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The Kiteboarder Magazine produces print and online content about interesting stories in the world of kitesurfing. The Kiteboarder is the only kiteboarding magazine made by and for kiteboarders. Be sure to check out
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It's no secret that kiteboarding is a male-dominated sport. Data suggests that as many as 90% of the kiteboarders in the US are men. We sat down with a group of female kiteboarders and talked about the status of women within kiteboarding and what can be done to bring more women into the sport. Read the full story in Volume 10, Number 3 of The K ...…
Ever wondered what kitesurfing looks like from the photographer's perspective? Wonder no more. Go behind the scenes with photographers Paul Lang and Gilles Calvet. Featuring kitesurfers Mitu Monteiro, Mika Fernandez, Alec Dektor, and Raphael Salles. See the photos and learn more about Donkey Island in The Kiteboarder Magazine Volume 10, Number ...…
Robert Graham talks about his history as a sail, paraglider, and kite designer and talks about the design process.By The Kiteboarder Magazine.
Tom Court tells us why he chooses to ride the North Vegas kite and Gambler Board and also talks about how the Vegas changed for the 2013 model year.By The Kiteboarder Magazine.
F-One’s Raphael Salles walks us through the brand new F-One office in Montpellier, France, and shows us his new garage full of F-One kite and board prototypes.By The Kiteboarder Magazine.
Professional Kiteboarder Sam Medysky tells us why he prefers to ride the Best GP C-Kite and talks about the differences between c-kites and bridled kites for kiteboarding.By The Kiteboarder Magazine.
Offshore Odysseys’ Gavin McClurg joins us to talk about the recent article in The Kiteboarder Magazine about his 5-year circumnavigation with the Best Odyssey and also announces his next project, the Cabrinha Quest. Visit for more info.By (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
Sherman Island is not just a kiteboarding spot, but is home to a very strong and passionate kiteboarding community. It has a unique history and is not a spot where all kiteboarders can ride as the launch sites are small, crowded, and full of obstacles. This is a companion video for the featured article about Sherman Island in the Volume 8, Numb ...…
The back roll is one of the most basic kiteboarding moves and is usually the first move that kiteboarders learn after learning basic jumps.By (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
Kitesurfing on a strapless surfboard is one of the most rewarding things you can do while powered by a kite, but before you head to the waves you have to first learn how to get up on a surfboard without straps.By (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
Kiteboarding Designer and Musician Julien Fillion talks with The Kiteboarder Magazine over Skype about how he started kiteboarding, his history as a designer, and his band’s upcoming album. Julien is the current Liquid Force Kiteboarding kite designer. This interview is taken from the full DESIGN BY JULIEN FILLION article appearing in the June ...…
Kasey Campbell walks us through the steps of tacking a kiteboarding course racing board.By (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
Living by the motto “nothing endures but change”, Mark Shinn has consistently redefined himself and his riding as the different sports around him have evolved over the years. A former pro windsurfer, Mark saw the potential of kitesurfing early on and was one of the sports first pro riders. In 2002, he achieved the unthinkable when he won the PK ...…
Our guest on today’s podcast brought to you by The Kiteboarder Magazine is the founder of F-One, Raphael Salles. Established in 1996 as one of the first kiteboarding companies in the industry, F-One launched the Bandit, a delta-shaped kite, in 2008 and has dedicated its kite line to this shape for the last few years. Raphael is joining us live ...…
The Twin Tip Tack is a great way to change directions without loosing any ground downwind and is basically a low backroll transition.By (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
The Kiteloop is not a very technically difficult move, but it takes a lot of commitment to pull off right.By (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
The S-Bend is a combination of the raley and front roll. This is a very basic unhooked kiteboarding move. For more kiteboarding articles, news, and videos, check out http://www.thekiteboarder.comBy (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
The Raley is one of the easiest unhooked moves to do in kiteboarding and is a building block for many more advanced moves. The Kiteboarder Magazine takes you through the steps of your first raley. For more kiteboarding news, videos, and articles, visit http://www.thekiteboarder.comBy (The Kiteboarder Magazine).
Our guest on this week’s The Kiteboarder podcast is Karla Barerra of Kitesurf Puerto Rico. Inspired by her participation in the IKA World Kite Racing Championship in Corpus Christi back in April, together with a group of three windsurfers, Puerto Rico will host a windsurfing slalom series and the first IKA Caribbean Championship in Puerto Rico ...…
Flexifoil Kiteboarding’s World Champion Aaron Hadlow waveriding and handle passing in Cape Verde. See the video Here. Or better yet- Go into itunes and search Kiteboarding, when you see the Kiteboarding Magazine TV channel, click subscribe to always get the latest kiteboarding video’s, as soon as they’re released, direct from Kiteboarding Magaz ...…
Kiteboarding Magazine is proud to deliver Top PKRA and worldclass athlete Ruben Lenten for our first video podcast. Kiteboarding Magazine editor Aaron Sales caught up with Ruben on a recent visit to The Gorge, Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon for an afternoon of sick riding. Deemed the Rouffles Sessions, Ruben showed his stuff in a new l ...…
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