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Best Thinking Out Loud Radio Show podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Thinking Out Loud Radio Show podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Is a weekly radio show discussing Politics, Popular Culture & Everything in Between. We have great topics, great guests, great discussion, & a great word in every episode.The Thinking Out Loud Radio Show; Giving Voice To Issues that Matter To You!
OPB's Think Out Loud
Podcast by Oregon Public Broadcasting
CBC Radio's Laugh out Loud is Canada's home for comedy. Every week the show features the best and funniest comics in the business. Recorded at festivals and comedy clubs across the country, LOL is the ...
Thinking Out Loud
Darren Hellwege and Lee Wilkins interview people of note in the Columbia community. On Friday the show broadcasts Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre, a radio drama put on by the Maplewood Barn community theater. On Saturday it tackles the college sports scene.
Thinking out Loud
Thinking out loud is an irreverent take on current affairs & pop culture, full of hot takes and conversation with the aim to push the envelope of discussion forward. Tune in Fridays 7-8 pm on Source Radio via the mixlr app, or look for the show here every Monday!
A place to think out loud and change the status quo. Conversations with professionals and brave heroes. Send your requests for interview/airplay to asktmill@gmail.com.
All the material they can't put on the air is now in a podcast! It's After Hours with KS95's morning show crew: Crisco, Dez and Ryan.
Freethought Radio
A weekly show, broadcast live from Madison, Wis., on 92.1 FM, Saturdays 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents, Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.
Inspired Choices Network Inspired Choices with Holographist Coach Christine McIver The Universe is always supporting you and wanting to give to you. Are you using your awareness to receive all that is possible for you? We often go through life with little awareness of the magnitude of possibilities available to us from within. Christine McIver is a Holographist Coach, Inspirational Speaker, TV & Radio Personality, and the Founder & Owner of Inspired Choices Network. Christine is highly succe ...
Art of Peace Radio
The ART OF PEACE is a public radio program heard weekly on www.KCSB.org and KCSB 91.9 FM Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm. The Art of Peace focuses on social responsibility, community activism, and personal relationships as they relate to mindfulness and peace consciousness."Learning to Listen"Philip Le Vasseur Raises Consciousness and Engages the Community with Art of PeaceTuesday, August 24, 2010By Colin MarshallPhil LeVasseur is interested in many things, but none seem to get him quite as fa ...
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Tonight we talk wtih a dynamic and bright young intellectual who is an Author & Professor of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. She received her PhD in Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2009. Her research examines the intersection of race, gender, and how neighborhood contexts shapes crime and criminal ju ...…
We complain about prayer and worship in the White House, and report a number of FFRF state/church victories. Tom Cara, president of the FFRF Metropolitan Chicago Chapter, tells us about the un-holy holiday displays chapter members have erected in the Chicago area to counter Nativity scenes and religious displays. Then we hear Rachel Laser, Pres ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 389 - AFTER HOURS REPLAY - No new podcast today but here's a treat from 2018!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival a few years ago - we shine the spotlight on Rob Pue who in turns, holds nothing back when talking about the bathroom habits of his niece.
Know Huntsville presents, "The Come Up". Hosted by two of my good friends LLoyd Holloway & DJ Cee-O. visit www.knowhuntsville.comBy Paradox East Radio
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 388 - Have you ever heard the story of how Dez and Rudy met? It involved loud music, pizza and an MMA fighter stealing Rudy's dinner.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 387 - The question was posed today: Would Crisco be a good dad? Majority says.... no.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 386 - Ghostbusters 3 released its first trailer and it's full of references only half the show understand.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 385 - Lots of complaining today after a rough go on the radio show! However, we make ranting and raving fun!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
'Tis the season to fight state/church violations. We talk about FFRF's full-page "Theocracy" ad in the New York Times, and a number of FFRF's solstice displays around the country to counter religious displays. FFRF attorney Chris Line tells us about Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt's outrageous attack on the Freedom From Religion Foundati ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 384 - It's a CDRAH Replay since we got booted out of our studios!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
From the 905 Comedy Festival, Thomas Calnan coaches you through the loss of a pet. Mind you, the word 'pet' might be a bit strong, and Heidi Foss got drunk at the Christmas party again...
