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Prophetic News
Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets,and false teachers, all leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist.We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, selling out Jesus, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We hope to see the witchcraft and miracle selling used on so called "Chris ...
The Prophecy zone Network.
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/prophetic-news-did-benny-hinn-really-repent-of-his-scams-jackie-alnor-joins-usBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-with Susan Puzio. Is Stephen Strang and Charisma magazine complicit in Benny Hinn's seed faith scams.?By Susan Puzio.
We will be live today! -Prophetic News-Globalism and the false prophet, the pope and the state of the church with Jackie AlnorBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News Jackass Bishops a new book by the The Wolf TrackerBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded--Prophetic News -Does Jonathan Cain have Stepford Wife syndrome? Husband of gospel huckster Paula White.By Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded--Lindsay Roberts has thyroid cancer and she and Richard sowed money for her healing.. We examine the Oral Roberts familyBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News- Abusive Preachers and spiritual abuseBy Susan Puzio.
Message from SusanBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-Prophetic News-Jackie Alnor reports from the Parliment of World Religions a New Age GatheringBy Susan Puzio.
Our guest is Dr. Russell Kelly PhD, author of the book Exposing Seventh-day Adventism and "former member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We will explore what they believe and how it does not jive with the bible Seventh-day Adventism entices members into it using trickery and half-truths. They tell the unenlightened public one thing and ins ...…
Previously recorded-Susan Puzio-Prophetic News- Why does the 20th century church reject the new Reformation? with the Wolftracker of "Contending For the Faith" and "Daily Manna from heaven "on Blog Talk Radio. Author of Jackass Bishops, and Spirit of Python Dunce about Jentezen Franklin and his false teachings.…
Prophetic News----uanita Bynum meltdown over Pastor John Moore's alleged peeping She claims he came into her hotel room and peeped at her underwear after he invited her to speak at his conference. She did nit rerurn his money after being a no-show.By Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded--Prophetic News-Dream Interpretations of John Paul Jackson and false movements M'Kayla KellyBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-Nate will give his testimony of his first hand experience with scam artist Rod Parsley, as he attended World Harvest Bible College and also the church for four years...He shares how Rod became a cult leader and first class scam artist during his time there.By Susan Puzio.
Previouysly recorded- Does Jesus live in a wafer? Worshipping dead saints and their body partsBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Paula White and Rodney Howard Brown want your house and bank accountBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded--What did he say? Rod Parsley and his outrageous comments, Paula White says you can die if you don't pay her firstfruits and other church news as some new pimp preachers crawl out of the pit.Danya Muldoon,Coy Barker and he is Coy.By Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-We debate the theology of Robert Morris' book,Beyond blessed with Ron RobeyBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Previously recorded-Kenneth Copeland demons in a tube,Pastor (pester) R A Vernon F-you, Rod Parsley cancels Sunday nightsBy Susan Puzio.
Discrediting the crying wolf prophecy trends and signs with Jackie AlnorEnd time prophecy,By Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Family of Lester Sumrall in legal battle over moneyBy Susan Puzio.
Message from SusanBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-TBN has a rummage sale, Jan Crouch worth 50 million,Joni Parsley on probationBy Susan Puzio.
s Tithing 10% of your income "To God" required? Or are you cursed if you don't? Does God need money??Prophetic News-Tithing 101 with Ron Robey. Ron is the author of Will A Man Rob God?: Exposing A Serious Error Taught in the Modern ChurchBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-Jim Bakker's slippery slide into Apostasy and the new PTLBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Is Isis really defeated? With Brenda JohnsonBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-UFO's and the end times with Jackie AlnorBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-My guest is the Wolftracker and we will talk about Brian Carn and his false prophecy originally given by a witch and more prosperity wolves exposed.. Benny Hinn curses people and says Jesus is at his meeting in person.By Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-The View Beneath: One Woman's Deliverance from the Luciferian Gospel--a new book by my guest Mishel McCumber, who worked for Frances Swaggart and spent time at Rick Joyner's church in Ft. Mill. She says---What if everything you believed to be true, everything you had built your life upon, was a lie? What if discovering the t ...…
Pathetic Paula White Cain appears to be addicted to scamming uses Passover with Steve Munsey 2019 version. She can't help herself, selling blessings to the highest bidder.By Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News- Sid Roth-Confused or dangerous? with Jackie Alnor-previously recordedBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded--Jackie and I discuss false teacher Roberts Liardon and his I saw heaven testimony and Lance Wallnau with the 7 Mountain Heresy. My guest Jackie Alnor hosts "The Scattered Sheep Report" on Rapture Ready Radio and she also has a public Facebook page. Her book "The Fleecing of Christianity" was ahead of its time reporting on g ...…
Prophetic News, Marcus and Joni Lamb con the public 2019 at their Heart for the World telethon or begging for dollars.By Susan Puzio.
Psychics and people practicing witchcraft have infiltrated the church. Rev Ike deceived the masses and some modern day profits have been trained by him. previously recordedBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Mind Sciences and the Word of Faith Movement-previously recordedBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News--Why we call some preachers, "Pimp Preachers"By Susan Puzio.
Marcus and Joni Lamb of the Daystar TV Network, sink to new lows for money, along with gospel pimp Steve Munsey, and Jezebel, Paula White. previously recorded Leviticus 20:6 And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him of ...…
Prophetic News-Why we reject the teachings of Roman CATHOLICISM with Jackie AlnorBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Spiritual Abuse and unbiblical coveringsBy Susan Puzio.
Buying the presence of God from Paula White, Rod Parsley and Morris Cerullo-previously recordedBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Will the real Richard Roberts please stand up? We explore his "ministry" (previously recorded)By Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Paula White's 2019 First Fruits lies, another Jesus, another gospel with Ron RobeyBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Wendy Alec of GodTV begs for money-meets the judgment of God for scamsBy Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Medina Pullings,Pimp Preacher, False Prophetess and Rod Parsley engage in selling miracles for filthy lucre. Their Jesus has his hand out for $50, dollar bills, How stupid can you be! Run for your life from them,run.By Susan Puzio.
New Age lies of the devil---Previously recorded--Jackie Alnor of The Scattered Sheep Report on Rapture Ready Radio is my guest. Jackie is a journalist and apologist .She has done extensive research into the false teachings and movements that plague the church today.By Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News,Judy Jacobs,Pimp Preacher,Hireling,and false prophetess. She sells Jesus and His miracle working power!By Susan Puzio.
Forty years ago Jim Jones led over 900 people to commit suicide by drinking cyanide based kool-aide. Jonestown Cult Survivor testimony with Laura Johnston Kohl previously recorded Beware of False Prophets lest they devour you! Put your trust in Jesus, not in flesh.By Susan Puzio.
Prophetic News-Alice Bailey, Blavatsky,Marilyn Ferguson, and their New Age Teachings, Have these teachings infiltrated the church to help to destroy or water down sound doctrine? Students of the dark side of evil, but we win in Jesus name!!! Nothing can seperate us from the love of God.By Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded--Mary Queen of Heaven?? with Brenda JohnsonBy Susan Puzio.
Previously recorded-----Why did Hank Hanegraaff depart from the faith to join a "church" where they kiss the bones of dead people? Why are some Evangelicals joining false religious systems like Hank Hanegraaff with Jackie Alnor of "The Scatterred Sheep Report" on Rapture Ready Radio.By Susan Puzio.
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