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Art Share
Art Share is a bi-monthly art webcast featuring artist/writer Brigid Ashwood and fellow artists and creatives. We talk about the process and business of the creative arts. Previously recorded shows are available via iTunes, YouTube and our website . Got a question or a topic in mind you'd like to see covered? Let us know via the website or find us on Facebook. Brigid Ashwood - Ash Evans - http://w ...
Artist, curator, educator and creative entrepreneur Sergio Gomez shares insights and practical advice for visual artists.
Broken Boxes Podcast centers Indigenous artists, activist focused artists, Queer/Trans/NonBinary artists, women identifying artists, artists of color and mixed/lost/stolen heritage artists. This project does not support or promote any one human experience above of or instead of any other, and the approach is to engage in alliance through sharing experience of the artist's process, unfolding all the layers it takes to make each artist a unique creative force. Focusing on the complexity of exi ...
A podcast to promote the field of ceramic arts interviewing a variety of ceramic artists I have met during my travels. I am a ceramic artist enrolled in a MFA degree program at Tainan National University of the arts. You can check out my website at . While here I have met some great ceramic artists and want to share them with the larger arts community out there. Please pass the word along if you like what you hear.
The THRIVING ARTIST PODCAST is a feature of the Clark Hulings Fund for visual artists, which exists to provide training, professional introductions, and funding for working artists, to turn working artists into THRIVING artists. Tune in for insights from other artists, art industry experts, art collectors, and business specialists. Don't be a starving artist, be a thriving artist!
The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly program about visual art. The program features host Tyler Green's conversations with artists, art historians, curators, critics and authors. It is published each Thursday.
Writer-director Ted Mills sits down for a chat with artists and other creative folks, including visual artists, musicians, writers, restauranteurs, filmmakers and more!
KHROMARADIO is a visual arts podcast. It is a multi-disciplinary platform for exploring trends in art and its resonances in politics, markets, new media and technology. Each episode will feature one visual artist and a theme that characterizes his or her work. Visit our official website @ KHROMARADIO.COM
The National Endowment for the Arts podcast that goes behind the scenes with some of the nation’s great artists to explore how art works.
Get ready to meet the artists you're talking about, and the ones you'll soon love. Whatever you're into -- be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre, or comedy -- q is there. Expect deep insight, and big surprises. Because on q, arts and entertainment get personal.
fxguide: fxpodcast
fxguide covers the visual effects industry and software from a high-end professional vfx artists’ perspective.
Art AF
Jane and Claire are joined together by their commitment to their forever-love: art. The show explores the irreverent, humorous and sometimes bizarre climate of the art world in Calgary through interviews with curators, artists and other busy bee art workers.
NLS In Podcast
A podcast on contemporary art presented by New Local Space in Kingston, Jamaica
Wanda's Picks
This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work ...
Hannah Neurotica and Ashlee are your typically over-enthused, sometimes cynical horror nerds. Both ladies connected when they discovered an equally relentless love for 80's slashers and Heather Langenkamp. It's one thing to love horror, but both Hannah and Ashlee took their fandom to academia through studying gender roles and the cultural influences behind their favorite genre films. But both ladies knew horror bled beyond the celluloid frame, and that through much research, women were sorel ...
Art Marketing and Artist Networking for the Visual ArtistCall in Live Thurs 9-10pm MSTSubscribe to my Weekly Reminder email on the Art Topic of the week at my website below. Click on 'Radio Show For Artists' page
Art Uncovered
Art Uncovered brings you interviews with an eclectic mix of artists and creators. On the show they discuss their work and how it may intersect with technology, pop-culture, science and the larger culture
Spark is about San Francisco Bay Area artists and arts organizations -- it is a weekly television show on KQED 9, an educational outreach program and a Web site at The Spark Podcast includes segments from the show and is released weekly.
Miha Štrukelj x=0 / y=0 Interference in Process At the Venice Biennale Slovenia will be represented by a project from Miha Štrukelj, conceived as a total artwork and based on four thematic levels and media: painting, wall drawing, drawing and Lego picture. The exhibition deconstructs the picture plane with the aid of the grid as a structural and conceptual basis, where the painting is deconstructed and reconstituted through the disillusioned gaze of the subject. The themes of Štrukelj's a ...
Works In Process
Works In Process is a series of conversations with creative individuals that explore the evolution and technique behind their latest projects— highlighting, exploring and possibly demystifying the creative process. This podcast is a way to discover, and really uncover the creative process that goes behind the work that creatives do. I speak to designers, artists, writers, and other types of creative individuals to discuss their process. Through hopeful candid conversations, I want to highlig ...
