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A radio play that follows the behind the scenes drama of the William Henry Harrison High coed field hockey team. Listen to WRGW, George Washington University's student radio station, at
Sophisticated News. But Not in That Pussy, French Way.
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An interview with University president Dr. Thomas LeBlanc where he discusses student life, recent administration departures and his favorite "only at GW" moment. He also addresses students' concerns about the selection process for commencement speaker.
Dean of Student Affairs and Vice Provost Peter Konwerski (@GWPeterK) comes on to talk about his stepping down from his position and looks back on his time at GW. Also, he answers questions about GW President Thomas LeBlanc's inauguration and the 2017 Student Association election controversy.With André Gonzales, Dayna Weintraub, Isa DelPino, Ker ...…
GW vs. Fordham
GW vs. Holy Cross
GW vs. Morgan State
GW @ Miami
WRGW’s Tribute to Steven Smith
Donyell Marshall on Half Jewish Sports
Drew Silva on Half Jewish Sports
Bracketologist Joe Lunardi calls into WRGW’s the big.
This spot promoted We Are Scientists performing live at the Hard Rock Cafe.
This spot promotes a late March concert by We Are Scientists in the Hard Rock cafe in Washington. It also promotes a good cause.
Hey! You have a computer! Great job on finding the best internet out there. That's right, you've found the Communique. It's like finding Waldo, but if that actually improved your life in some fashion. On this edition, taped on February 27th, we had our first Culinary Arts segment, and our good friend, the head of the GW College Democrats, Cory ...…
This Friday’s News at 6 interviewed Justin Hollimon, candidate for SA President. Hollimon believes that the key to being student body president is “to reshift the focus [of the SA] to advocacy.” He wants to make the organization more transparent, while working on practical issues that will impact students, like an improved dining plan. Hollimon ...… WRGW Senior Economic Correspondent Carl Fisher gives insight into the economic crisis facing the nation and how it will affect GW students and their families. Then, SA Senator (CCAS) Logan Dobson talks campus politics, defends his proposal for a $25 mandatory library fee.…
More controversy swirls around the Student Association as the resignation of Chief of Staff Greta Twombly continues a string of departures. Kim Wollner, chairwoman of the SA’s Socially Responsible Initiatives Commission and close administration confidant discusses the development. Then, Brandon Hines, GW College Republicans Public Relations Dir ...… Jared Pliner and Jesse Regis sat down for an exclusive with Student Association Senator and Presidential hopeful Nick Polk this afternoon to discuss issues facing the student body and the upcoming 2-day long SA election February 25th and 26th. Polk discussed J-Street mandatory spen ...…
On Februrary 13, 2009 WRGW and Program Board hosts a concert featuring Jason Mraz and Ben Folds in honor of the 80th birthday of WRGW. This promo spot aired the weeks leading up to the concert.
This simple spot honors the 80th birthday of WRGW. This is the same spot heard at the beginning of the Mraz and Folds Concert promotional spot.
Hey Internet! It's us, The Communique! We've got a new show on now, and it's pretty good. It's Sam Fox-Hartin, Kelly Zentgraf, and Adam Leighton. We told a bunch of jokes again. It was fun. We're doing a show again on Friday. You should check it out. The Communique 1-6-09.mp3 Later Skaters! -The Communique! Here is the podcast of our most recen ...…
The Communique came back even stronger with its second installment in this still young year. So play some Mad Libs, and talk about Iceland with your friends at the Communique! Seriously, who watches the Super Bowl anyway? The Communique 1-30-08.mp3 From all of us here at the Communique, Go Springsteen! Here is the podcast of our most recent show.…
If you're on the internet, and you can read this, well, then you've come to the right place. Why? you might ask. Because this is the COMMUNIQUE! This week, look for our President George W. Bush retrospective, and Matt and Sam's crazy thug hip-hop lifestyle finally spills into the week's news. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the awesome. The Commu ...…
On Friday, January 23rd, GW lost a fellow Colonial. Laura Treanor was a junior journalism student from Yorktown, NY. She was member of Phi Sigma Sigma and a reporter for the Hatchet. On January 25th, WRGW’s News In-Depth presented a tribute to honor the life of Laura Treanor. Laura Treanor Tribute While in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, WRGW was able to catch up with Cory Struble, the president of GW College Democrats and Alicia Froio, incoming GW freshman and current chair of the Young Democrats of America’s High School Caucus.…
DC Federation of College Republicans and GW College Republicans Chairman Brand Kroeger traveled to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Check out our interview with him, minutes before Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain’s speech.…
Check out Eli Paperboy Reed and the True Loves in this week’s Concert to Consider by WRGW arts reporter Shawn Willis.
