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' StormWatch Report, The Weather Channel Podcasts '
The Weather Channel Podcasts, STORMWATCH, brings you updated information on Storms, Severe Weather, Tropical Weather and Hurricanes every day. Get the latets on what is happening in your area with Severe Thunderstorms, Tornados, Hurricanes, and Severe Winter Weather. Look for all the Podcasts from The Weather Channel.
Stormwatch Homebrew
Stormwatch Homebrew is a podcast that follows the tabletop RPG exploits of a group of folks from Bluegrass Country. We'd always wanted to do a podcast. We'd always wanted to play D&D. Why not combine the two? Ours is a homebrew game, in our own made-up world, with our own made-up adventures, loosely using Dungeons and Dragons stats and rules. Join us as we dungeon crawl, as we climb snowy mountains and ford ancient rivers, in search of fortune, glory, and the Greatest Sword!
StormWatch: The Better Heroes of the Storm Podcast for Better People
In which we discuss Heroes of the Storm, and... well whatever else occurs to us. Join abrA, Xavus, Maid, and Biffy in a WACKY ADVENTURE OF COMEDIC MEDIOCRITY!
Eye Of The Storm
News and reviews and ramblings about all things Wildstorm comics
Real Horrorshow Podcast
Sam and Stormy watch and review the horror movies on Netflix, looking for the hidden gems in a dumpster fire.
Last of the Valerii, The by JAMES, Henry
An unnamed American painter resident in Rome serves as narrator in this story, watching as his god-daughter Martha, becomes the wife of Prince Marco Valerio. The young bride is eager to use some of her American fortune in the service of archeology at the Villa Valerio, her husband's somewhat run down Roman house. Archeology can be, her god-father suggests, a rather expensive hobby, but to his (and her) surprise, the dig brings to light a lovely marble statue of Juno. Martha is overjoyed, but ...
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recorded September 9th before the storm...WATCH ON FACEBOOK AT: from pastor Karen as she fights the good fight with her mother against hurricane Irma ...…
Global Correspondent, Gary Arndt joins Paul to talk about his latest adventure which combined storm chasing with eclipse watching. Of course joining a storm watcher tour requires clouds and watching the eclipse requires clear skies. So that means a lot of driving. Gary describes the advantages of having a van and a driver who knew the territory ...…
There are arguments on both sides as to whether or not reporters should be sent into the midst of hurricanes in order to tell people how risky it is to be there - we take a look at both viewpoints.
Good Morning, Everyone! We have made it through another week. The kids are all back to school and us adults have to go back to work. Thank you for spending the week with us. Hurrican Irma is getting closer to making landfall. There has been a lot of damage in it its path so far. We discuss the sheriff that posted to twitter that leaves a lot of ...…
Sermons – Temple Baptist Church of Perris
Launch Sermon Player Pastor Dan preaches a message from Matthew 7:24-27, as he encourages us to ensure that our foundation is built upon the rock of Jesus Christ and not the shifting sands of this world.
Stormwatch Homebrew
Episode Nine of Stormwatch Hombrew picks up where we last left off with Alexandretta Greydon Zoran and Ulgga discovering a small graveyard in the middle of a dense woods Near a crumbling mausoleum the group encounter two thirstylooking redeyed figures hanging upsidedown from hooks
Stormwatch Homebrew
Episode Eight finds Alexandretta Greydon Olga and Zoran in town where they learn of the disappearance of two young men Our four adventurers set out into a dark wood to find the missing men before twilight descends and it is too late Brandon James Heidi and Zak at the table with DM Joe Ross A change of venue makes for a bit of boomy audio and Br ...…
Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network
Rumors are flying about the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. After all, he's 80 years old and enough is enough. He's been the swing vote on the Court for nearly 2 decades. Time to enjoy the family and his lavish government pension. Next, will be the retirement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Can't come soon enough. Then it will be a decidedly con ...…
Financial Survival Network