Books and Arts explores the many worlds of performance, writing, music and visual arts, and features interviews with local and international authors and artists.
Brought to you by the Louisville Visual Art Association
Brought to you by the Louisville Visual Art Association
Sin City Artcast
Artists talking to artists. From the heart of Las Vegas.
The Craft Project
Making a life in the Arts
CG Garage
Interviews that focus on the CG creative in visual effects, architecture and beyond. Christopher Nichols of Chaos Group sits down with directors, artists, photographers and developers for candid discussions on technology and art, all with a focus on computer graphics. Visit for more information and an archive of past shows.
Art Beat is a public access television show that "keeps its finger on the pulse of the arts community." This show debuted on May 4, 2001 on and the podcast debuted on March 3, 2010. We interview artist, writers, musicians and pure creative people. This show is produced and Hosted by Kinte. Theme song "Song to the Ancesotrs" by TaumbuSeason 11. Willie Robert Middlebrook2. Yrneh Brown3. Preserving our Culture4. Enoch Mack and Odie Hawkins5. Cecil the Life of part one6. Save Artist Our Centers7 ...
The Collective Podcast brings you weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, honest discussions with creative industry professionals from around the world. Created and hosted by designer/director Ash Thorp, he aims to explore the struggles of work/life balance and to share the experiences of influential creatives from all realms of media, including (but not limited to) designers, illustrators, visual effects artists, writers, painters, and programmers.
GATEWAY podcast follows Kaelen Bell, Ally Sigurdson, Josh Goossen, Kelsey Schaefer and Gabby Bruce as they discuss​ their favourite art throughout history.
Microcosmos is an international family of chillout artists. Label brings the light through music to sound systems around the world, always giving atmospheric vibe to the listeners. Microcosmos running multiple festivals with most wanted and relevant chill artists, colorful decorations, visual arts and dance performances.Demos and contact :
Exploring the intersections of art, liturgy & wonder | Hosted by Stephen Proctor { experience curator, projection artist & visual liturgist } |
The TJ Arts Podcast
The new TJ ARTSCast podcast is produced by TJ ARTS, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting and enhancing the arts in the schools and communities of West Jefferson Hills, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each month, hosts Dawn Walters and Jay Suszynski bring TJ ARTSCast to life as they showcase Pittsburgh’s arts scene and the unique work TJ Arts is doing in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Dawn and Jay also showcase the regional arts scene as TJ ARTS connects with communities ...
Passion Palette artist conversation on the exhibitions currently on show in London. Providing an insight & background on each headlining exhibit in a friendly & informative manner. Join the Conversation...!
Eggers Gallery of Fine Art recognizes and celebrates visual artist interviews.
Beatnik83 Podcast
A podcast hosted by Katherine Barnett. Katherine is a traditional/digital abstract artist who loves color. On the podcast, learn more about Katherine, hear upcoming art challenges, new art published, electronic music, weekly art collections, featured artists, and ramblings about color. Follow the podcast at @beatnikblends on twitter.
BC Podcasts
Galleries and museums are great ways to experience contemporary art. But viewers don't always get to experience the artist's take on what happens in their studios. For over twenty-five years, more than 600 artists have participated in the Bemis Center's international residency program. That's why we've added BC Podcasts. Beginning in 2007, BC Podcasts take you behind the scenes for interviews with our Artists-in-Residence and Visiting Artists. Each interview captures the creative process and ...
I talk to artists who work the convention scene and live the artist alley lifestyle
Critical Distance is a podcast series produced by the CUE Art Foundation as a part of Meeting Artists' Needs, a professional development education series for artists of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that artists are entrepreneurs, an essential part of our country's culture and economy. Meeting Artists' Needs aims to equip artists with the skills and knowledge they need—from networking and marketing to financial and estate planning—so they can effectively manage a successful career in ...
Started in 2008 with a simple premise; the best in art with the best in music while accessing venues not usually open to artists. Mano A Mano Art Shows recognizes that Music and Art go hand in hand as our logo illustrates that point with a hand on a record and a hand with a pencil.Our shows feature dozens of artists of various disciplines all focused on a single theme. Throughout the night DJ Osmose will spin some awesome music while art lovers browse the art on the walls and interact with t ...
The CRAVE Magazine Podcast goes deep inside the minds and hearts of artists and creatives. We learn valuable lessons and explore the trials and tribulations as each share stories of inspiration and wisdom. If you are a lover of the arts, then this podcast is the one you've been waiting for.
