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Radio Tioga
News, Discussion and ramblings all recorded from the historic "Tioga Hotel" in downtown Merced CA.
Hosted by an experienced personal trainer/coach and healthy lifestyle advocate, The Tioga Wellness Podcast (TWP) is here to help you navigate a cluttered landscape of information centered on health, fitness, and general everyday wellness. We do this by bringing to you opinions and experiences around wellness straight from folks that are on, or have been on the same path as you – the path to feel, perform, and look better in all ways of life. We all experience this confusion – How do I set go ...
JEFF WESSELSCHMIDT, well-known star of the film Cherry Bomb, attempts to rehabilitate perverts/alt-right members, John Adler and Eli Sairs.
This is the sermon feed for Zion Free Lutheran Church in Tioga, ND. For more information, check out our website
My Name is Tiga
Enter My Mind, New Millenium Style. Like radio, only worse. Enjoy.
TCOGA Podcast
Welcome to the podcast for The Church of God at Antioch, TN. We would like to share Pastor Bobby Sutton's Sunday morning messages with you. Thanks, and for more information, goto
This podcast is first and for most dedicated to my best friends and creator of the actual Tiga Lounge, Travis Hilton, rest easy brother. The podcast is brought to you by Ziggy Miller and is about the lives and stories of the people within the 518
Toga In The Morning is a podcast featuring two brothers who review movies, drink, play improv games we invented, drink, check in with the bandleader Bjork, and drink.
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RIP Junko Furuta. The Yakuza. Burnings. Putting press-on nails on your dong. The light-hearted tale of Lam Kor-wan AKA the Jars Killer. A woman urinates on an airplane.
RIP Gertrude Baniszewski. A love story between a man and a deer. Frasier. Crows honor their dead in a unique way. Forcing someone to eat feces.
RIP Robert Van Hook. You will never believe what a morgue employee did. What does it mean if a horse winks at you? A woman got very mad when she found some of her father's pictures. Paddocks.
RIP Arthur Shawcross. Charlie Brown. A guy got caught having sex with a 92 year old corpse. A guy pretended to be blind to grope a woman. some more fetishes.
RIP Gudrun Burwitz, Shoko Asahara. A long song about goats. A genius tied his phone to his shoes. A guy jerked off on an airplane. This fat guy hurt his balls.
Toga In The Morning returns with down-home, off-the-cuff, relaxed introduction as the boys freestyle conversation like it's the podcasting X-Games. Then, special guest Bruce Greenhorn appears on the program to promote his terrible reductionist version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The boys travel to West Hollywood to record this train wreck.…
The boys go for broke with their review of Now You See Me 2: The See-ening. Is Morgan Freeman the Ruff Monster's father? This and many other questions answered. Then, the boys are back in town as Werner Herzog and the irrespressible Street Pug return with the thrilling conclusion of their murder mystery. Kirk Cameron still guest-stars as Brock ...…
RIP Joe Jackson, Neville Towner. A kid got hacked to death with a machetes in the Bronx. Capitol Gazette shooting. Your new crush, Pony. A british guy got a garlic press stuck up his arse.
RIP Koko the monkey, Vinnie Paul, XXXtentacion. How to wash yourself properly. How to do impressions. A heart-warming story about a love letter. A lady got pooped on by a plane.
RIP Tsutomu Miyazaki. Tampon receptacles. Paul Blart sequel. A brutal mogging. Kellen Winslow Jr. Pippa the dog. A woman is forced to bow to a bus God.
RIP Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Jerry Maren. No mention of five dollar foot longs. The FBI. An interesting tradition in Colombia. The Poo Jogger has been caught. A strange family friend. We get some bad news from our pastor Coach Dave Daubenmire.
R.I.P. Sir Jimmy Saville. Definitely no discussion of Beetle Bailey. An interesting Fight Club reboot. Encasing a developmentally disabled person in concrete. Formicophilia, the sexual interest in being crawled upon or nibbled by insects.
RIP Stephanie Adams. Flagpole sitting. The great Mao Sugiyama serves up an interesting meal. An in-depth discussion of copyright law. Autonepiophilia, the fetish for pretending to be a baby and having someone change your diaper.
