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Running Stupid
Discussions about endurance running from the folks who know endurance... the back of the pack. Clever and entertaining. Good company on that 6 hour long run!
There are no dumb questions. Only stupid answers. Sam Bashor ( & DJ Wooldridge ( aim to bring you those answers on a podcast discussing comics, movies, TV, and more!
Stupidly Small
The Stupidly Small Podcast is a short daily podcast conversation between two people who can't really believe they're friends. Funny, occasionally insightful, always honest, this is half an hour a day shared between people who have one thing in common: they do this podcast together.
Building Harder to Kill humans through nutrition, fitness & mindset.
Ever feel like you missed something important when it comes to the news? A fact, a detail, or an event that it feels like everyone else knows about, and now you'd look like a moron if you asked someone to explain? Well, here's a podcast that will ask those questions so you do't have to. Each week, Danielle Ward is joined by two comedians and an actual expert in something important, who will field the basic and/or obvious questions you somehow never got around to asking until now. It'll be li ...
Stupid for Better Call Saul is the go to fan podcasts dedicated to AMC Better Call Saul. Hosted by Elaine Ewing (Producer of Stupid for Dexter and Stupid For Game of Thrones) and Travis Rink (2 Roger Corman Produced Films, Writer National Lampoon, Weekly World News) Stupid For Saul is more than just a typical recap podcast show. SFS will feature special guests including actors, writers and producers of Better Call Saul as well as recaps, rumors, predictions and Travis and Elaine use their va ...
Prank calls are fun, come and join the fun, you idiots!
A brilliantly entertaining podcast hosted by Dr Michelle Dickinson that brings together top comedians and scientists in a show for grown-ups.
Stupid Human Suits
You are a completely insignificant, totally random evolutionary accident who could die any moment for no discernible reason. Fun, right? Nearly everyone, at one time or another, has looked down at their body and thought, “What is this thing? How the hell did I get in here? What is an ‘I’ anyway and how much pizza can I put in it?” But almost no one asks those questions out loud for fear of making others uncomfortable. Well, good news. Stupid Human Suits is all about that uncomfortable...ness ...
Ever get depressed? Ever think, "My God! Is humanity getting dumber?!" Historically Stupid is here to let you know:No! We've always been dumb! Every society, whether it featured Carpathians or Kardashians, has been filled with idiots.Podcast hosts Daniel Khan and Sam Seifman, with no degrees in the matter, point out these historical idiots so you don't have to.
Lawful Stupid
Dust off your dice, and hold onto your butts! Do you love magic, mysteries, intrigue, and romance? Of course you do. Meet Rowan the enigmatic bard, Atlas the blacksmith with a heart of gold, Kristoff a sorcerer who enchants with both fact and fiction. Join our heroes as they undo the best laid plans of their indomitable DM in...THE LAWFUL STUPID
A Podcast where I say something stupid and you get mad about it. Mostly political and social issues, I'll also rant on certain topics. Available on ITunes and YouTube
A brilliantly entertaining podcast hosted by Dr Michelle Dickinson that brings together top comedians and scientists in a show for grown-ups.
Chemically Enhanced Music.✪ Experimentation with sound.EDM / DUBSTEP / HOUSE / ELECTRONIC/ TECHNO / GLITCH / VOCALSFor the podcast listeners out there, This podcast consists of songs produced by SoS (Stefan Stuck). The style of each song varies greatly so listen to each one! Ever since I started producing I've been addicted! I spend more time making sounds and beats than I do at my full time job. I have always been good with computers and learning software so learning FL Studio has been easy ...
Your Stupid Minds
Bad movie podcast dedicated to the most enjoyable genre, exploitation, low-budget, and cheesy films. From Cool World to Cool Dog, Ready to Rumble to Robot Jox, and LXG to LOL, Your Stupid Minds appreciates all varieties of schlock. Updates every other Thursday.
A comedy podcast where we wonder about the stupid questions people are afraid of asking and stupid questions people only ask on the internet! Featuring Kieran, Alex and Pedro
BBC Radio 4 spoof panel game first broadcast in 1998 as King Stupid presented by William Van Dyck (and allegedly cancelled for being too rude), then from 1998 to 2004 as The 99p Challenge presented by Sue Perkins. As in I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, contestants are given silly things to do - but for prizes of just a few pennies; the winner then gambles their total for the grand prize of 99p - even if they have already won more than this! Simon Pegg, Peter Serafinowicz & Armando Iannucci were r ...
