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Best Taylor Cuccia podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Taylor Cuccia podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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In this podcast, Taylor Cuccia, aka Cushlash, documents his experience as a professional poker player in Las Vegas. He shares his own observations and musings as they relate to poker and life.
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In this episode, Cushlash relays some advice he has for those looking to take a shot at poker which he recently shared in a post in another thread. He also talks about a concert he attended recently and gives some observations on the advertisements on cable TV these days.
In this episode Cushlash breaks his podcast hiatus and gives a brief update on what he's been doing (and not doing) since the most recent episode. He also shares his crackpot theory on how subjecting our brains to variance affects our mental health.
In this episode, Cushlash goes into a deeper discussion of our financial system and some of its flaws, inspired by some of the recent posts in his thread. He gives his views on how the 2008 financial crisis and Crypto come into the equation as it relates to this system.
In this episode, Cushlash offers some of his thoughts on Bitcoin and crytpocurrency in general, along with making note of his continued absence from poker and the thought process behind it.
In this episode, Cushlash gives his thoughts on when enough is enough as it relates to wealth and the tendency to always want more. He also gives an overview of how he invests and manages his finances which is intended to be purely informational and is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. ALL INVESTMENTS HAVE RISK. CUSHLASH IS NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR.…
In this Episode, Cushlash tells a story about a former Texas road gambler he plays with in Las Vegas and talks a bit about online gambling legalization as it relates to sports betting and poker.
In this episode, Cushlash responds to the discussion that has been going on in his thread over the past week, including some of his opinions on how important it is to love your job and why it is that we expect that in the first place.
In this episode, Cushlash gives some of his thoughts on the role a job or career plays in living a meaningful life inspired by a recent post in his thread.
In this episode Cushlash continues the discussion about work ethic, finding a path, and pushing through the boring stuff as it relates to poker and other pursuits. He also gives an update of his week which has been productive despite not involving any poker.
In this episode, Cushlash reports back with some of his observations about playing poker in Wisconsin and how it compares to Las Vegas. In addition, he discusses some of the factors related to playing poker on the side inspired by some of the recent comments in his thread on 2+2.
In this episode, Cushlash discusses some examples of faulty thinking he often hears related to certain aspects of life and poker. Topics include voting, mental accounting and the decision to buy or rent a house.
In this episode, Cushlash talks about some of his own stress, anxiety and depression issues and how they may be caused or made worse by poker, including some strategies he uses to combat them.
In this episode, cushlash responds to some comments regarding what the "freedom" of being a poker pro really means and discusses how being a decision maximizer can sometimes be detrimental to happiness.
In this episode, Cushlash shares a post from Doug Polk that resonated with how he feels about poker and expands upon it with his own thoughts and ramblings.
In this episode Cushlash gives a brief update on his continuing downswing and talks about his experience with almost getting caught up in a Multi-Level Marketing scheme last year.
In this episode, Cushlash responds to some recent activity in his thread on 2+2, gives some short updates on poker and gives some of his thoughts on certain aspects of car ownership.
I have restarted the podcast but am at a new RSS feed. Please check it out at cushlashinvegas.comBy Taylor Cuccia
Cushlash discusses some of the aspects of working 9-5 and looking for a job in general, inspired by a personal email from a friend currently transitioning out of poker.
Cushlash discusses the benefits of paying attention at the table and some musings related to being a pro, including why he does not have soft-play arrangements with other pros.By Taylor Cuccia
Cushlash discusses another non-poker run good scenario and shares some of his general frustrations with job hunting.By Taylor Cuccia
Cushlash talks about some game selection concepts, describes a blackjack funsies situation and gives more thoughts on how he feels about poker overallBy Taylor Cuccia
Cushlash discusses being frustrated about not getting anything going in a great game and some issues he's been having with balancing work and play.By Taylor Cuccia
Cushlash talks about his experience with fitness and weight loss throughout his life.By Taylor Cuccia
Cushlash talks about using poker as a vehicle as it relates to his current situation of trying to find a job or other source of income.By Taylor Cuccia
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