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Workshop Waffle
An interesting podcast from Trevor Green, detailing his bold exploration of woodworking from his garage workshop. In this podcast Trevor features woodworkers of the past, interesting woodworking videos, magazine reviews and interviews with well known woodworkers.
TEFL Waffle
Steve and Troy waffle about the exciting and wonderful world of Teaching English in a foreign country.
Wilson Waffling
Whisky Waffle
Podcast by Two Tassie boys having a tongue in cheek Waffle about the world of Whisky
“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” - Leslie Knope"Waffles Friends Work" is a podcast that talks "Parks & Recreation" with real-life Leslie Knopes: women in public service making change in their communities. Join hosts Kathryn Baxter and Emma McAuley for a discussion of local government, powerful women, and every episode of this beloved NBC sitcom. It’s like Galentine’s Day every week!
Waffle On Podcast
A podcast dedicated to Television and Film from all around the world.
creative waffle is a brand new podcast from blue deer design. during each episode we explore the stories and tales of creatives from around the world, as they share advice and life lessons to help out the design community. creative waffle is your short format hit of inspiration every tuesday morning. topics covered on the show include graphic design, illustration, branding, logo design, hand lettering, diy crafts and much, much more... hosted by mark hirons from blue deer design.
Awful Waffle
Awful Waffle is a weekly podcast about funky movies and the fools who watch them. Join three friends as they embark on a cinematic safari, across wide landscapes of theme, in search of the great white buffalo of film.
Waffle World
The realness that people don’t wanna talk about! Sports, news events, real live situations etc from the mind of Me. WAFFLE!
Quantum Waffle
From a bath full of soup to survive the Zombie apocalypse to using Velociraptors to defeat ISIS, Pete and Dean talk pop culture.
Random Waffle
The Random Waffle Show with Beejay and Rich
Waffle Town
Podcast by Waffle Town
Timely Waffle
Welcome to the Timely Waffle! Two best friends/weirdos talk about everything from News to pop culture, dinosaurs to Harry Potter and everything in between!
A weekly podcast about FIRST robotics.
Total Waffle
Join the small-time internet entertainers, James and Mikey, as they embark on their new adventure of funny stories, comedic banter, compelling world facts, and complete, utter, total waffle.
Team Waffle
We created this podcast to cover Druid-related news and events, in an effort to keep the community up-to-date on everything Druid.
Waffle Music
Join Andie Crook for Waffle Music as she discovers new tunes and chats to the artists behind the music. If you’d like to be featured on the Waffle Music podcast, please contact us for more information.
Waffle Boarding
Waffle Boarding is a celebration of rambling. Each week, regular hosts and unsung guests enforce their personal thoughts and views on you, the listener. Hear perspectives on a topical subject then sit back and enjoy the tangential ride. Have no expectations— with no consistency of a release-schedule, duration or quality, this is the podcast of real people and real conversations.
Wakedean Waffling
Rediscovering the fine art of talking bollocks...
Welcome to the digital waffle, where stacks of pop culture goodness are served disc after disc. Join Jesse (Host), Chuka (Sound Editor, Intro Producer) and Andrew (Producer) as they weave their way through the grid of all things digital.
A podcast where old friends catch up on new TV.
Waffle BJ Podcast
This is the home of the Waffle BJ Podcast, where a new episode is released weekly. One man named B and another man named J. Two microphones and an infinite quantity of Waffles. Welcome to the Waffle BJ Podcast
Jeff and Zak "shoot the crap" as they say.
Chicken and Waffles
This episode we talk about the presidential debates, Police brutality and why not to run from the police. Follow us on IG @erised_
Waffles for Lunch
We’re just a bunch of seventh graders talking about random stuff.
Hellow World! My name is Krislam Chin. I am a graphic designer, hand letter artist, and waffle enthusiast. Sharing my insights, ranting about traffic, and dropping knowledge one podcast at time.
Humor meeting the expectations of a laugh.
When we waffle was a british comedy podcast that broadcast for 46 episodes everyweek with Terry Mynott, Kat Fox and Laurie Peters meet each week to bring you random chats and general waffle. With even more random guests including #donaldtrump #briancox #tinaturner #chriseubank - recorded the South West with lots of local content from #Chippenham, #Bath and #Bristol - but Kat seems to talk about #leeds in every show - so come on - grab a portion of waffle today.
WAFFLES! Radio — live on CFRC 101.9 FM ( every Saturday at 10 a.m. Podcasting under a SOCAN 22F tariff.
