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Kasamu: Suratu Nuhu Asekyere.
Suratu Ya’asen
• Kasamu: Suratu Ya’asen.
Kasamu: Suratu Nnisai Asekyire.
Kasamu: Suratul Takweer Asekyere.
Alaye die ninu awon Aayah ibere Suratu Bakora pelu alaye ekunrere lori itumo “Idaayah” ati awon nkan miran.
• Kasamu/ Suratu Mariyam Asekyere( Tafseer)
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Suratu Yusuf is the beginning surah of this episode where Allah brought to light the forgiveness of Yusuf towards his brothers. Allah is telling us to learn the spirit of forgiveness and stay away from grudges. Learn to forgive others and the Most Merciful will also forgive your sins. Do not be upset when people... [Read More] The Audio Mufti M ...…
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