The guys pay their respects to a fallen hero, Dennis Nilsen. Floorboards. Bonfires. Innovative masturbation techniques. Ligatures. Prone bodies being interfered with. Dissections. Maggots. Armchairs. Drains clogged with flesh. Unauthorized sick days.
RIP Roch "Moïse" Thériault. A lady had sex with a dolphin. News about the great Amos Yee. Heart-warming Mother's Day tale. A woman serves human meat at a BBQ. A ghost of a masturbating ape.
Don't call it post-apocalyptic as the boys review Turbo Kid (sponsored by gnome-bats, probably). Then, the sci-fi theme continues as Werner Herzog and his ever-present muse Street Pug investigate a mystery that cuts close to home. Kirk Cameron guest-stars as Brock Nelson, PI.
Think about what it would be like to have complete control, or at least understand exactly what you need to feel and be well. Imagine a daily life of aiming for just balance, progression, and not perfection. This is what we strive for and can do if we just take the enough time to understand what we need and the take the smaller steps towards th ...…
RIP Robert Earl Butts Jr. Words of wisdom from the great Donald Sterling. We investigate several serial shitters. A few more sexual fetishes.
Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist. Incel rebellion. A new game that is sweeping the nation, Cosby Battleship. A person that doesn't know how to use chopsticks. The guys plan a trip to the Philippines.
R.I.P Barbara Bush, Bruno Sanmartino, Verne Troyer, and especially Walter Moody. Several heroes in a Japanese women's restroom. ReSet pulls one of the greatest pranks of all time. Several sexual fetishes including Acrotomophilia, the attraction to amputees.
RIP Gerd Honsik and Benjamin Morrow. New Toga Party Hall of Fame inductee Michael Stout. A very cool judge in Long Island. A teacher got recorded making fun of an autistic kid. A pastor with interesting methods.
R.I.P. Nasim Najafi Aghdam. Scooby Doo. The foot bandit. Wanking vs. spanking off. St. Louis legend Michael Devlin. The mating habits of bedbugs.
RIP Rosendo Rodriguez. Dan Schneider got fired. Takashi 69. The Ren and Stimpy guy. A love story for the ages.
It's a special birthday edition of Toga in the Morning as the boys discuss birthdays and other dimensions with the birthday girl/android Bjork. Next, the boys dive headfirst into Star Wars to discuss the nature of Porgs, Boba Fett's qualities, and what our potential Patreon could be. Bonus XXX: Return of Xander Cage content also included.…
RIP Mark Anthony Conditt. Having sex through a hole in a sheet. Cyanide Mohan. The great comedian Count Dankula. This guy tried to sell his daughter.
RIP Carlton Gary and Stephen Hawking. Pretending to be handicapped to get a nurse to wipe your ass. High school walkout. 15 year old brides in Missouri. This kid tried to steal 6 mopeds in one night by throwing acid in people's faces.
Back at podcasting! Let's all move towards a better lifestyle through wellness, and positive living. The time is now - come on in! Please visit **Intro and Background music by The Ginger Runner (Ethan Newberry). Check out the music on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and some fantastic videos on YouTube.…
Albert Fish. We give a gentleman some advice. RIP Alva Campbell and Billy Herrington. Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison. Another pizza bombshell! Mel Gibson quotes.
RIP M. Jaishankar. Alex Jones accused of sexual harassment. PIZZA HUT BOMBSHELL!!! Updated stereotypes. The great Ryan Seacrest. Chinese condoms.
The boys get Season 2 off to a bang as they review the James-Bond-inspired, Arnold-Schwarzenegger-starring, James-Cameron-directed action extravaganza that is True Lies. They discuss the spiritual motives of the director, the changing nature of terrorism in a pre-9/11 world, and rank our favorite Pierces. Plus, Bjork says some things!…
Amos Yee. Tricking people into jerking you off. Security guard during school shooting. Missouri governor gets in trouble just for pursuing his passion of photography.
We discuss several notable ladies. RIP Bodil Joensen, Patty Cannon. The great Charlene Gallego. What states is bestiality legal in?
R.I.P. Mark Salling, John Battaglia. The original pedophile hunter. New hero Geoffrey Leonard. An interesting cure for an overdose.
