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Why is this game on CBS? I don’t want to listen to Romo. Redskins face the worst team on the planet, this week. We will see if we can find a hole in the Cowboys defense and what do the Redskins need to do to stop Zeke and Dakota?
Jamual and Steve celebrate the Redskins' victory over the Carolina Panthers and take a hard look at what Washington did to pull it off.
Jamual and Steve look past the negativity and preview Sunday's Panthers - Redskins contest.
Sean, Steve, and Jamual do their best to recap in objective fashion the absolute awfulness that was the Redskins battle against the Saints.
It's a special Monday edition of It's Just Business as Chris, Rich, and Steve discuss the NFL-Direct TV relationship, the richest collegiate athletic departments in the country, and the NCAA"s investigation of the Baylor football program.
The Redskins need to gear up for a shoot out against Drew Brees, or do they? What gives this team its best chances for besting the Saints? Does that defense scare anyone?
The Bye-week is here already, feels like it’s way too early doesn’t it? Anyway, we go over our big surprises on the season like Adrian Peterson, as well as our biggest disappointments, it’s a good overall assessment of the team. After that we look ahead at the rest of the NFC East and the next few games on the Redskins plate.…
Steve, Rich and Chris are together, talking about Tiger Woods big win and what he’s meant to the sport of golf. Also, does anyone take the NFL’s Hall of Fame players threats to boycott the events seriously?
Most people who had the Redskins 2 - 1 going into the bye week probably didn’t have us beating the Packers by 2 TD’s. However, that’s what happened, Washington put up points early, got a nice lead by half-time and sat on it. There were some nits to pick in this win, so we will take a look at what went right and what went wrong.…
We get one of our favorite analysts back on the show, Mark Bullock, @MarkBullockNFL he’s now got a great new gig with The Athletic D.C. @TheAthleticDC but he’s always been nice enough to join us on the show when we ask. He joins us to talk about the issues the Redskins have been having on offense and defense. After that we start to break down t ...…
Washington disappointed fans in just about every way one could imagine. A bunch of guys getting beaten up by an inferior team in a half-empty stadium. The confidence from week 1 is now all gone as we get slapped in the face week 2.
Alex has a tangent on the lack of hurricane preparedness. Jamual has a tangent about Josh Doctson. Steve has a tangent about the skins sellout streak. With a number of WR’s injured the Redskins had to make a few moves. We break down the Colts defense or lack there of and try not to make too many jokes about Ryan Grant.…
We start of continuing a recent trend of talking Women’s professional sports by looking at WNBA wages and the mystery of the league's revenue. Then we tap dance on the Nike/Kap 3rd rail (Burn’em if you got’em) and things get a little like Serena Williams and the US Open Tennis officials for a stretch. Our publicists will be releasing statements ...…
We knew the run game would be more effective than in seasons past, but I don’t think anyone expected to see them look this good. The Redskins racked up nearly 200 yards on the ground as they dominated Arizona in the season opener on both sides of the ball.
It's here, the 2018 Redskins season is finally here! We start off with some team that used to play in Chicago, then moved to St. Louis and now plays in Jake from State Farm Stadium. So listen to our predictions and thoughts about the upcoming game as the Redskins take on the Cardinals. Sorry if the audio's a bit off, we had some technical issues.…
Sean and Steve team up for the final show of the preseason. After they recap the Redskins game in Baltimore they get into the roster cuts made to get the team down to 53.
There are several NCAA scandals to get through this week from Maryland to Ohio, can college football be saved from itself? Also, there’s some kind of pay per view golf thing that Steve wants to talk about and our guest Alex thinks is idiotic.
We recap the all-important 3rd preseason game and give our predictions for the regular season.
Fans got their first look at Alex Smith last week, in what can best be described as a cameo appearance vs the New York Jets. We then talk about the running-back situation, as two more backs are down with injuries. Lastly, we break down SI’s story about Su’a Cravens.
Its the dog days of August and stuff is getting weird. We dive into the suspension of The Ohio State University's College football coach Urban Meyer, who may have thrown his whole career away to protect an allegedly abusive WR coach. We also try to tease out why Women’s professional sports hasn’t translated to mainstream sports culture beyond S ...…
Game one vs the Patriots is in the books, we didn’t get to see any of Alex Smith, and boy do we wish Guice had stayed on the bench. Or buddy Rich fills in this show as we cover the game and what we hope to see next Thursday
We had Alex at training camp for fan appreciation day and to watch all the goings on. Bobby Beathard got in the hall of fame. And Kyshoen Jarrett may be one of the real feelgood stories of the Redskins year.
Trent Williams by The Hog Sty
I was able to snag a few minutes with Quinton Dunbar, Greg Stroman and Maurice Harris one on one.
