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low SWR Amateur Radio Podcast
low SWR is a podcast about amateur radio. Rich, KD0BJT, and his son Brady, KD0BJS, will cover a variety of ham radio related topics including homebrewing and kit building, learning and using morse code, antenna construction, radio repair, and how one can never have too many rigs.
Midday Madness
Playing tracks and talking smack. Alex and Curtis talk about anything and everything. Tune in for the laughs every Saturday LIVE from 12pm - 2pm on SWR Triple 9 FM in Sydney or online on
Newsflash, with Spenser Walsh and expert commentators, is a ground breaking news program devoted to giving you the facts, with no bias or slant. With all the news outlets out there and the many hidden agendas, the truth can very easily get quite distorted. Not on Newsflash. Every weekend morning at 9am, SWRN does the truth. We do the news. Season 1 available is on iTunes and Season 2 debuts July 10
Forty 'Til Five
Artist, Musician, Producer .. front man for SWR, Rome Ramirez jams the podcasts waves with Forty 'Til Five, a great mix of vibes that will give you insight into the young individuals shaping today�s culture and the lifestyles they�ve built by following their passions. Join Rome for a toke and look into the cannabis industry and grab a laugh or two while you�re at it. Forty 'Til Five is not your average podcast. Motivation, Knowledge, and Laughs. Just a few ways you�ll connect with Rome and h ...
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Movies Cigars and a Brew
Every year I intend to give the rundown of my top movies of the year. This year, I am finally bringing this to fruition. Below you will find my top movies of 2016. So Without further ado… #12 The Accountant I know it seems self-serving that I put a movie about an accountant on my list of top movies for the year. The truth is, I went in expectin ...…
Director: Gareth Edwards Stars: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie yen, Forest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Mads Mikkelsen Rated PG-13 Runtime: 134 min Since the purchase by Disney a couple of years ago, the reality of Star Wars becoming a living breathing entity has been a source of both elation and trepidation. On the one hand, it is ...…
Gespräch mit Werner Köhler, Musikredakteur bei SWR1 RP, zur "SWR1-Hitparade"
Wir sprechen mit Markus Völter über seine Erfahrungen Interviews für Podcasts zu führen. Letzte Episode haben wir ein Buch zum Interviews führen besprochen. In dieser Episode wollten wir mit jemand reden, der Erfahrungen mit Interviews für Podcast hat. Markus hat schon mehrere als hundert Interviews geführt - für seine Podcasts Omega Tau und So ...…
Pál aus Rumänien und Miranda aus England interessieren sich für die Radiosender in Deutschland. Radio ist für Euch alle wichtig: Wenn Ihr Deutsch lernt, ist es eine gute Möglichkeit, Euer Hörverständnis zu verbessern. In Deutschland gibt es viele verschiedene Radiosender. Ich werde versuchen, Euch das System zu erklären. Zunächst einmal gibt es ...…
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