sometimes, the broad-stroke generalizations may cause confusion, or even alienation.Our communities have history. We have traditions. We have our own lexicon. Words have meaning, and sometimes, our words have special meaning within our culture. Not all kinksters are alike, and some of us may do things that others just don’t understand.
Exploring sexual interests (kinks, fetishes and philias) through the eyes and experiences of those who enjoy them. Everyone's experience is different, so your mileage may vary. If you have a different experience, please contact Camille/AuntieSocial to be a guest on the show. That's the beauty of this show. We can do the same topic over and over again, and each guest will bring a unique perspective. Whether you are a Top, bottom or somewhere in between, we would love to hear about what you lo ...
We are 3 guys who live in different cities but enjoy discussing and debating on topics related to politics and current events with each other. The 3 of us are from different ethnicity and grew up from different backgrounds. Our names represent a major stereotype for each of our ethnicity. Bad Driver is an oriental Asian, was not born in the United States, but did grow up here at a young age. MAGA is white Caucasian and was born and raised in the U.S. Tech Support is a brown Asian, was not bo ...
2 DJ's 1 sound
Some of our biggest tracks in our sets at the moment. Includes 3 of our new upcoming tracks as well as our massive 'Outlander - Vamp' remake which is getting support from Mark Knight, Sonny Fodera, John Digweed, Alan Fitzpatrick, Coyu, Kryder, Kutski, Andy Durrant, Farley & Heller, Sheldon Prince, Phunk Investigation and many more.Check out more of our upcoming tracks
So Stereotypical
So Stereotypical is a marketing podcast that helps listeners create targeted media campaigns and effective public relations.
A weekly music podcast based out of Memphis, TN. Discussing everything from our favorite artists and albums of the past to new releases. We share what's on our playlists and want to know what's on yours are as well. Join us as we explore the world of music!
Beyond The Stereotype is a sports podcast whose goal is to push the limits and go beyond the surface of sports to bring you an entertaining, unadulterated, funny, yet interesting perspective of sports. Sports is a lifestyle and we can determine this to be true based on the number of people that watch sports on TV and engage in sports talk via social media. The great thing about sports is that everybody has an opinion and an opinion is neither right nor wrong. Here on BTS we have a lot to say ...
Research on the impact of stereotype threat on students in science and mathematics.
Blacklight is dedicated to people of color who defy stereotypes. Brown people don't hike or swim, right? What about dating inter-racially? This podcast will remind you that everyone is unique?
This hour-long special brings together a broad range of voices to talk about racism, antisemitism, and the ways in which hatred can grow. Interviews were drawn from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Voices on Antisemitism series.
I'm a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in their Criminal Justice and Criminology Department. This podcast is my Capstone Project, which is the final project before I graduate. I will be discussing the representations of women of color in popular films and television shows.
Comedians Riley Rose Critchlow and Nicole Wyland host HAGS, a feminist podcast aimed at breaking down the ways society values women by asking crucial questions like WHAT THE ACTUAL F***? Each episode highlights a bad-ass woman from throughout history before honing in on a “desirable” quality typically used to assess a woman’s worth.
Not your stereotypical gay podcast.
The Black Sheep podcast is the place to celebrate unconventional lifestyles, working for yourself, and redefining the "american dream" from the perspective of people of color. Hosted by Nicole Letelier this show and supporting community, were created to create a space to convene, recharge and connect with other women of color like you! Are you a woman who owns her right to design her life celebrating her brown skin but not being defined or contained by it either? Welcome.
The History of France in English is a weekly podcast. Oddly enough, it's about the history of France and in the English language. Every week there is a larger piece on the history of France and a shorter, cocktail party slapdown that offers a bit of history that runs counter to the usual stereotyping of character the world attributes to this great country.
Just to Clarify
Asking the questions you are too polite to ask
“Recovering CPA” John Garrett talks with professionals who are shattering the stereotype by being known at work for a hobby or passion. Accountants, consultants, lawyers and other professionals are doing some really cool things after they leave the office -- things that impact their careers in surprising ways.
Universal Nation
The one and only Alex M.O.R.P.H. presents his weekly podcast. Breaking down the barriers of genres and stereotypes to celebrate the broad spectrum of quality electronic dance music, a universal language uniting us as one Universal Nation.
Astute Radio
Getting the conversation started. Beyond Stereotypes.