Comics Are Stupid
The staff and friends of Titan Moon Comics in Cedar Park, TX gather every week to review new books and talk about whatever dumb things pop into their nerdy little heads. It's gonna be a fun party!
A sexy bookclub
What is pot's contribution to the English language? Which sports star asked for an 'o' for 'awesome' on Wheel of Fortune? Hosts Geoffrey and Nick look at some surprising aspects of language.
Each week we sit down and bring our favorite whacky/stupid/insane news story of the week from around the world we and discuss them in depth. We bring our unique views to each story and bring some of our own stories too. With a worldwide rotating cast from Alex, Cherry, Tom, Andy, Connor & Zippy are sure to bring a smile to your face!
Lawful: Stupid
Four guys who love Dungeons and Dragons decided to get together and make a podcast. There will be mystery, magic, battles, love, and shenanigans. Hang on for the ride!Dungeon Master | DeWayne PedenAtlas the Barbarian | Devan Davenport Rowan the Bard | Alex GoehringKristoff the Sorcerer | Scott Shain
Stupid Smart Kids
Live recording of monthly Stupid Smart Kids storytelling shows featuring twenty- and thirty-somethings figuring out life one screw up at a time.
Today's 24/7 news cycle means a lot of stupid stuff makes it way to the top, masking itself as real news. On Stupids Talking Stupid, we neglect real news to bring you the stories of "are you f*cking kidding me?" Who better to filter through the nonsense than a couple of stupid guys?
I I talk about things that make me happy! Tune in and listen to me talk about my past and how I deal with anxiety, fatigue, grogginess, depression and just shine some light in places where it is needed.
The Stupid Cancer Show is a live, multi-award-winning, international talk radio show that has given a voice to millions of underserved children, teens and young adults affected cancer and elevated the cause of "young adult cancer survivorship" to the global spotlight.
Stupid White Guy
It's kind of like WTF or You Made it Weird without the famous people. At least for now. Everyone out there has a story to tell, everyone has done something or been through something that can inspire someone else. Most people just don't know it yet. I am your host Shane Kelly, join me as I dig beneath the surface of everyday people to find out what makes them tick.
Welcome to the Dealing with Stupidity podcast where once a week Kevin shares his experiences with everyday stupidity, the lack of common sense, the decline in proper everyday etiquette and his candid opinions on how these situations should be handled. Plus he throws out his opinions on somewhat current stupid events involving the most absurd examples of nonsense going on in the world today. So take a listen and enjoy as it will make your day a little easier to get through.
Stupid + Contagious is Keystone's marketing team discussing what we've READ, SEEN, or HEARD recently that has captivated us: marketing, technology, music, books, whatever. What's next is unpredictable.
Stupid Questions
With some humor, helpfull friends and a great deal of curiosity iris covers questions that some might consider to be stupid, and that certainly would be downvoted and mocked in forums. This show is all about learning, sharing and excitement.
Stop Being Stupid
A new, short tech podcast from Hyve Managed Hosting .
We talk about everything except Beyonce, we don't want them problems.
Nathan Martell is a patriot talk show host who divulges into current hot topics and takes them head on. Are you offended easily? Then this podcast is not for you. With his millennial co-host Zak Shellabarger, they take on the most controversial topics facing our culture today without censorship. @nathanmartell @nathanmartellisstupid @zakshella
Two "not so typical frat-bros" in a hilarious yet informative conversational-comedy podcast in which we take deep dive's into each other's minds, where nothing is off limits.
Stupid's Arrow
Go on a date with Tien Cao, Sarah Mowrey and our guest every week. We get silly while chatting about online dating. We cover dos/don'ts, dating horror stories, and terrible Tinder profiles. Give us a listen and we hope you won't ghost us.
It's Going to Get Stupid is a pop culture show hosted by two best friends of 20 years.
My Stupid Sister is hosted by two dorky, twenty-something sisters from the Midwest. Their conversations center around lifestyle, pop culture, and womanhood.
A comedy debate show based out of Boston Massachusetts. Hosted by Shawn Carter.
Politically Stupid follows the path of a typical American teenager as he seeks to provide information and answer questions about the important issues that define America.
