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USU Sunrise Session
At Utah State University’s Sunrise Sessions, faculty and students share their research with alumni, community and business leaders from the Salt Lake area. These presentations detail how USU research is addressing pressing issues across local and global communities.
Poddery Barn
- Poddery Barn is part of the Spitwads family.
USU's daily student podcast
Daily Sundial Podcast
The Daily Sundial is a newspaper on California State University Northridge campus and online at
Catch This!
Catch This! is a mixed-media podcast designed to support medical students at USU, HPSP and other developing medical officers in the US military.
Front Row Show
The original Utah State podcast! Join the guys down on the front row, as we discuss all things Utah State Aggies! Football, Basketball and everything in between! This is a podcast you cant miss! Go Aggies!
The Sports Bros on TornBySports
An Undiluted Utah Sports Blog. Covering the BYU Cougars, Utah Utes, USU Aggies, RSL, and the Utah Jazz.
An Undiluted Utah Sports Blog. Covering the BYU Cougars, Utah Utes, USU Aggies, RSL, and the Utah Jazz.
The Broken Book Bible Podcast
Have you ever actually read the Bible? Considering its saintly reputation, it packs surprising gore, horror, and depravity. As well as beauty, wisdom, and tedium. For millennia, the Bible has held Western culture captive to its strange stories of ancient people trying to figure out God. Maybe you're not religious, but you're curious about the Bible. Maybe you grew up in church, but you're looking for a new way to relate to the Bible. Welcome! We're Sam and Amanda. We're obsessed with the Bib ...
Nerd Lecture Hour
An hour-long program that airs weekly on USU's Aggie Radio, where we take you deep into the depths of nerd territory, in a valiant effort to make sense of it all. Also featuring a rotating series of short, serialized radio plays, such as Freddard Coyle: Private Wizard, Story Mode, Static, Reconnoiter 17 and more!
In Focus is our way of keeping you informed about what's happening in Iowa education. Each week, the Iowa State Education Association talks with educational leaders, policy makers, and Association members about everything from student achievement to public policy. These podcasts let us explore in-depth the issues that matter to all of us. We welcome your comments about the podcast, as well as your ideas for future topics.
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12-10-2017 Weekly Message The contemplation of the week: Psalm 34: 1-22 Text: Job 42: 1-6 The title of the Word: Prayer of the one that has divine meeting with God The Book of Job is the first book written before Genesis was recorded. Job was a man who lived about four thousand years ago. He is the person who lived before the birth of Moses who ...…
Meie usk peab olema meie andmises ja ja meie vastuvõtmises. Usu Jumalat, et anda, aga anna ainult seda, mis sa oled Isandalt vastu võtnud. Ole külluslik vastuvõtja, et sa võiksid olla külluslik andja.
12-3-2017 Weekly Message The contemplation of the week: Psalm 90: 1-17 Text: II Corinthians 5: 1-13 The title of the Word: Powerful life believing invisible things in the hope When God created man, He made him as a living soul. He also created the spirit by breathed life into the nostrils of man, and made man’s body with the dust of the ground ...…
Novation Church Weekly Sermons
Themes from The Book of Ruth: Commitment Redemption Love Story Parallels to Christ Ruth Chapter 1:1-5 Where Did You Come From? Ruth Chapter 1:6-18 Who’s with Me? Our commitment to God “But Ruth said, ‘Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be m ...…
Buying in for BYU Hoops is Spencer Linton and Jason Shepherd today. Dennis Pitta comes in to discuss his opinion on the Ty Detmer Situation, followed by Steve Cleveland who talks Basketball, and his thoughts on the upcoming BYU vs USU matchup.
University of Utah became bowl eligible in their final game. Weber State is playing Southern Utah University in an anticipated rivalry game. Utah State is going to a bowl game. Maybe football in Utah isn't doing so badly. Scott said a while ago that if Kyle Whittingham can't get to a bowl game it would probably be the end of his career. He has ...…
Jumalalt usu kaudu vastu võttes on oluline, mida sa oma suuga tunnistad. Sa pead teadma ja rääkima Jumala tõotusi oma elu üle ja siis võtma julgelt vastu need võimalused, mis Jumal sulle annab.
Mercury Broadcasting
Lisa Toth What is a mobi file. I downloaded an ebook I had purchased. It came to file explorer in 3 formats, IE, pdf and .mobi I know what to do with the pdf I have a place for ebooks in pdf. What do I do with IE and .mobi? How would I use them? Sue Nethercott When going to my website, I get sometimes “401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due t ...…
Sermons from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Charlotte Steve Lindsley (1 Thessalonians 4: 13-14, 18) She is stilling at the hospital bedside of her brother, who is not long for this world. She asks if she could read scripture to him; he says yes. She starts fumbling around in the Bible, flipping ...…
11-5-2017 Weekly Message The Meditations of the Week: Psalm 31: 1-24 Text: Psalm 30: 1-12 Word Title: When Is The Morning According To The Scriptures? King David finally praised the Lord God, who exalted him. The LORD God prevented his enemies from rejoicing over their victory. The LORD God healed him every time he cried to the Lord God, and he ...…
English Service - WGM Church
10-22-2017 Weekly Message The contemplation of the week: Proverbs 25:1-28 Text: Revelation 4: 1-11 Word Title: Come Up Hither! The Lord Jesus Christ chose the Apostle John to write the last book of the Bible, and when he was on the island of Patmos after suffering, the Lord Jesus showed him in the Holy Spirit of all things that would happen. Ap ...…
Vineyard Morris Plains
Please Click Image for Sermon Notes Welcome to part two of our Fifty Days of Transformation series! This morning we’re going build on the foundation Michelle set last week… as we start looking at the first of seven key areas of our lives; Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Vocational… Seven dimensions of our lives, i ...…
Hope is the expectation of a positive outcome. Hope is the reason we are alive. Join us at and become part of a family of hope filled people. 👍🏿🔥👍🏿
Denver Reformed Church
Sustainability is the key to success in those areas or responsibilities God has given to us. (Ecclesiastes 11:10) [e.g. As a spouse, parent, employee, Christian, my health, finances, running a business, etc.] When we fail to be successful in those areas God calls us to have success in, our environment becomes “toxic.” Furthermore, it causes us ...… Jimmie is back with Jeff in this week’s episode to cover the Battle For the Old Wagon Wheel between BYU and the Aggies of Utah State. But first, the guys recap how the Utes fared in their Pac-12 opener and what the rest of the season looks lik ...…
Uhkus ja kindlustunne ei ole samad. Sa pead olema kindel, et sa suudad teha, mida sul tuleb teha, et edukas olla - kuid sa pead panema oma usu Jumalasse, kes sind selles aitab. Nagu Taavet Koljatit võites, alanda ennast Jumala ees ja Tema tõstab sind üles.