WLRH is a Public Radio Station in Huntsville Alabama, on the campus of UAH. A while ago I earned the opportunity to join a group of their local producers to deliver a weekly local music radio show called "Valley Sounds. Here's the latest episode. Valley sounds is a production of WLRH www.wlrh.org Local favs this week from Doc Daily & Magnolia D ...…
Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Thinking just happens or does it? Do you ever find yourself thinking about what you're thinking? Do you know you have choice with your thoughts? Join Christine McIver this week as she invites you into creating and choosing your thoughts to make things happen in your favor. NEW V.I.P. Holographic ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 383 - There's a traitor who lives among the Zalusky family! Crisco's nephew keeps rattin' him out!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
The perfect there is a lot of resources in the Tennessee Valley and Southeast area for your music how much time do you spend seeking those resources and how much time do you spend complaining about the lack of resources two resources I want to talk about today are public radio to public radio stations here in the Tennessee Valley and a music ed ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 382 - Apparently somebody thinks Ryan has a "deep" voice!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 381 - In case you weren't in the stands for the Gophers/Badgers game, Crisco and Rudy tell you all about the chaos!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
From the Okanagan Comedy Festival, Lars Callieou shares his perspective on the difference between Australians and Canadians - and it involves sharks - and from Accent on Toronto, Aisha Brown offers up tips on how to handle anxiety - but first you'll have to find yourself a hawk. From sea to sky we've got all the laughs!…
Stand-up comic Leighann Lord gives us "Six things to argue about at Thanksgiving other than politics." Aline Pham, 18, tells us about her winning high-school student essay. "Mrs. Betty Bowers" (Deven Green) recites her Thanksgiving prayer. Then we hear from Andrew Bradley, the co-creator and writer of the satirical series, "Mrs. Betty Bowers: A ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 380 - 40 pizzas in 30 days, eh?! Well, let's breakdown what that would look like for daily consumption.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
This is the Thanksgiving Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show and we are appropriately calling it "Thankful" as we are just days away from the Thanksgiving holiday. Tonight's show we talk to Author & Speaker Dr. Rebecca Flemming about her 3 books, and she shares with us what she is most thankful for as well as some her favorite family ho ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 379 - What would you do for a billion dollars? We asked the group and someone was a little too eager to give it a chance.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 378 - We had to save some Secrets from today's topic: What would your S.O. want you to never talk about?!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 377- Oh boy! If you thought Crisco's apology to Vaughn was warranted, wait until you hear the apology Crisco is going to have to give his mother!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Kanye West should not be preaching in prisons. FFRF attorney Ryan Jayne explains how we successfully stopped public funding for churches and religious ministries. We report additional recent state/church victories in Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Then former minister and Christian apologist John Loftus, who is now an atheist, tells us abou ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 376 - DEZ is back from vacation so we had to fill her in on the Crisco apology to Vaughn!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Hoodo Hersi dissects her life's struggles as a black Muslim woman and Christophe Davidson takes a deep dive into Lying and mental health. Ok - so not your usual comedy fodder, but they make it work!
During an episode of Valley Sounds, T.Mill had a conversation with Bill Fowler. A musician, and podcaster in Huntsville Alabama.By Paradox East Radio
I've recently had the pleasure of joining a crew of friends and creating a new video show called #volume. Here's the audio of the press conference, and you can view all 5 episodes of this new show on Paradox East - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbdj6Qm6E3_IHJHyGJdU2uw/videosBy Paradox East Radio
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 375 - There's a few things Ryan and Rudy need to discuss about their friend Crisco and how his LIES are starting to affect those around him.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
In the over 2yrs we have been doing this show, we are embarking upon another 1st. This is the 1st time, we've interviewd a sitting Mayor on our show. We are truly honored to have the newly elected, 1st African American Mayor of the City of Eastpointe, Michigan, the Honorable Monique Owens on the Thinking Out Loud Raido Show with us tonight. She ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 374 - Ryan may have just added one more to his solo road trip.... CRISCO!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 373 - ON-AIR REPLAY: Our recap of DEZgiving from Friday of last week!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 372 - For the love of Pete, Minnesota! The birds will be fine! They do not freeze into the lake! You, on the other hand, will if you try to save them!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
It’s not even Thanksgiving, but the Christian warriors are already at it at the Wisconsin Assembly. We’ll tell you what’s wrong with their Thanksgiving “Bible Week” Resolution. FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor’s timely warning about the precarious state of abortion rights, under attack by organized religion, is making the news, along with ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 371 - We have the life hack that might just save your public bathroom embarrassments! Miracles do exist!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
As a black man from Newfoundland, Trent McCLellan shares how difficult it was to make a normal first impression...whatever 'normal' is! And Jay Martin reminds us of the wall-phone...and how breaking up was even harder to do. You kids have it too easy!
Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Do you love to create? Do you wish you could create? Are you looking at why the creations aren't coming with ease and most especially having the cash flow come along with the creations? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this show will absolutely contribute to you...if you're willing ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 370 - This whole podcast is out of control!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
In tonight's show we talk with CEO & Business Leader Maurice Evans as we discuss the strategies and nuances of educating today's young people in three of the premeire Charter Schools right here in the State of Michigan. Maurice Evans is a business owner, mentor, manager, leader, and founder and CEO of Elite School Management. His insight, and i ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 369 - The Explanation of Ryan and Vaughn's relationship!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 368 - Dez had her Vest returned with a very awkward surprise!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 367 - Well, there we go. Crisco just had to make it incredibly awkward. Jeez, man! Reel it in!By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
We report on FFRF’s perfect score from Charity Navigator (and on the low score of the Catholic League, which is continuing its unfounded attacks on us). We play a shocking audio clip of prosperity evangelist Paula White, just promoted by Trump to a federally paid faith job at the White House, consecrating the White House for Jesus. We report th ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 366 -We finally got Crisco's ex, Emily, on the phone from last week's #FindEmily. How'd it go for the big guy!?By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Gerry Dee offers some strategies to consider when putting your kids in sports...and Erica Sigurdson talks about an exercise you can do with your partner - specifically if you are interested in ending that partnership.
Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Lost, confused, frustrated with your world can have you want to give up. It's a common experience for most and yet there is another way. Ask...ask the Universe to show you. Show you the next step. What if it really is as simple as that? Join Christine McIver this week as she shares her personal ...…
Crisco, Dez and Ryan After Hours: 365 - Who would have thought Captain America would have such a thick Boston accent.By Crisco, Dez and Ryan
We are back after our two-week haitus with another poweful and impactful interview with Entrepreneur and Community Leader Jerrold Boykin. He is the Founder / President of the "I Am A Blessing" non-profit organization with a primary focus of giving back to the community through weekly free-lunch Wednesday's, car and home give-a-ways, and much mo ...…
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