The place to to get geek speak radio and comment and stuff! Get involved on facebook too at:
Mike Stanton and Will Kelleher talk about everything, anything and nothing at all
Driving You Homo
Just a Queer space to waffle nonsense
Risky Business
Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.
All the craic from the Celtic Roots Radio shows by Raymond McCulloughProduced by Precious Oil Productions Ltd, Northern Ireland, UK
Tangential waffle.
Music, Waffling, Live Performances & Laughs
Two fans of reading awful fan-fiction read and comment on awful fan-fiction.
Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers are on tour. We're going to attempt to upload a semi-daily diary of the Tour Because Awesome. Shenanigans, songs, awful puns, waffles, dumpster diving, more waffles...should be fun.
Music, Waffling, Live Performances & Laughs
What happens when rival pets have dueling podcasts? Find out as Jones (Jay Pharoah), a slick cat with a taste for auto tune, faces off with Waffles (Emily Lynne), a dog who can’t help chewing her microphone. Also starring Benny the gerbil (Eugene Mirman) and Mr. Glub the goldfish (Alec Baldwin). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of podcasts including Freakonomics Radio, Death, Sex & Money, On the Media and more.
Dice, Camera, Action! is a live play-through of D&D's latest storylines run by Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Chris Perkins, for the amazing group of adventurers known as the Waffle Crew.
Risky Business
Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.
Hello, I am Neil Baxter. Here you'll find my "Comedy Rambles" series, where I go for a walk and either tell jokes or talk nonsense... hopefully it's both exercise and humour combined... but if it's raining out, then you can forget it! All recorded 'in-the-field' with the finest mobile-phone audio known to Wigan.
Lots of waffle.
Investing, business, finance &economics - Mark Homer has the experience to help you with many of your questions & challenges. Mark My Words is a successful, eccentric & introverted businessman’s experience of 20 years with no waffle, ads, bravado or big pitches. Mark will interview the worlds most successful business, finance & money experts as well as impart his knowledge in a factual, direct manner. Mark runs & owns multiple businesses & property portfolios so teaches you what he does on a ...
Mouse Guardians
Mouse Guardians is an actual-play podcast of the Mouse Guard 2nd Edition tabletop RPG game. Join us as GM Peter takes Paulomi, Waffles-Chris, Jason, and Tess deep into the world of Mouse Guard for a series of epic tales.
Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.Our aim is to cast a light into the ...
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SPOILER ALERT: SideKickBack in action, reviewing the last two days of matches and previewing tomorrow: Belgium v. Tunisia, South Korea v. Mexico, and Germany v. Sweden.
This week, law enforcement analyst Vincent Hill discusses Judi Glisson’s plea deal in Nashville after being the cause of death for Nashville Police Officer Eric Mumaw (an officer I worked with). If you aren’t familiar with the story, Officer Mumaw was killed while trying to rescue a suicidal Glisson, whose car was sinking into the Cumberland Ri ...…
I chat with Allan Kirkeby, the designer behind Itchy Monkey. An abstract strategy game about lice. We talk about: The age old question - how do you start - theme or mechanics? The importance of community Waffles
On this weeks episode we discuss Jamie Foxx’s alleged dick scandal and if we’d be down to get slapped with his johnson, TI’s newest chick, the stupid waffle house that n-words can’t seem to stay out of, the word of the week and more. So, sit back relax and Sip Up On ThisPlease be sure to rate, comment and subscribe !!! Follow us on ig: bypopula ...…
Debi share creative ways to avoid the burnout of a Road Trip. And of course, you will have to hear how she finds Love Out Of The Blue on the road in 25 Days, 5,000 Miles, 14 States. If you like chicken and waffles you are going to like hearing what Debi did.
Welcome to the Final Fantasy X-2 episode of Operation Sequel. Join Dave as he waffles back and forth!
This week we watched anime films. Forrest watched The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013), Ben watched Porco Rosso (1992), and Dan watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006). Links: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013) - IMDb Porco Rosso (1992) - IMDb The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) - IMDb…
This Fathers Day weekend, we are coming to you from the Pine Tree State. We discuss the latest news, family reunion dynamics and how Maine compares to Florida and New York in the "crazy news stories" genre. Diana does her obnoxious laugh MANY times. Enjoy!