Why is GW tuition so high? Jared Pliner of WRGW talks to Vice President Robert Chernak about where all of that money is going.
Hey all of you internet-using people, It's the return of the Communique! We've got our holiday special done, just in time for you to talk about it while arguing over well prepared meat. There's carols galore, and our horrible singing voices take the pain out of any forgotten present. So sit back, relax, and let the force flow through you, becau ...…
Continuing coverage from Denver, Colorado, of the Democratic National Convention.
Back from Thanksgiving, eh? Well, if you didn't get trampled on Black Friday you can listen to this week's edition of THE COMMUNIQUE! with Amanda Leslie as our guest. After all those leftovers you should just sit down, turn your computer on, and laugh it off. The Communique 11-21-08.mp3 It's now day 17 of the Kroger Watch. All hope is lost. It' ...… This is a somewhat controversial spot about sports rivalries. The name says it all! Produced by Adam Rosenbloom.
We have updated our Colonials Sports spot for the 08-09 basketball season, including new highlights, players, personalities, and yes, that new Colonials head basketball coach! Produced by Adam Rosenbloom.… Birdmonster came into WRGW studios for a live interview as part of Octoberfest on WRGW, which was re-edited into this new WRGW spot! Produced by August Conwell. Pete Francis came into our studios for a live interview during Octoberfest on WRGW, which was edited into this new WRGW spot. Produced by Kat Ference. This is the current form of the Bob Costas spot, re-edited in hopes of putting him in the best possible light! Produced by Adam Rosenbloom. Bob Costas was kind enough to join The Read Deal with Greg Shapiro on October 31, and had this to say about his new WRGW spot!
Bob Costas of the Olympics and the HBO Series, On the Record, did a spot read for WRGW Sports after his appearance on the Kalb Report on October 13th, and we turned it into this spot. Produced by Adam Rosenbloom.
Here's our broadcast from Halloween Night, where we interviewed the President of the College Democrats, Cory Struble. The Communique - 10-31-08.mp3 Be sure to tune in this Friday, when Conor Rodgers, a member of the College Republicans Executive Board, will be on. Stay Newsworthy, America. Here is the podcast of our most recent show.…
This is our broadcast from November 7th, 2008. We were scheduled to interview Conor Rodgers, a member of the College Republicans E-Board, but he did not appear for the interview. It is theorized he was intimidated by our hard hitting style of journalism, or trapped under something very heavy. The Communique 11.7.08.mp3 If America Could Talk, Th ...…
Here's our Intro and Outro. Tonight at 10, you'll here these live. Intro.m4a Outro.m4a Stay Newsworthy America. Here is the podcast of our most recent show.By (Sam Fox-Hartin).
Test WRGW 30 Spot Pete Francis.mp3 Here is the podcast of our most recent show.By (Sam Fox-Hartin).
The heart pounding conclusion. Who wins? Who loses? It all comes down to this.By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
Coolidge makes amends.By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
Suresh goes shopping for a new stick. Coolidge makes amends.By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
Morgansen expresses relief, while Nate Coolidge hits rock bottom.By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
Brent returns from Mexico to settle some unfinished business. Swift and Veronica get comfortable with each other.By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
An angry confrontation between Coolidge and Swift. Where's Brent Morgansen? (Please note that episode 5 was performed live and is being re-mixed for the web).By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
The school reacts to losing the big game, Veronica attempts a reconciliation, and what happened to Science Chick?By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
Aftermath from last week's party fiasco and the first game of the season. Is the team prepared?By (WRGW: The Sports Drink).
The premier episode of the web's hottest new radio drama, One-a-Days. In this episode, meet the players on William Henry Harrison High's coed field hockey team as they prepare for the start of a new season. Get ready to follow the battle between Senior Nate Coolidge and Sophomore Ryan Swift as they struggle to determine whose team this really i ...…
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