The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us (Psalm 126) This psalm is about remembering. The people who originally sang this were on an adventure, in a sense. They were on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Sometimes that kind of trip could be a little daunting. Fortunately they had this group of psalms as a way to reorient themselves – about what they’re do ...…
Podcasts – Summit County Health Department
The Summit County Community Market is a traditional farmer’s market featuring fresh produce from local growers in Summit County and Northern Utah. It is also the only farmer’s market in Summit County that accepts SNAP/EBT cards. The event is held at the Summit County Health Department’s Round Valley location in partnerships with the Summit Coun ...…
Acts 16:1-10 1. God is calling us in a certain direction– Verse 6, Verse 7 The Holy Spirit is the one who opens and shuts the doors We learn first, we need to KEEP MOVING Verse 6– “having been forbidden” Verse 7– “the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them” We learn second, we should be in constant prayer Praying for God’s direction 2. God is calli ...…
Andrew Francis, Worship and Connect Group Pastor OLD Covenant vs NEW Covenant Old: Laws of Moses was at the center of it all Priest was the pathway to God Sacrificial system Purification rituals New: Jesus is at the center. We get to Heaven through Jesus The Law is fulfilled. Salvation comes through Faith in Jesus. Jesus has called us to keep A ...…
The Blame Game is a follow up to The Shame Game. …And it is no fun! When shame comes at us because of the wrong we have done, we will be tempted to play a new game. The Blame Game is played by redirecting the shame through blame. We never really own the shame, we deflect the shame towards something or someone else. The Blame Game is like a spir ...…
Photo courtesy Sterling Brinkerhoff Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at . Check out the schedule below or find a station near you that airs Western Life Radio. KCYN 97.1 FM in Moab 7:40 a.m. and 4:50 p.m. KYAH 540 AM in Delta 2:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. KOAL 750 A ...…
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 Big Idea: We will GIVE because we have been given much in Jesus Christ. So far we have looked at the first three core values. The first is Gospel Focus. We will be GOSPEL focused because the GOSPEL transforms lives. Believing this, the goal of the Re-Vision 2017 series is to unite our church's story to the most i ...…
Backcountry Radio Network featuring Western Life Radio
Sunday's Weekend Edition is now available for download. Check out the great lineup of guests and topics for July 30, 2017. You can hear it along the Wasatch Front on KCYN 97.1 FM in Moab 8:00 -9:00 a.m on Saturday KYAH540 AM in Delta 12:00 Noon-1:00 p.m. KTKK 630 AM / 1640 KBJA in Salt Lake City 1:00-2:00 p.m. KOAL 750 AM in Price 10:00-11:00 a ...…
Backcountry Radio Network featuring Western Life Radio
Saturday's Weekend Edition is now available for download. Check out the great lineup of guests and topics for July 29, 2017. You can hear the program Statewide on the following Stations and Times.... KCYN 97.1 FM in Moab 7:00 -8:00 a.m. KYAH 540 AM in Delta 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. KTKK 630 AM / 1640 KBJA in Salt Lake 9:00 -10:00 a.m. KCPX 1490 ...…
Art talk • Bee talk • Freestyle
The Shame Game is a game you cannot win. Shame is something that mankind was not created to feel, yet when Adam & Eve listened to the a serpent they discovered this awful truth. We are often victims of packaging. It happens when we are enticed by the outer packaging, only to find the product inside does not live up to the picture. Sin is a terr ...…
beware online scams Lisa Toth: If I want to take something out of OneNote, how do I do that? I’d like to delete a couple of files and folders. Lisa Toth: Kim Komando News Item: Don’t fill out that loan application! Your data could be at risk News Item: Is your credit card in a hacker’s database? Fill out the form and find out Sue Nethercott New ...…
USU's Braydon Swapp overtakes BYU's Patrick Fishburn to win medalist honors at the State Am, and great stories going into the match play.
Sermons – Redemption Church Plano Texas
Have you ever experienced something that just wasn’t the real thing? It may have been a copy, a knock off, or a counterfeit. It was not legitimate. It was at best a cheap substitute. Have you ever experienced the Real Deal Lucille? God offers a genuine fun. The world offers a counterfeit fun. We need to understand the difference between God’s f ...…
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