In this episode of Savage A.F. with Shang and Black Pedro they talk with guests Derek Gaines (@theGreatBoy), Brett Riley (@MrBrettRiley), Edgar Rivera (@EdgarRiveraComedy), and Matt Richards (@MattWasFunny) about a plethora of topics including their opinions of the definition of being woke, the media's take on the mass shooting in a Nashville W ...…
What can we add to overwhelmingly positive reception of Avengers: Infinity War? Probably nothing, but we waffle on anyway.
Florida couple gets arrested at Waffle House (10:30) Dennis Rodman brings Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung Un together (27:00) Terrell Owens throws shade at the NFL Hall of Fame (50:00) Thoughts on the XXL 2018 Freshman Class (1:00:00) Top 3 "Green" Vegetables of All Time (1:07:00)
Vegan wont eat it - Big stretch - bubbly salt water - #micheal - potcoin - new pronoun - recanceled again - Freelove - No waffle @ the affle -jump base - Sir Vay? - Women know - Capricorn Dental - Golden Circle - had an Asian Head - Who CAN? - Alan Smith = Deacon Radio - ID's as Fem Enjoy - Deacon
Our movie critic reviews the new movies in theaters.
Steph brought in maple bacon with a sweet cicely waffle and oxalis leaf, slow cooked beef brisket with crispy sage, and pickled chilies, and a sage hotdog with hyssop onions and bubbles cress.
This is a pre "Father's Day show" with me & Regular Dan NY K as we talk about the latest news and the KRS-One concert we recently attended , plus a gang of new hip hop joints ,tune in & enjoy..... Benny f Skyzoo - The Hunter Chris G - Intro Kool G Rap f Termanology & Saigon - Running Napoleon Da Legend - Chicken & Waffles Loyal Connection - The ...…
All four of us are in the steeper this week to pay tribute to Anthony Bourdain, pick our Pirates of the Caribbean names, and retrace Jared Leto's journey from terrible to ok and back to terrible again. Show Notes Harb Binli comes to the Hourchive Instagram feed SO Delicious Caramel Cashew Cluster ice cream Interlude music: Iggy Pop: The Passeng ...…
Oh yes, finally back home. I was in Las Vegas and then I flew right into Tampa. What a trip. I had a great time. It goes fast. All the great restaurants my friends took me to, thanks! Food was great everywhere I went. I'm here now though, exhausted but ready to work. Another episode of World Hip Hop for you. So no rest for me. Let's go. Enjoy t ...…
Landree forces Drew to eat tofu that has been cooked in a waffle iron. Also: Award Season, World Cup Scoring, and Housesitting Fires
This week's episode (recorded on June 10, 2018) is dedicated to the craziest state in the union...FLORIDA! Cate and Liz kick things off by discussing some of the best headlines out of the sunshine state before bringing on their special guest Florida correspondent Sarah! Sarah dishes on daily life as a Floridian, reports on some recent weird new ...…
Man, this one was fun! We talked about a fun night we had out with the fellas, then segue into some hardcore food debates:-pancakes, waffles, or french toast?-tacos or burritos?Also, we answer some more fan emails!
Yahoo Messenger is to be shut down on July 17th marking a 20-year run when it competed with likes of ICQ. What happened to ICQ anyway? I give you the folks the lowdown on what is happening here and so far the feedback from everyone has been happy with the slightly shorter shows. I also talk about my upcoming travel and my concern for the Ohana ...…
On this weeks episode: Mat and Robby get REAL deep into the world cup and previewing the group stages. We pick each groups winners and then make some predictions you cant miss! Whether you know some coming in or your totally new this episode effectively breaks down everything you'll need to know to be ready for Thursday.…
This week on Talking in Stations we will be talking with ProGodLegend with Test Alliance Please Ignore as the clear winner of the conquest for stations. We will be looking back at the takeover of Pandemic Legion sovereignty in Providence with TEST FC Farmstink and the tale of Lumio Tilavine – the ‘hero’ of Providence. The legendary corp Ushra’K ...…
Excursions Playlist: ADaD & Tensei, featuring Black Thought & Yaw - I'm Gonna Make It Black Thought - 9th vs Thought The Foreign Exchange - June ADaD & Tensei, featuring Yaw - Danger Us The Lytics - Glow Kali Uchis, featuring Bootsy Collins & Tyler, The Creator - After The Storm (Pete Rock remix) Potatohead People - Late Show Theme Robohands - ...…
1. Milez Grimez & Swan Notty - Sound The Horns produced by Marco Polo2. J.Cole - 1985 (DJ Premier Remix)3. Blak Flag - Rainy Night4. Klaus Layer - Force (ft The Artifacts, Blu)5. D Strong & Giallo Point - Life's Chore6. Oowop The Don - Day Wonin (ft Royal Flush, Large Professor)7. Sam Krats - The Chosen (ft Ruste Juxx)8. Lewis Parker - Time To ...…