Joined again by Alex, #IJB’s own version Eric Sato, we enter the squared circle of Sports Business gabbing. We grapple with the high stakes board room maneuvers of Andre the Giant sized media conglomerates as they battle to acquire and/or keep broadcast rights for the UFC and the WWE. The excellent article by John Ourand from the New York Busin ...…
Rick Snider joins us for some Hog Sty Late night. Rick and Jamual go over their observations from the first few days of training camp. Who shined? Who didn’t? Find out. Right now.
Redskins training camp interviews from Saturday July 28, 2018, with Josh Docston and Preston Smith, plus Vernon Davis' press conference (in order).
Redskins training camp interviews with Josh Docston and Preston Smith, plus Vernon Davis' press conference (in order) from Saturday, July 28, 2018.
Jamual gets Soundbites from interviews with (in order) Swearinger, Nicholson, McCoy, and Foster as well as Josh Norman's press conference.
We finish off our recap series with the most important position group, quarterbacks. We go over the new food options at FedEx Field as the team gives papa john the heave-ho.
The World Cup is over, did you notice? We discuss how much of a bath did Fox take on their massive TV deal for US rights. The data is inconclusive. Read this Forbes article for more (Will Send link). We then move to ‘Mercian Football where we look at yet another story in the never ending saga of the NFL anthem hullabaloo. We also unpack the NFL ...…
The Redskins made a move in the supplemental draft grabbing Adonis Alexander the big corner from Virginia Tech. It's perfect timing for our show because this weeks topic was going to be a breakdown of the cornerbacks on the roster.
We do a mini- 4th of July recap. Cover some news about former Redskins players who seem in legal trouble. Finally we review the Redskins situation at guard and center.
In this episode the team welcomes in the #IJB Super Sub Alex and he hurls heat out of the gate bringing up Thom Loverro’s musing that the MASN/Orioles/Nationals/MLB fight could either push the Orioles out of Baltimore or Angelos out of the Orioles. We also look at the NFL’s disciplenary policy through the lens of the Jameis Winston suspension. ...…
We break down the inside linebackers. Debate who the greatest Redskins linebacker of all time was. Finally, we discuss some of the good charity work various players are doing throughout the offseason.
As the quiet season continues, this week is our wide receiver breakdown.
In this episode looks at the Redskins hold on the DMV market given rise of other teams, their non existent season ticket waitlist and their new executive structures. We also look at athletes in the court docket with depressing, lucrative and wacky results. Oh yeah, and Soccer.
We talk about the now disappeared season ticket waiting list and do our breakdown of the outside linebackers.
This week we break down the tight end’s position group. But how could we not start the show talking about the Washington Capitols?
In this episode the team discusses how Las Vegas and the NHL have pioneered a new sports market and look at the NHL’s growth. We also revisit (again) the never ending drama of Kaepernick and the NFL’s political farce, the basement dwelling NFL fan experience as well as getting updates on the “is Payton Manning a cheat” story through new testimo ...…
Some non-Redskins talk about Johnny Manziel in the CFL, Tom Brady's future, Chick-a-filet and West World. This week's big Redskins topic, a discussion of the safety position, both free and strong.
Steve and Sean talk about Josh Norman on Dancing with the Stars, Star Wars, Game of Thrones. Is this still a football show? Oh, they do talk about the O Line, good. A discussion of Trent Williams future. The tough season Morgan Moses had.
Welcome to the It’s Just business update cavalcade! We check in on topics we have covered over the last year and a quarter of the shows existence. We get blockbuster updates like the Supreme Court opening up a path for states to legalize sports betting, settlements in the Larry Nassar nightmare and Paulie Walnuts roughing up some cast-off Eli M ...…
Brian Lafemina joins the front office in a capacity that seemed to already be filled. A few roster moves. We get into our breakdown of the redskins Defensive Line.
We start off with our breakdown of the running backs, who will end up making the roster behind Guice and Thompson? We also talk about this weeks front office changes & the situation at guard where players are dropping like flies.
In this episode Rich, Steve and Chris wade through a slew complicated social issues where they intersect with sports. They discus Eric Reid’s collusion case against the NFL as he lingers as a free agent, look at the Redskins Costa Rica cheerleader scandal and finish it off looking at NASCAR’s high speed turn away from a single sponsor for their ...…
We talk with Doc Walker, he wants rookies to show him something before he can start praising them. We also talk Bruce Allen and Cheerleaders.
Jamual talks about his experience at the teams draft day celebration on Saturday. We go over the teams draft picks, un-drafted free agents, and give our thoughts and analysis.
In this episode, we discuss how Fox is looking to groom the Thursday Night Football experience, how NFL agents have put Redskins President of Everything in the doghouse and look at stadium promotion gimmicks through the lens of the Jacksonville Jaguars' new dog park. Grab your Mike Vick bobbleheads and listen along.…
We welcome back the great Earnest Byner to the show, to help us look at the top running backs in the draft.
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