A project exploring characters and stereotypes in wrestling featuring interviews with professional wrestlers and celebrity fans, hosted by Dan Higgins.
Nerd with a Heart
In Nerd with a Heart, Daniel speaks from his heart about stuff he's passionate about, which in this series of episodes is gaming.Episode 1 deals with the lack of diversity in gaming, and issues of inequality.
The Conflict Management Space Podcast is a new ongoing series by Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz for bringing sustainable win-win conflict management and negotiation strategies and resources to the public with current, engaging, and thought-provoking themes.
Challenging the mainstream, negative stereotypes of people with a mental illness ths program actively engages those living with a mental illness as researchers, interviewers, performers and program designers while promoting community mental health awareness.
Since Right Now
Shunning stereotypes and shattering the stigma of being in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.This is the Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast — the podcast of KLĒN + SŌBR / hosts Chris, Jeff & Matt discuss any and all issues supporting sustained recovery with irreverent compassion, empathy and insight.#alcoholism #addiction #sobriety #recovery
Afronerd Radio
A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities. Afronerd Radio airs regularly on Wednesday at 7:00pm eastern. And for even more discourse Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse, highlighting sci fi, fantasy and pop culture airs every Sunday at 6pm eastern.
Key Life isn't for everyone. If you want the Bible to be a "book of rules," if you think there is something unspiritual about laughter and dangerous about freedom and if you define faithfulness as conformity to Christian stereotypes, then Key Life probably isn't for you.But if you're interested in an honest, non-manipulative and thoughtful presentation of Biblical truth in the context of Christ's unconditional love, Key Life may be for you. If you need to hear the hopeful truth that God isn' ...
Big Brothers
Big Brother is all about "expecting the unexpected", and you should expect the same from Big Brothers Vito Calise and Chris Stanley. Nobody can make fun of something like people who love it and these two will be making fun of all the ridiculousness that comes with locking people in a house for 10 weeks. Laugh along with them at the stupidity of the house guests, the stereotypes everyone plays into and the ridiculous rules that Julie Chen loves to throw at the contestants. Get updates about w ...
Intro To Psychology
Welcome to the wonderful world of psychology! This podcast is the audio segment of the course at It comprises the topics found to be most important based on a survey of 761 introductory psychology teachers at 490 schools (Miller & Gentile, 1998). These topics include introduction/methods, neuroscience, sensation/perception, learning, memory, thinking/intelligence, developmental psychology, personality, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. In addition, I ha ...
Did We Solve It?
Three ignorant comedians in Portland discuss race-relations and stereotypes in an effort to finally "solve" racism.
Have you ever wondered how people just like you manage to homeschool their children and apparently love every moment of it? Are you ready to give up the formative years of your children’s lives to a stranger? Do you think homeschoolers are weird? Does the word, homeschool, bring to mind Birkenstocks, jumpers, and hairy legs? Honestly half my family fit the hairy leg stereotype…so who cares? I’m here to help you let go of any pre-conceived notions you may have about home educators. Forget all ...
A podcast about gender and gender stereotypes from a self-described expert on gender issues (the boy) (Matthew Dicks) who has spent the last two decades immersed in female culture and a sociologist (the girl) (Rachel Leventhal-Weiner) who is an actual scholar with actual credentials.
Setting fire to the stoner stereotype. Sparking up candid conversations with cannabis researchers, entrepreneurs and advocates.Educator, Author and Advocate Dr. Mitch Earleywine hosts a no-holds-barred platform that seeks to re-define and revolutionize the entire scope of the cannabis culture, while opening the door for more to join the cannabis crusade.
Vata is not just a Russian word for a cotton candy. It’s also one of three doshas in Ayurveda.Vata people have a gift for feeling love and expressing their feelings. They exist beyond material ideas, concepts and stereotypes of everyday life. They live in the alternative world ruled by deep cosmic love, perfection and harmony.Vata is your oasis, a sound analog of the Bounty Bar advertising with the taste of paradise from the first notes.Glamorous Easy Listening, smoothly flowing Chillout, se ...
Minnesota Nice
Where Passive Meets Aggressive, Where Stereotypes are Confronted, and While We are from Minnesota...We Sure as Hell Aren't Nice.