This podcast is dedicated to those who haven't read the bible. I haven't. In fact I'm reading it as i'm recording the thing. Thoughts do come up, some thoughtful, some philosophical, but almost always dumb. The goal is to read the bible cover to cover and have a few laughs at the expense of "The Good Book" and maybe the greater world around us. Not intended to belittle, but to just have some fun with what I am reading as I am reading it.
John & Kevin have been friends since the age of 7. Join them as they recall stories from their past and present.
There's nothing like a good romance novel. And there's definitely nothing like a cheap romance novel. On 'Too Stupid to Live' comedy writer/actor Becky Feldman along with a hilarious guest review romance novels that are $5 or less. Each episode is filled with naughty reviews, sexy excerpts and perceptive analysis on those steamy book covers.
This is Stupid With A Question Mark, a really dumb podcast where we talk about real dumb things
Enter The Stupidity
Just another WordPress site
Discussing Stupid tackles ‘stupid’ in digital customer experience through tongue-in-cheek discussions and practical, real world examples. Hosted by Virgil Carroll, this podcast features discussions with industry pros while exploring the crazy things our consumers do and the bad practices we use. All wrapped up in some useful and sometimes sarcastic advice.
NSFW non-nerd humor communicated by two comedic idiots
Names Are Stupid
Two dudes talk about man things: Reading, Eating, Beer, Beards, Suits, Shoes, Music, Movies, and more!
With some humor, helpfull friends and a great deal of curiosity iris covers questions that some might consider to be stupid, and that certainly would be downvoted and mocked in forums. This show is all about learning, sharing and excitement.
Two therapists, one American, the other Canadian, riff on relationship angst.
This Is Stupid
Ted and his rotating stable of guest hosts, pundits and assorted riff-raff have things to say. Sometimes it gets ugly. Tune in every week for not-so-civil discussions on topics ranging from Trump to tofu. Don't worry, we will always keep it as lowbrow as possible so you don't need to pay attention so good.
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Whether its Trans mountain pipeline, immigration, or trying to win over constituents, Trudeau's Liberals can't get it done.Twitter: All Episodes available on ITunes!!…
Esta semana: Gran remix de Gyal Clown hecho por The Germaicans, un new ganja tune de Collie Buddz, el Zinc Roof Riddim, y mucho mas! Dale share ✊🏼 Reggae & dancehall mixshow con DJ Stepwise. New music from Jamaica, Latin America, and the world. New shows every Tuesday. En Español ✊🏼⚡️ Playlist: Collie Buddz – Legal N ...…
Just when you thought we couldn't get any stupider.Tonight's episode is a cavalcade of questions as we try to discern the North Pole's true location, devise new ways to trick your neighbors into helping you unpack, and determine what vegan elves eat.Homework this week:Draw a model of the Donut Earth. Doesn't have to be physically accurate.…
This episode, The Guys are back for a two hour episode! Misinfo Studio 2.2 gets its first official run in order to bring you Zac and Eric’s review of Black Panther. It might make you mad. If you don’t want spoilers, you should probably skip to the thirty minute mark. The Misinformation Technical Minute that you didn’t ask for is back thanks to ...…
A couple of stupid but very true ideas leading to extra cash at the end of the month. "It's funny because it's true".
Just so you all know, Stewart wanted to cal this episode 'Playing Heide The Sausage'. Here's the book about Heide: Here's the podcast Lorin ACTUALLY recommends. As opposed to all the other ones we mention in today's trash talking pod:…
C2E2 brought us a great crowd and some great stories. Now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home or wherever! No need for $20 parking. Special thanks to Cards Against Humanity for putting us up on their comedy stage, and for everyone who came and supported us at this awesome show. This episode includes:Cover Stories: Mr. BrightsideCover ...…
That's right bitches... Joe Cool is back! Yes and this time he means business as he joins David and the Old Man to lay the smackdown on some stupid shit! Joe helps us decipher why The Rock is so cool (maybe) why Andre the Giant was more than just a big dude, and why Lost in Space is totally epic! Of course there is emails, some really messed up ...…
In this episode, Paco can't seem to impress the intake clerk at a community health clinic. Milky gets upset about all the stupid bitches that come up during each story. Pouch here. It's been quite some time. Due some mental health issues, both related and unrelated to the passing of Eugene, I've just decided to go bi-weekly for a bit. There may ...…
- Dez Bryant - College Football KO rule change stupidity - NFL rule changes - Do Gronk and Brady actually walk away?