How journalists are coping with a flood of information by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists. A video report in eight chapters. (54 minutes)
fxguide: fxguidetv
Video netcast covering the visual effects, production, and motion graphics industries a high-end professional artist perspective.
Interview with Juan Carlos de Martin CC project lead Italy.
And We're Back!
James Spencer & Ben Lariviere made you a podcast. The least you could do is listen. Subscribe on iTunes
FOUN takes the next step in its journey, defining an even more curated selection of house music landscapes and worldwide artists involved. Send us your latest work at #THATSWHY
Life With Motion
Life with motion contains casual conversations with remarkable motion graphics and visual effects artists.
Are you a musician, writer, visual artist, or some other type of creative entrepreneur? If so, this show is for you! Host Bob Baker is on a mission to help creative people of all kinds use their talents and know-how to make a living and make a difference in the world! The podcast features interviews with a wide variety of people either working full-time or making a major impact in their chosen field, as well as helpful advice from Bob, who has been self-employed in the arts for most of his l ...
The Food Seen
THE FOOD SEEN explores the intersections of food, art & design, and how chefs and artists alike are amalgamating those ideas, using food as their muse & medium across a multitude of media. Host, Michael Harlan Turkell, talks with fellow photographers, food stylists, restaurateurs, industrial and interior designers; all the players that make the world so visually delicious, that want to eat with your eyes.
Luke Daab interviews creatives of all kinds talking about their process, inspirations, journey into art and more.
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Amy Herman is a visual artist, entrepreneur and community builder. Her photography is in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Kresge Art Center in East Lansing and The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and has been shown in numerous galleries, including at The Light Factory and at Central Piedmont Community College in Charl ...…
Award winning documentary film maker and visual artist Amy Jenkins discusses the difficulties and joys that arise when intimately mixing art and life in her new release "Instructions on Parting" Trailer and information here: (John F Simon Jr).
The Ellies, a program launched today by ArtCenter South Florida , will award grants to local visual artists in Miami-Dade ranging from $2,500 to $25,000. The Ellies, which will give up to $500,000 total, is the brainchild of ArtCenter's new President and CEO Dennis Scholl. Raul Moas recently become the Miami director of the Knight Foundation . ...…
Do you feel overwhelm with all the things you have to do as an artist? Everywhere you look, someone is telling you what should be doing. Avoid overwhelm.
I did a survey and asked over 3K artists what is it they want the most. In this video I share the results of the survey.
Critically acclaimed director/Writer and visual artist Julian Yuri Rodriguez of films such as C#ckfight, Lake Mahar, and the New Fat Nick music video WTF stops by the studio and talks to us about his Hustle, living in South Florida and his new projects. Sweet convo between 2 Miami guys. IG @JulianYuri @FreshorPhresh…
The visual artwork of Annie Poon is the subject of this interview with the artist, who describes her interest in outsider art, children's art, and how those styles feed her own work.
If there's a rapper who is poppin in Philly I'd bet Durrell has shot for him. Durrell aka MAKEWONDERSWORLDWIDE came by the kitchen a while back and chopped it up about life as an independent photographer. If you're curious about life behind the scenes as a visual artist this is the one for you. If you're in the PHL or LA area and need dope visu ...…
This Week in Mobile is a weekly podcast produced by Atherton Research where we bring you up to speed on the top mobile news stories of the week. Joining me this week to discuss these top mobile news stories is tech veteran Eric Leandri, the co-founder and CEO of search-engine Qwant. Here's the summary for Week 14 (April 7, 2018): Huawei's new f ...…
This week, Dad and Daughter discuss another time travel episode and possibly one of the best episodes of Star Trek. We discuss Deep Space Nine: Trials and Tribble-ations. Join us as we discuss the different levels of fanboying, and have fun reminiscing the lesser known but just as good Star Trek series, DS9. Round of applause to those visual ef ...…
Long time friend, Ashleigh stops by to talk about mental health, following your dreams, and a little bit on relationships.Ashleigh York is a California native living in Nashville. Known for saying 'dude' too much she's just trying to live her best life. On the professional side, Ashleigh is a mixed media visual artist with a love for advertisin ...…
Fourth episode of Last Drop podcasts series, in which we present ABADIR , an Egyptian artist from Cairo. He is passionated about ambient and experimental electronic music. In his approach to music, he treats individual sounds, synthesized sounds, objects, and field recordings as musical instruments. Since 2015 he started his side project 0N4B, ...…
Poetically Proven Podcast is a series in which marketers talk about poetry, and poets about marketing. In this episode we are joined by Clive Birnie, publisher at Burning Eye Books, visual artist, and wearer of many other hats.https://clivebirnie.wordpress.com