Louder Than Words
A weekly Audio Podcast questioning the stereotypes
Naptime Is Sacred
The purpose of Naptime is Sacred is to motivate and inspire women to take time outside of their responsibilities to do things that really allow them to have their own interest, passions and personal growth. while at the same time letting our voices and experience speak for us and not the stereotypes people are used to hearing.
A platform dedicated to challenging the stereotypes associated with non-traditional families & empowering our communities toward a brighter future.
Backwoods is a podcast from Appalachia that goes beyond typical poverty porn stereotypes. We may be from the backwoods but we are not all backwards.
Who made the rules for motherhood anyway? And why do we feel as though we are constantly failing to live up to these unrealistic standards? Imagine what it would feel like to break free from society's expectations and JUST BE YOU! Just give up the ideal beauty standards, the Pinterest-perfect motherhood, the romance-novel-inspired marriage, and the farmhouse-inspired dream home. Instead, just be real. Hosted by psychiatrist+entrepreneur Stefani Reinold, Not the Typical Mom™ Show is a place w ...
LaSoul Whisperer
The purpose of my podcast is to voice my experiences growing up as a carefree black woman in America, finding myself through family history, culture, black identity in college, mental health, sexual assault, dating, and breaking generational and gender stereotypes.
Just Muslim
Beyond the label. Beyond the stereotypes. Beyond definition.
Welcome to Naturally Supernatural, the podcast for those who believe in the full, modern manifestation of the Holy Spirit but who don't fit into the stereotypical mold of a "Charismatic." This is the place for people who have come from Charismatic/Pentecostal backgrounds and love the Holy Spirit but hate the nonsense, or people from other traditions who have been on the fence because of the negative stereotypes they have heard or been taught or seen. I'm looking at you Christian te ...
Four best friends born, raised and living in Chicago who talk about sex, dating, politics, music, comedy and everything in between! *Disclaimer* Not suited for younger audiences. 18+ Also, if you are rude, prude, or have a thin skin for topics relating to real life, love, race, sex, stereotypes, and everything…and we mean everything…in between, don’t bother clicking our link. The rest of you….Welcome to the LAB.!!!
This, the fourth of 5 volumes containing Poe's works, contains 22 of his short stories. Warning: Section 7, "A Predicament," contains some racial stereotypes and a word describing the race of one of the characters that is unacceptable in today's society. (Summary by TriciaG)
John Rambo, as embodied by Sylvester Stallone, is arguably one of the biggest cinematic icons of the 1980s. Oscar-nominated for Rocky, Stallone's non-Rocky film career was on the ropes when Stallone signed onto this troubled production adapting David Morell's 1972 novel to film, but with a large explosion this would catapult Stallone to the action A-list and create a character that would not only endure on screen but off as well, with President Ronald Regan as one of Rambo's biggest admirers ...
Babes of Science
Women have contributed to the sciences for centuries, but not always in a way that fulfills the stereotypical role of a scientist or in a way that gets recognition. Babes of Science is about about women's work in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics throughout history.
PodCast for badass women and men seeking to break free from diet culture, societal norms, stereotypes and "image". For those wanting to live a little deeper.
RetireeRebels inspires and supports retirees to move beyond the limitations of past ageist stereotypes, to aspire and achieve new goals by reinvention. Carol Larson and Mary Helen Conroy talk of the other side of retirement, the lifestyle of the nearly and newly retired.