Janel falls for a stupid, lying jerk who “mosted” her, 14 year old Sam has a great date that quickly becomes a nightmare thanks to her parents, and we both share SUPER uncomfortable experiences of trying to navigate friendships and interactions with the opposite sex.
Uber has been working to prevent tipping from becoming an option on their app. Workers are protesting and so is the taxi commission. I also have two stories about stupid criminals, my favorite kind.
The brutal stupidity of He-Man causes our masks to slip, providing a rare glimpse behind the curtain and into the swelling sea of hate that lives within us. We also decide we can no longer tolerate this inane bullshit, so this will be our last foray into the land of Eternia and He-Man. Good riddance, you son of a bitch.…
The boys are back breaking down the Superstar Shake Up. We talk who won between Raw and SmackDown Live, Rusev facing Taker (again) at The Greatest Royal Rumble, and the stupid idea to put Backlash on the week after the GRR cause we couldn't remember which matches were on which show. Follow us everywhere @StrayaMania…
An old friend of mine, Jan, listens to me and my stupid ideas.
In this episode... we got drunk. Recorded in a hotel room in Toronto, over a few drinks. For this episode on "Stupid NL Crime" we cover everything from "shouting stupid sayings outside the landfill" to "stupid skeleton thieves Stealing your ATV and raiding your fridge". This is Easy Listening. No need to take notes, this won't be on the exam. E ...…
TKO #37 - WE'VE KUMA FOR YOU ALL All aboard the short bus!!! Make sure your seatbelts are fastened, your helmets secured, your windows are in the up and lickable position and make sure you have that stupid look on your face, cause it's yet another of THAT podcast's episodes... On the program, we discuss the per usual toy news for aHwhile, and A ...…
Foundations of Amateur RadioLast week during F-troop something very interesting happened. If you're not familiar with F-troop, it's a weekly net for new and returning amateurs and every Saturday we welcome callers to the one hour net to discuss anything and everything amateur radio. It's been going for about seven or so years, about as long as ...…
Are you hungry for a TARANTULA BURGER? *And MORE in this DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS! #DDWNWould you eat a tarantula burger? * Exorcism by telephone?!? * Lyrica can make you gay? * Psycho arrested at Taylor Swift’s home! * Tom Cruise hates John Travolta! * Bacon is bad for baby-making! * And MORE in this DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS! #DDWN BECOME A PA ...…
Max outsmarts himself by making a bunch of dumb claims about the Dodgers, and we look back on the stupid prop bets we made in 2017. Player avatar: Edwin Jackson as a Padre
This week we hit a lil bit of everything. We ease in with some sliced ketchup, monkeys snatching babies and how to impress Taylor Swift. Then we dive into a lil "Would you Rather?" where Matt proclaims "I'll do Dad!". Finally we end it off with Travis describing movies poorly and the one who can discern his nonsense the least ends up on the wro ...…
It’s short story week. People throwing food at alligators…what are they thinking? A figurative good-bye to Gordie Howe and (maybe) Necco wafers. And, finally, the Hummer guy died.
Episode 6 of the Offensive Content podcast! Drexson decided that he was too good for the podcast today. So, because of that, we decided to dial the professionalism to a hard 2 and take some stupid online tests. It actually turned out to be a bit of fun.
This week the Boston Debate Team gets into the important subject of theme parks, covering everything from Disney World to DollyWood.