R.I.P. Mort Walker. A very, very brief discussion of Beetle Bailey. Larry Nasser. Potato Chips. AIDS Myths. Another reading from the book of Elliot Rodger.
R.I.P. Deso Dogg, Anthony Allen Shore. Chicken alfredo. Joey Salads. The guys become incels and read from their new bible, Elliot Rodger's manifesto. British porn laws.
R.I.P. Edgar Ray Killen. Is Nickelodeon's Dan Schneider a pervert? Some fun with the sex offender registry. What is the best candy bar?
R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke. What did old people spank off to? Coffee stains. The guys decide what type of slave they would want and what type of animal they would make love to.
Cherry Bomb available on Amazon Prime. Hanukkah. Comfort women. Marv Albert. The great Darnell "Bossman" McGee.
R.I.P. Max Clifford, Angry Grandpa, Roy Moore. Keaton saga. The guy that got caught twice on To Catch a Predator. Saving rabbits. What type of mentally challenged would you want to be?
R.I.P. August Ames. Voyeur documentary featuring the great Gerald Foos. A gentlemen in Connecticut makes love to a dead body. The great Roy Moore!
New co-host. R.I.P. Charles Manson and the guy from AC/DC. Jared Fogle news. Wearing a path in carpet. Harvey Weinstein. Matt Lauer. The great James Toback.
The guys discuss The Wild Life. Topics include: Cameron Crowe, bowling, Vietnam, nunchucks, and mostly, remaking Fast Time at Ridgemont High. "A high-school wrestler (Christopher Penn) parties with his buddy (Eric Stoltz) at a swinging-singles apartment complex."…
The guys discuss See Dick Run. Topics include: voodoo, Kel Mitchell, sign spinning, and mostly, losing your penis. "Player Richard Jones (Kel Mitchell) meets his match when one of the (many) women he's cast off puts a curse on him that leaves him minus his manhood. Now, our diminished hero is in a race against time to determine which wronged ga ...…
The guys discuss Old School. Topics include: Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, fraternities, earmuffs, Don Magic Juan, and mostly, boning underage girls. "Three guys in their early thirties try to relive their glory days by moving into a house near their old college campus. There, they establish a "fraternity" that draws the ire of the dean, who took ...…
The guys discuss Doctor Detroit. Topics include: Dan Aykroyd, Fran Drescher, Indian food, endowments, Diavolo, the player's ball, and mostly, pimping. "Meek community college professor Clifford Skridlow is tricked into taking on the hipster persona of a pimp named Doctor Detroit, and soon he's up to his neck in hot babes. But he also incurs the ...…
The guys discuss That's My Boy. Topics include: Adam Sandler, famous actor Rex Ryan, teachers boning students, and mostly, WAAAZZZUUUUPPPP. "Father-son tensions flare when a disagreeable dad decides to move in with his son and his son's fiancée right before their wedding. But that's nothing compared to the fight that erupts between the unwelcom ...…
The guys discuss Porky's 2. Topics include: PEE WEE!, measuring your dong, the KKK, Big Edna, native Americans, and mostly, gang bang pranks. "The naughty high schoolers of Angel Beach High now seek revenge on a group of KKK religious fanatics and corrupt politicians who want to shut down their Shakespeare production after they cast a Seminole ...…
The guys discuss Animal House. Topics include: our movie Cherry Bomb, horse killing, John Belushi, Flounder, and mostly, carrying a doctor bag. "Knowledge is good, but swilling kegs of beer is more fun! Just ask the guys at the Delta House fraternity. Often imitated, but seldom equaled, Animal House spawned a generation of gonzo comedies and la ...…
The guys discuss Hunk. Topics include: the devil, yuppies, v-ball, king kong, twinkies, and mostly, close ups of men's muscles. "A computer nerd makes a deal with the devil (James Coco) to become a blond beach boy (John Allen Nelson) for the summer."
In this episode, Bjork and your intrepid cohosts quickly avert a Bjorkbot related disaster, then talk about the Orson Wells of Kung Fu, Sensai Steven Seagal and his latest film trailers. He thanks us for noticing. Then, we dive into friend of the show Werner Herzog's amazing team up with master thespian Sir Nicolas Cage to bring us a gritty re- ...…
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