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We've all heard it. Women are complicated. Men are complicated. Some swear one is more complicated than the other. In this week's episode, Hollie and Logan discuss their thoughts on the topic and society's influence on these gender stereotypes. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter @cutoffpodcastHave a topic idea? We'd love to hear it! Visi ...…
This week we discuss Ramadan from the perspective of a person who reverted to Islam and we briefly discuss gender stereotypes when cooking for iftar and a few other things there is a SLIGHT AUDIO ISSUE i but this week will be the last
In this section of the Gospel of Luke we see four aspects of Jesus’s character close up. All are surprising, stereotype defying and refreshing in their own way. He is a friend of sinners, the great bridegroom, the God of rest and a God of adventure. Our hope is that through these teachings that people would be renewed in seeing these characteri ...…
Life and love coach Candace Smith explores why the percentage of single black women in America is so high. Many experts and popular publications have tackled this tough topic; often focusing the blame on black women without expressing much empathy. Highly educated black women with an advanced degree are twice as likely to have never been marrie ...…
It's Basketball Season! The playoffs are down to our last 4 teams! Can the Rockets defeat Steph & nem? Is LeBron going to keep scoring all the points and losing? The WNBA is BACK and a 25 year old male posed as a 17 year old kid to play basketball in a Dallas ISD school..scary and there's much more mentioned on this episode. Check out Episode 2 ...…
You know what's funny? Watching somebody try to drink right after a trip to the dentist's office while their mouth is still numb and everything spills down the front of their shirt like a tiny baby. You know what's NOT funny? After the numbing stuff wears off and every single nerve ending is zapping you face with electric hell. I've had some co ...…
Episode 28 takes an in-depth look at the recent controversy involving the widely popular animated TV show "The Simpsons" after a documentary written by comedian Hari Kondabolu was brought to light which focused on the racial stereotyping against people of Indian heritage through the show's portrayal of the Apu character.…
She holds the crown as Miss NYC USA! Genesis Suero brings her Dominican heritage, Brooklyn roots, Harlem style and her love of food and fitness to her quest to become Miss USA. Shanelle and Genesis discuss breaking stereotypes of beauty, occasional slices of pizza, skin care, and more.
Most of us probably agree that on some level, high school sucks. Figuring out who your real friends are and just how to fit in can be rough. Then there are the stereotypes, not just within a school, but about a school. This episode is all about perceptions, stereotypes and stigmas and why Willard is sometimes the only option for students not th ...…
Share | Follow | Subscribe Your favourite co-workers are a worker down with Lex out for personal reasons. Wackle gets stereotyped, Jolloph reveals his Nigerian roots and Cyril answers the question no one asked, what is the name of a female cow? Make sure to check out Rehab Beach Club and let them know we sent you!! Song Credit : Special thanks ...…
In today's show, Mike goes solo to talk about this past weekend at Ironman Santa Rosa and Ironman's new "Gold Star Initiative" to have a veteran carry an American Flag during every Ironman race to honor the family of a service member killed in action. He goes over the race week jitters, dealing with stress, sunblock success (thanks Zealios!), n ...…
On this week's episode, Jason feels like he overstepped his bounds last week with his stereotypical assessment of relationships and hopes to make amends. He discusses stereotypes, why we do them and how dangerous can a stereotype be. Also, Scott challenges you to see if you hear Laurel or Yanni. We hope you don't stereotype and enjoy this week' ...…
WASSSUUUUPPP PODCAST HOMIES!Back again with another fulfilling rant.Here I talk about how I take some pride in not being the type of person who likes or needs to spend their money on typical/stereotypical materialistic things the way my contemporaries do or the way most in my generation do. Its statistically what's expected of me and my youth, ...…
"A pillar of the community"." A straight-A student who dreamed of becoming a doctor". "A loving father"."Here through no fault of their own". "She was hysterical and out of control." "He was no angel." The press, both local and national, humanizes some victims of state or corporate violence, while demonizing others. Despite good intentions and ...…
On this week’s episode games editor Rishi Alwani and friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani join host Pranay Parab to talk about the big Walmart Canada leak that hinted at several games which may be announced at E3 2018, and our impressions of State of Decay 2. In the second part pop culture nerds Akhil Arora, Roydon Cerejo, and Pranay Parab tal ...…
With Solo right around the corner, we dig into this three part story about Lando, Han, and a stereotype breaking Gungan. It's as fun as an Ewok hacker!What are your thoughts on this novel? Tweet us @ClashingSabers or email us Lindsey on Twitter @mslindseygFollow Brandon on Twitter @darthboylanWhile your at ...…
QUESTIONS LIKE THISEPISODE XXVIIITHE BOYS tackle STAR WARS. A franchise in existence for over FORTY years, they try to pinpoint exactly when did it start to SUCK. From the most recent SEQUEL TRILOGY to the ORIGINAL TRILOGY and every EXPANDED UNIVERSE release in between, it turns out there is a lot of suck in the CANON.Tackling REYLO, resurrecte ...…
This Episode - Kay and Jay chat about stereotypes and a few life lessons that school should be teaching kids these days Stars/Producers and Editors - Kay & Jay Music - Rock Angel by Joakim Karud
Editor's Note: the following article was corrected to clarify the state law that established the single-test admissions rule for New York City's specialized high schools. When enacted in 1971, it applied to three high schools. Lisa Bing was a sophomore when the number of black students at Stuyvesant High School peaked at 303 in 1975. It was a l ...…
I will never be accused of being a health nut but I am lucky enough to know one! Angie is definitely not the health nut stereotype I had in mind. She's hilarious, confident, smart, and not in the least bit judgmental or pushy about her lifestyle choices. She lives by example and I'm all about it! Angie shares with me her journey into whole food ...…
Sarah gets scholarly, informing us of the origins of witchy stereotypes, and Q demonstrates remarkable focus by staying on topic for longer than 30 seconds, talking all things healing crystals.