This episode features an interview with the artist and musician Andy Warren Jepson from nearby Racine, Wisconsin! In our discussion we work through the careful matters of balance in artistic work - both in music and in visual art. Balance is crucial to any endeavor, but especially in creative production we clearly face the challenge of meeting ...…
Wohoo! Three episodes in! This time, Misha sits down with visual artist and fashion designer, Diella Ocran to talk about creativity and culture. Ocran discusses her surprising support of her Ghanaian parents in her pursuing and working in the arts, clothing psychology and early 2000’s Ashanti, and a quick nod to how switching accents is much li ...…
Through her own independent publishing company Without Pretend, Erin has not only created a platform for emerging female-identified writers and visual artists, but also has nurtured a safe space for women to express their feelings and in touch with their intuition. Her new book Happy If you Know It tackles the question of "what does it mean to ...…
The Serpentine Galleries’ GUEST, GHOST, HOST: MACHINE! Podcasts are hosted by Legacy Russell and Victoria Sin and were recorded after the Galleries’ annual Marathon, 2017, which took place at City Hall, London on 7 October 2017. Legacy Russell and Victoria Sin revisit the Serpentine Galleries’ GUEST, GHOST, HOST: MACHINE! Marathon, where more t ...…
Paul Madonna's popular comic, "All Over Coffee" had been running for twelve years in the San Francisco Chronicle when he was evicted from his longtime home and studio in the Mission District, ground-zero in the "tech wars" transforming the city. Suddenly finding himself yet another victim of San Francisco's overheated boomtown housing market, w ...…
David Delmar is looking for a fight. Not in the pugilistic sense, but rather the fight for social progress and income equality for those who just need an opportunity. His original plan coming out of the Boston University College of Fine Arts was to be a comic book illustrator, which seems appropriate since you get the impression he’s doing supe ...…
This podcast is usually about state government and how it works. But there are lots of other kinds of government in Illinois. There's cities, counties, school boards, and more! Today we're looking into what each of those governments do, what power they hold, and how they interact with each other. Our question asker, Kayla Ginsburg, told me that ...…
Many people think about photography as a way of stopping time, preserving what we are seeing in the moment the picture is made. But Chester Higgins uses his camera to search for the unseen and make it visible. He challenges what we think we know and asks us to see the spirit, giving visual definition to the lived human experience.Chester’s work ...…
Join us as we chat with writer and visual artist Negesti Kaudo about writing the body, objectification, the challenges of anti-blackness in a literary workshop, what it means to be a human super nova and much much more. Due to technical difficulties, we won't have tape of our JV workshop this week (RIP Alex's former computer and condolences to ...…
This week Kimberly speaks with David Gersten and Troels Steenholdt Heiredal about Arts Letters and Numbers, a non profit arts and education organization dedicated to creating new structures and spaces for creative exchange across a wide range of disciplines including: Architecture, Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Film, Music, Humanities, Sciences an ...…
(0-10 minutes) Corvas is a founder and CTO of Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Meow Wolf is a psychedelic art installation that is a mix between Disneyland and burning man. Corvas runs their technology. Stewart taught Corvas yoga and meditation previously and they discuss how his practice has evolved over the last ten years as he has helped t ...…
Evan Patterson has carved a dedicated following shredding guitar and screaming in technically innovative bands like Young Widows and Breather Resist and, more recently, singing and writing conceptual mood music in Jaye Jayle. He's toured the world and the U.S. extensively since his late teens, and has become an expert screen printer and uniquel ...…
'Guideline number one is if it feels wrong, it is.' Joe Dolcetti Click To Tweet Joe Dolcetti is a futurist and an innovator in the field of human performance with an intimate and innate understanding of human movement and flow. He has a conditioning training, coaching and sport science career that has spanned over 31 years around the globe and ...…
Whenever I prepare an Easter sermon, I always think way too hard about what it is I'm going to say. And today was no different. As my mind went in many different directions, I began to wonder just how our minds work anyway. Our minds are so complex and mysterious. For many of us, Christianity, our faith, even the person of Jesus himself, is rea ...…
"I wanna be down" We explore her TV beginnings, rise to fame, faux marriage, motherhood and her comeback. Guest: Autumn Woodland, host of We Got The Jazz and a visual artist with work featured at
The early stages of hooking up; Jared's controversial tweets and his view on privilege; mentally handicapped visual artists; Holy Week explained; Paul, Apostle of Christ and I Can Only Imagine; relationships with your parents
Despite growing awareness about the dangers of concussion, sports-related brain injury is common among student athletes. And, the diagnosis of concussion often depends on a symptom-screening test that’s subjective. In today’s installment of our Scratch innovation series, we hear about a new Dayton-based mobile app designed to make concussion sc ...…
Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Here is an easy way to do it.