Rumors are flying about the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. After all, he's 80 years old and enough is enough. He's been the swing vote on the Court for nearly 2 decades. Time to enjoy the family and his lavish government pension. Next, will be the retirement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Can't come soon enough. Then it will be a decidedly con ...…
Jim and Eric sit down and talk about Catwoman Vol 1; The Game. It is one of the books that neither of them read back in the day so both of them were eager to see what they thought. Next Episode: Stormwatch Vol 1 - The Dark Side If you would like to get the next New 52 Review episode early, support us on Patreon and get more and more shows! Go H ...…
Stormcast – The Johnny Storm Podcast
Episode 5 of Stormcast, a podcast about Marvel's Johnny Storm A.K.A. The Human Torch!! Yuuhy and Traincat somehow talk for over an hour, despite Johnny not having any lines in comics released in May 2017, about Johnny's bright future, his questionable fashion choices, and which historical figures YOU, the listener, think Johnny Storm has slept ...…
Stormwatch Homebrew
In Episode Seven of Stormwatch Homebrew Alexandretta BlueShade and Greydon Dreadsworth meet for the first time at the Inn of the ThreeEyedCat After taking council with an Animagus named Harvey the pair venture out into a driving rain at night and encounter one of the Elemental Warlocks of the Forsaken the Elemental Warlock of Fire Samshael…
What looks like the first major storm of the hurricane season building up off the coast of the lone star state. We’ll have an eye on the sky. Also as professional storm watchers keep an eye on the gulf, a coastal Texas city struggles with keeping its head about water during normal downpours. In need of a hero, Galveston turns to the sand sucker ...…
Grace Church in Noblesville & Fishers, IN
Storms are inevitable. Life will always rise up a smack us and sometimes it will be a boat swamping storm. Being a follower of Jesus does not exempt you. Christians are not pain and tragedy free, but through the storms, we can have hope! The measure of a Christian is not how steadfastly you walk through a storm but how much you believe in Jesus ...…
This week on Bit Storm: watch our for flames as you hatch a dragon’s egg, see how large you can grow your lint ball, discover the intricacies of playing curling on a basketball court, drive a car as a small child and solve nursery rhyme crimes with Ben and Trevor. The post 025: Metaphorical Magnetism appeared first on Bit Storm.…
Joe Ross and Brandon S Bowker from the relative safety of a comfy couch continue to chronicle the tale that is our adventure so far From noonwraiths to real estate theres a little something for everyone in Stormwatch Homebrew Episode Six The Adventure So Far Part Two
Stormcast – The Johnny Storm Podcast
Episode 4 of Stormcast, a podcast about Marvel's Johnny Storm A.K.A. The Human Torch!! Yuuhy and Traincat read you Infamous Iron Man, explain that Ultimate Johnny Storm is a gay boy, and shamelessly promote The Get Down, now streaming on Netflix.Issues covered in this episode's Stormwatch:- Uncanny Avengers 22- Mosaic 7- Rocket Raccoon 5- Infam ...…
In Stormwatch Homebrew Episode Five Zoran Greydon and Alexandretta enjoy a heros welcome from the town of Ahzland The trio are joined by CraigVivian and Page Flip for a feast a skootcher race and live music from a group of their favorite undead strumming players When the town bell tolls our adventurers are ready to charge back into battle We le ...…
Let's talk about riding bikes gang! But first, the weather where Seattle just finished seeing 3 whole days of sun shine. 3 DAYS GUYS!!! Moving on to Arizona storm watch and sadness for those of you that are flooded or snowed in. This week, we ride for you! Besides that, we talk about the news stories listed below, Brian's latest podium finish a ...…
In Episode Four of Stormwatch Homebrew Wood Elf Wizard Alexandretta BlueShade Lupin Greydon Dreadsworth and Zoron a Tiefling Bard explore the seemingly deserted tower of Morak The trio of adventurers join forces with a Kenku and a Dwarf to battle an imminent and multilegged threat
Stormwatch Homebrew Episode Three finds Brandon S Bowker and DM Joe Ross not at the table but on a comfy couch discussing the origins of Stormwatch Homebrew character and world development and the first half of our adventure so far We also introduce our new theme Stormwatch Homebrew written and performed by our own James Ross…
Stormcast – The Johnny Storm Podcast