In this fun episode DJ Haus-Arrest shares how she's re-writing Latina stereotypes and handling the pressures of being one of Chicago's most requested DJ's.
We finally did the damp thing! Welcome special guest Donald Borenstein (of internet) as we discuss the faults and merits of this album with as much decorum as possible for a thing made by a guy who is a cartoon version of every millennial stereotype.Recommended:Emperor X - Western TeleportCarousel Shy - We want to be in your radio, we want to b ...…
Tom & Josh recap OkeCon and talk about One Week Ultimate Werewolf, Eclipse 2nd Edition, Decrypto, 7 Wonders: Duel and TZAAR. They discuss Board Gamer Stereotypes.
Christopher McCron is a writer who tackles the challenges that artists encounter during the creative process. He discovered Secular Humanism and his atheistic worldview during his undergrad at the University of Guelph. Read Christopher’s work at and In this episode, Chris and Josh talk about fai ...…
Have you heard of the term "gammon"? It is being used to describe angry white middle aged men, usually in the context of political discussions. Many are saying that not only is the term offensive but also racist. DUP MP Emma Pengally tweeted "stereotyping by colour or age is wrong no matter what race, age or community". What do you think? Vinny ...…
Thank you to everyone who has joined the listening! It's very humbling to know so many people out there are listening, so thank you! Episode 7 is all about Flair, but in typical FM Notebook fashion, there was loads to talk about: In the Team Report there was a big change in focus for me this week as the Job Offers came flooding in. There was pl ...…
DAILY YOKEWomen have won a number of rights over the last 100 years, like the ability to vote, pursue an education, build a career, or choose a partner. However, just because a few things have changed in the modern era today, does not mean the world is now fair. Similarly, rules and regulations about health care practices in every country are n ...…
Moving from our more typical science topics towards more applied research, I talked with Lindsey about her research in public history. She focuses on the representation of women in historic house museums and examining the disconnect between academic research about early American women and their portrayal in spaces that are stereotypically femin ...…
We are all affected by given stereotypes that are placed upon us whether it be our race, gender, faith or other circumstances. When in the gym, men and women can experience a similar underlying pressure to conform to what we are “supposed to be and do.” You’re a female? You must be doing glute kickbacks... The post Fitstyle Radio 05 – Female vs ...…
Welcome back to another episode of the V.S.O.P Podcast. In this weeks episode we sit down and discuss different type of car stereotypes and the people who drive them. Hope You Guys Enjoy !!!Intro: VSOP by U.C.BOutro: Bank Statement by Curren$y
On today's show we have Jasmine Baustista. Jasmine is a stand up comedian based in Honolulu. We get into all kinds of stuff on today's episode from cultural stereotypes to broken condoms. Plus, I have the best update possible for the goings on with my neighbors. Make sure to follow Jasmine Bautista on instagram @cheesygoatgirl and don't forget ...…
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In this special episode we have an extremely exciting special guest; award-winning activist Marc Thompson. Marc has had an incredible career and achieved some incredible strides against stigma. Speaking out against stigma, racism, and homophobia. He is one of the founders of Prepster the leading campaign in the UK for PREP ...…
I’m just back from Norway running my BLOOM 🌸workshops in Bergen + Oslo which featured lots of yoga + movement + creativity + meditation + energy explorations. My fave. Shoutout to everyone who joined, thank you so much for your vibes!I realised in planning these workshops that i could spend an age talking about wellness related stuff to do with ...…
Kimmy Fasani spent her most recent winter pregnant with her first child, something that wouldn’t be unusual except that Kimmy is a professional snowboarder whose career is based on completing technical descents in the big mountains of Alaska, British Columbia, and California. When your occupation—and your passion—is based on your physical prowe ...…
Michael & Logan return with a very special episode – being joined by Gilles de Coster! In this episode: Michael accidentally comes on a little strong.What was the reaction of Production to the fan community?How important is the first challenge in setting the tone of the season?How involved is Gilles in the show?What makes a good candidate?Why d ...…
I’m a proud black geek and I rebuke the stereotype of black nerds being weak or weird.