On this week's episode of Curious Mix we hear how art history influences a painter and visit an artist's studio with plenty of history. We share ear candy for gearheads, eye candy for star gazers, wisdom for writers and hear how boxing benefits the brain. Plus a musical mad scientist serves up 5 Favorite Songs and a visual artist waxes poetic o ...…
There are times in the life of an artist in which unfortunate things happen or simply life gets on the way. How do you deal with it?
On today’s episode, I am interviewing the incredible Ashleigh Jade who is a super talented Director, Videographe, and Photographer who is literally slaying the media industry. I found Ashleigh through her work on a House of CB campaign she did and I instantly fell in love with her creative process and her passion for breaking barriers in her in ...…
What if engaging in any form of creative pursuit could heal your life? Today's guest, Artist Gail Butters Cohen, discovered the healing power of art in mid-life. “Creativity sparks some beauty and life within me that was not there otherwise” - she says. Her self-expression unleashed, she is constantly creating, finding joy in spite of chronic, ...…
This week I saw two shows I loved! The GREAT "Bonnie Raitt" at the San Jose Civic"Hamlet" with National Theatre London BONNIE RAITT In March of 2000, Bonnie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; this was followed by her welcome into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, along with her father, in June 2001. After the Fundamental tour, she ...…
This week I saw two shows I loved! The GREAT "Bonnie Raitt" at the San Jose Civic"Hamlet" with National Theatre London BONNIE RAITT In March of 2000, Bonnie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; this was followed by her welcome into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, along with her father, in June 2001. After the Fundamental tour, she ...…
Do you want to grow an audience of followers and fans of your creative work? Check out this video and think about attention and how to deliver value and interest once the attention is there.
Being an artist in 2018 is different than 2015, 2012 or any other time. Learn what two things you need to know to be effective no matter what year you live in.
Over the next couple of months we'll be bringing you the 2017 series of Artist Spotlights that featured on Undiscovered Rock Radio. Enjoy! Episode 08: KAPTUR (CANADA) Kaptur began in the late 00's as the brainchild of St. Catharines based Multi-instrumentalist Riley Jensen. The end result of absorbing endless inspiration from guitar based rock, ...…
This process is designed to provide a guitarist with suggested goals for their practice sessions and a process to achieve those goals. This process attempts at every step to explain the goals of each step of the process, why they fit into that part of the process, and tools used at each step to achieve those goals. One of the objectives of this ...…
This is your Star Wars News for Monday, March 19, 2018. I’m David “The Bow Tie Jedi Guy” JesseThe Last Jedi Wins Big at the 2018 Empire AwardsThe Last Jedi was the big winner this year at the Empire Awards. The British entertainment news magazine awarded the movie its Best Film award, along with Best Director award to Rian Johnson, Best Actress ...…
On today's episode I talk to Rachel Browne. Rachel is a musician, writer and visual artist living in Philadelphia, PA. She earned a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in studio composition from Purchase College and has been writing and performing in the band Field Mouse since its formation in 2009. The band self-released their first album Y ...…
SoundMinds RadioWhat the Antarctic teaches us about the science of space exploration By SoundMinds RadioIt’s 2026 and you are on board the Ares. The largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built. You are on the first colonial voyage to Mars and your crew will be the first hundred Martian colonisers.This is how Kim Stanley Robinson opens his awar ...…
Immigration lawyer Carolina Rubio-MacWright breaks down the ugly truth of what happens to women who leave horrendous situations, some with their children, seeking refuge in the United States. She teamed up with Mamas Con Poder/Moms Rising to help women in all kinds of situations and show the world that we aren’t just all undocumented, there are ...…
I want to take you back a few weeks to Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Among all of the Mid-Century Modern homes to see, we also had a chance to tour a stunning project that was recently completed. This is a modern oasis in the foothills of Palm Springs, called the Ridge Mountain Residence. It’s a stunning piece of residential architecture from ...…
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