Recap of the week in wrestling of 6/3/2018. This week Bryan explains the difference between pancake and waffle batter, Thackrey has ideas for the women’s division, and Nick makes an unwelcome list. Our theme song is Danger Renegade Snake by Transpanda off the album Goats Against Humanity. Be sure to rate, comment, and share you marks!…
No sugar coating (0:00), you cannot separate party from president (2:05), racism is NOT politics (11:34), Auntie Maxine!, f Waffle House & 52 military wives (18:40), the next Dem ticket & don’t cannibalize (28:40), Worst NBA #1 seed, gambling is worse than weed, some hockey and golf, (38:38), Mother’s Day, the perfect Father’s Day, and Dr. Drai ...…
The Monday Curtain Jerks are back with your Monday Locker Room here at #HaminMedia. On this weeks episode: New details from the Fox & WWE Negotiations WWE vs Al Qaeda? Has Roseanne set back the Hulk Hogan return? CM Punk vs Dr Amann Stephanie McMahon on Undercover Boss Triple H on carpool karaoke Waffles over Pancakes? All In 2? King Taven save ...…
Math is the theme of this week, with songs ranging from the Golden Ratio influenced classical of Bela Bartok to the origins of Math Rock — the harder-than-hard punk of Nomeansno and Black Flag. Some new Aesop Rock, some British novelty acts, and even a little Danny Kaye round things out. WAFFLES! is podcast under a SOCAN 22F tariff. Playlist is ...…
So many companies and brands claim diversity and inclusion as apart of their corporate culture, but what does it really mean today? We see companies like Starbucks, H&M, the Waffle House, and others under scrutiny for racial bias and . We we walk into our work spaces we sometime have to battle stereotypes and perception of people of color. We c ...…
Talks of finals, LeBron, questions to women, and chicken broth
This week we watched films directed by Sidney Lumet. Ben watched Find Me Guilty (2006), Dan watched Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007), and Forrest watched 12 Angry Men (1957). Links: Find Me Guilty (2006) - IMDb Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007) - IMDb 12 Angry Men (1957) - IMDbBy Awful Waffle.
In this podcast David discusses Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, an institution that has declared war on their workers. Lady-Debbie Duncan Cook and Johnny Eric Williams, a member of The American Association of University Professors chapter at Trinity, will be our guests. Debbie worked at Trinity for 32 years. She was callously laid off ...…
Matt Dunn of Backbone Radio enters "The Conservative Underworld" of Chuck & Julie on Memorial Day. Opening Monologues on American Sovereignty. Good news abounds in the Trump Era. Defending and supporting the American Middle and Working Classes -- the necessary antidote to globalist predation. Anticipating Red Wave Election in 2018, reviewing De ...…
Goat James!! E3 predictions, In Houston we pray and much much more...
President Leaves Door Open To June 12 Talks With Kim; CNN Source: Kelly And Flood Asked To Leave Classified Briefing As President Escalates Misinformation Campaign Against FBI; President Waffles on Canceling North Korea Summit; Man Hit By Lava Bomb While Trying To Protect Homes; via Knit
Movie critic Willie Waffle reviews the new Star Wars movie "Solo".
Early consistency in relationships vs few months into the relationship
we discuss TonytheTyger having son; well not him but his girlfriend, waffle house fire and more
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss Joseph: King of Dreams. A direct-to-video prequel to The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams retells the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Led by his oldest brother Judah (Mark Hamill), Joseph (Ben Affleck) is sold into slavery as a prank. After cleaning floors, suffering in a ...…
Another fortnight and another episode of the Pixel Pop Movie Podcast! This fortnight Toby, Ethan and Lucas bring us a literal metric tonne of news from all over the interwebs. So much cool and interesting things are happening and we just have to talk about them. As well as our usual bickering, banter and roasting (in particular Ethan gets a goo ...…
Welcome back everyone! Apologies for the small break from uploads. Life got busy but we are now back on track. Join us as we talk about some current events from the last couple of weeks! Thank you for listening and we hope you have a great week!
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