Ball & Boudoirs is a podcast series that explores and unmask one of the most successful black women in sport in the UK, but also one of the most silent when it comes to her personal life. The podcast is a honest, unguarded conversations about growing up black, sex, relationships, friendships, mental health and lifestyles of an award-winning jou ...…
Ball & Boudoirs is a podcast series that explores and unmask one of the most successful black women in sport in the UK, but also one of the most silent when it comes to her personal life. The podcast is a honest, unguarded conversations about growing up black, sex, relationships, friendships, mental health and lifestyles of an award-winning jou ...…
Ball & Boudoirs is a podcast series that explores and unmask one of the most successful black women in sport in the UK, but also one of the most silent when it comes to her personal life. The podcast is a honest, unguarded conversations about growing up black, sex, relationships, friendships, mental health and lifestyles of an award-winning jou ...…
Former professional tennis player Neha Uberoi joins the podcast to discuss her life journey. She tells us of her unique experience as a first generation South Asian immigrant growing up in a household of 5 girls in Princeton NJ and breaking the stereotype by excelling in sports(4:30). Her talent in tennis was obvious and at a very young age she ...…
Hi, I’m Wendy Kays and this is Writing Boss, the podcast about being my own better boss as a creative person in my own business. I’m determined to bridge the gap between the way I’m mismanaging myself and my writing business now and the way I should be doing it. But after the last episode on motivation, it’s clear I need to step away from resea ...… Script Introductions Overview of retellings Mackenzie: 1001 Rabbit Tales Michael: Alladin Shannon: Sinbad Julia: Aladdin and The King of Thieves Discussion of archetypes Mackenzie’s analysis Michael’s analysis Shannon’s analysis: Archetypes Mackenzie: In the story ...…
The Brother To Brother Podcast is back with an all new episode where we discuss what it means to speak your truth. Episode Highlights: Hiddanas has issues with the Modest Mouse concert he saw in Charlotte Tempiwmf has another chance to see another sneak peek. Tempiwmf and Hiddanas discuss the “This Is America” music video and the ability for bl ...…
Quayde chats with Ross Cooper during WCG’s first annual Cotton Fest in Lubbock. We go from talking about his West Texas roots – rodeoing and playing music – to why he moved to Music City (attention bachelorette parties: Nashville is more than just Broadway). We discuss how riding in a band van is much like living in an unaired sitcom, complete ...…
Season 5 - Ep. 3 - "Get On Your Knees and Customer Service Me"Dan and The Rocness Monster talk about what good customer service is. How badly Three Brothers Wineries sucks balls. Racism, stereotypes, Trump are all on the table.Enjoy the show!Thanks to for our music.Special thanks to:the8oclockstop.comEagleEpoxy.usThe Genesee Beard Co.…
Burrow On **SPOILER ALERTS FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE BOOK** In this episode we discuss the 4th book in the Harry Potter Series. Join us as we dive into witch nose stereotypes, Harry’s excessive spending habits, why Neville is in Gryffindor, Dumbledore’s appearance spread out on the beach, and much more! Follow on Instagram! Follow ...…
Mr. Haberdashery and Dj StereOtype are back and in full discourse about interracial dating and the importance of black love in this two part conversation. In this section, they break down their personal experiences with black and non-black lovers, their take on media representation of interracial relations, and their personal approach black love.…
When you think about a mobile home, what do you picture? Mobile homes may illicit many stereotypes that extend beyond the physical structure, affecting the people that inhabit them. Dr. Annemarie Galeucia, Student & Faculty Development Coordinator with LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum and from the Department of Geography and Anthropolo ...…
When you think about a mobile home, what do you picture? Mobile homes may illicit many stereotypes that extend beyond the physical structure, affecting the people that inhabit them. Dr. Annemarie Galeucia, Student & Faculty Development Coordinator with LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum and from the Department of Geography and Anthropolo ...…
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