Episode 3 of Stormcast, a podcast about Marvel's Johnny Storm A.K.A. The Human Torch!! Yuuhy and Traincat bring you up to speed with Johnny in the month of March 2017, reveal that femslash could have saved Inhumans vs. X-Men, wonder where Johnny is going to live, and talk disappointing mind control plots.Issues covered in this episode's Stormwa ...…
Stormwatch Homebrew
In Episode Two of Stormwatch Homebrew we rejoin Wood Elf Wizard Alexandretta BlueShade and Lupin Greydon Dreadsworth the morning after a quarry battle with bandits at the behest of the curious Thadeus Pole In this episode a library a shrubbery and a banderhobb
Spice up your weekend up with this wicked playlist of the hottest Dancehall & Soca riddims that will set fire to more than just your airwaves! Kick off the show with ‘Count Me In’ by Asten Isaac! Things will really start to sizzle with Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshall, Swappi & so many more! Get the party started with tracks like ‘Bend Over’ by M ...…
Stormwatch Homebrew
In Episode One of Stormwatch Homebrew Wood Elf Wizard Alexandretta BlueShade and Lupin Greydon Dreadsworth encounter a curious fellow Thadeus Pole on a wooded dirt lane
AcaGeekz - A Cappella Podcast
AcaGeekz 020 – “Goin’ To The Barbershop” AcaGeekz is now available on iTunes and Stitcher! If you like what you hear, please write a review and help support the show! Welcome! It’s my hope that AcaGeekz will introduce the casual listener and the hardcore a cappella fan alike to some groups and styles they’ve never heard before. Whether it be Ba ...…
No Chaser...just straight to the point! Listen to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse podcast, airing EVERY Saturday at 6pm ET. Join your favorite podcast "Stormwatch" team (Dburt, Claire Lanay, Capt. Kirk and the "Uncanny" Daryll B.) as they discuss the latest "goings-ons" in pop/pulp/nerd culture: after the disappointing release ...…
Therapy Insiders Podcast -->>Physical therapy, business and leaders
"Don't ever try to convince somebody." "It's not pain science. It's just science." "I don't care if my patients don't get better." "Some disorders don't respond to physical therapy." "We often forget these people we accuse of secondary gain have primary loses." Therapy Insiders Podcast is proudly sponsored by: CHECK OUT A FREE WEBINAR from WebP ...…
Green Street Baptist Church
Therapy Insiders Podcast -->>Physical therapy, business and leaders
"You need to embrace the process." "When you don't know what you're doing you end up over selling." "There's a difference between apprenticeship and mentorship." "I was ready to leave the profession all together after my first year." "There is an optimal process to becoming good in anything." Therapy Insiders Podcast is proudly sponsored by: CH ...…
Elizabeth Warren has some strong words for Donald Trump over Preet Bharara's firing. DOJ given until Monday to back up Trump's wiretapping claims against Obama. Winter Storm Watch 2017: East Coast storm could drop major snowfall in NYC, Boston, D.C.
Join Mike and Chris as we discuss X-men Vol 1 #6, Avengers Vol 1 #8, Defenders #93, Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld Vol 1 #1, Stormwatch Vol 1 #3-5, Slash Maraud #2By (Geek Brunch).
Max Mashup Megamix
Funkin Matt - Phoenix The Weeknd Fe. Daft Punk - Starboy (Acapella) Nari & Milani Fe. Tava - Twilight Kygo Fe. Parson James - Stole the show (Acapella) The Chainsmokers Fe. Phoebe Ryan - All we know Decco Fe. Mapei - Shooting stars Ephwurd - Vibrations Jack Wins Fe. Francci Richard - I used to love you Don Diablo - Cutting shapes Axiom Fe. Heat ...…
(just now 8pm pac time evacuations near manteca san juaqine area mon feb 20, 2017 maps/kcra 3 sacramento news LIVE MORE EVACS MENTIONED IN FB VIDEO ) Map: towns threatened by the Oroville Dam crisis GET ...…
By Molly Jane Kremer and Jarrod Jones. Happy New Comic Book Day! This is Casual Wednesdays With DoomRocket, where each week we discuss our feelings concerning the comics that mean the most to us, and the industry news that affects us all. This week, MJ & Jarrod stare down their respective reading piles and face a few hard truths. Then somehow t ...…
News & Views with Rob Snow
Rob Snow speaks with;- Kimberley Johnson, CFRA traffic reporter, about the storm watch. - Rob Leone, Professor of political science at Western and a former MPP, about why are Ontario Cabinet Ministers writing open letters to Kevin O'Leary.We have our weekly Tech Tuesday segment with CTV's Tech Analyst, Carmi Levy.Our weekly look into Federal po ...…
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