The level of stupid seems to rise people are snorting condoms! Thank you so much for listening and if you can help it...DO NOT SNORT CONDOMS!!!! Don’t forget to subscribe/favorite this station and share your favorite episodes with family and friends 😄
We open up the saloon and as you can imagine we have lots to be happy and angry about. Sandra goes into perch mode, Officer Joel joins us for some stupid drivers and dumb criminal udpates. We also talk about some guns and gun related accessories
Are we discussing pedophiles again? Of course. Am I publicly making huge commitments to change my life that I'll give up on soon? Naturally. Is anyone listening to call me out on my stupidity? Let's hope so! 04/10/2018Rate and Review on iTunes! Ask questions on and BE A HUMAN
Whispers in whiskey breath,We sent Jeff to Europe to handle some "business". Meanwhile, the rest of the family stayed behind to discuss why stupid people get tricked into network marketing schemes, the fun sexual harassment women subject men to (random twerks welcomed) and how incredibly childish God is... now, come sell some stuff for us and b ...…
The boys are found to be innocent, but now Lady Tressel has mysteriously gone missing. Despite their new pardons, some people in town think it's too convenient. Does Tjuringa know something that our heroes don't? DeWayne | Dungeon Master Scott | Kristoff the Sorcerer Alex | Rowan the Bard Devan | Atlas the Barbarian Email:…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
The Democrats continue to insult the people with the idea that D.C. knows best and that the rest of us are too stupid to distinguish between real and fake news or what Facebook is and is about.----more---- Special Council Mueller again violates the laws with illegal tactics of taking attorney-client privileged information. Raids the office of T ...…
Be sure to visit the direct link to watch a full video of this podcast in High Definition: Running a business is not just about selling a product or pushing a service. It's all the admin bullshit and the infrastructure behind it that keeps it moving. If you want t ...…
There has been alot of demand for my stories related to Mexico. I recorded a podcast on the things I learned about life driving to Mexico. While I talk about my journey in there, I could get more gritty and detailed about the actual trip in case people decide to do it. I don't want to discourage anyone, but I do want to let you know the facts s ...…
Link to the full post: Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes: Content covered in this episode includes: Letting go of good friends who have betrayed me Trying to rebuild trust w ...…
This time Nev faces the fallout of his decision to help out an undead creature. His penance is vague: to make the world a better place.I also established a new segment of the show "Legally stupid".Story Structure I rolled can be found here:
After a week off, Dave and I return to discuss directors saying stupid shit, disavowing movies based on their creators, the music loophole, our Netflix queues, Ready Player One...and a new breed of theater gremlin
Keith and Chemda bring the tools to help Not Josh deal with a lover who can't put down her phone; Justine, who hates her lover's stupid dumb family; Kara, who doesn't understand why guys suck; and Amanda, who can't get over a love that ended 2 years ago. Lives will be saved.
In this week's episode, we're joined by our friend Hannah to talk about "multipotentiality." What the heck is that, you might ask? Ivy, Emma, and Hannah will talk about this topic, and play This or That.Notes from the episode:…
Shot for Shot is a brand new interview-style podcast where we interview our friends and use alcohol to get the real truth out of them. Each round the shots get progressively stronger and the responses get funnier. On today's episode we have Shyanne. She is a student studying Criminal Justice with a weird kink for anything Marvel, or any comics ...…
This Week in Mobile is a weekly podcast produced by Atherton Research where we bring you up to speed on the top mobile news stories of the week. Joining me this week to discuss these top mobile news stories is tech veteran Eric Leandri, the co-founder and CEO of search-engine Qwant. Here's the summary for Week 14 (April 7, 2018): Huawei's new f ...…
Is it possible to make a living pursuing your passions? Or is that just a fairytale given to us by Disney? What is the best advice for millennials as they try to navigate the workforce? Nathan and Zak break it down for us with their guest, Justin Cortenbach, who has just launched his new business - In The Zone Meals. Listen and learn, hippies! ✌🏽…
On today’s show Greg and Ethan talk about a few things that have been on their minds, including updates on the forthcoming Packet Pushers subscription site and a post-mortem of the recent Virtual Design Clinic. They also hash out some tech conversations, including Cloudflare’s new DNS resolver, peak open networking, a review of the Aruba Atmosp ...…
Just Go For It is at the very core of entrepreneurship. So many people come up with great ideas and they hesitate, holding themselves back from taking action. Some people may even tell you it is a stupid idea, do not let that hold you back. Are you in a position to burn your boats and take the opportunity to jump in? Is your idea solving a prob ...…
Social Immune Systems The Hidden Psychology of High-Stakes Organizational Decisions Some of the very best critical thinking research in the world has been done with flight crews and medical teams. There is an almost endless number of fascinating cases to explore. There’s one, though, that I’ve become more obsessed with than others. It happened ...…
On today's episode the guys finish up bourban month with a discussion on taking offense to people on social media (9:15), social media challenges and the stupid people that do them (20:00), a 6 year old that made more money in 12 months than you (21:40), Robin hates Cinnabon (31:30), Gender Announcements (35:20), MSG's comeback tour and the 5th ...…
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