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Every week, WTDG breaks down a title, genre, event, idea, or cultural aspect of gaming.
The FCS Wedge
FCS Football Discussion
Mike Twohig is the owner of Edge Construction and has been building houses in Wisconsin for more than 22 years. He specializes in interior woodwork and bringing a new look into your home. Mike, his two sons Nick and Tom, and the rest of his crew do great work and they do it fast. They accomplish this by only using contractors that can keep to a strict schedule and do quality work and it shows! They now do the woodwork on more than half of the new homes built in Dane County every year. Join h ...
We are a gaming network producing podcasts about gaming, movies, anime, and all things geeky!
Wedge of Enchantment
We talk about Dragon Age things. EXPLICITLY.
WDG Amateur Hour
Fortnightly podcast chatting about amdram in Liverpool, and other such subjects.
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What is your favorite Cornhusker football victory in a non-championship season? Why did I have to get so weirdly specific there? Do you have one? Could you come up with a top five? That was the challenge Hoss brought to the Five Heart Podcast this week. Nothing from 1994, 1995, or 1997. Believe it or not, it wasn’t extremely difficult coming up ...…
This week we discuss the beta for Dragonball FighterZ (on PS4) and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.
Wherein we discuss the most noteworthy (to us) games of 2017.
This week we talk about jumping puzzles.
This week we keep it short because we know you're tired of hearing about League of Legends.
I’m going to let Good Ol JR call that one… Ohio State loss was expected, maybe not to the extent it ended up. But Minnesota? MINNE-FREAKIN’-SOTA??? So this is what it has come to. Nebraska is not good at football in 2017. The signs were there. All the way back to the close win against Arkansas State in Week One. We know change is coming. We kno ...…
This week we provide a deep review of Destiny 2 and discuss the real-world trash economy.
Well, we had certainly hoped that things would have gone better for the Huskers in the last week, but we are faced with a reality that there is still work to be done (shocking, I know). I’m thrilled to bring you a split show this week as I have two guests, two great contributors from Corn Nation, Hoss Reuter and Ty Peteranetz. The first half of ...…
This week we're talking the Hob, Steamworld Dig 2, Cuphead, and the planned obsolesence of interview shoes.
The epic conclusion of the critically-acclaimed two-part mini-series.
As Ryan gets ready for his trip to Japan, he talks all about WTDG lore with Sean.
This week's shorter episode focuses on Blizzard games and Path of Exile.
This week we talk scuba-diving, puppy pool parties, and present listeners with a Twitter challenge.
Double dipping might not be meta, but this episode sure is.
With James out for the week, Sean and Kirby discuss Gigantic, and how to score a date.
This week we primarily discuss Warframe and its upcoming expansion. We also have smaller discussions on Hollow Knight, FFXIV, team builder in League of Legends, SGDQ, and of course, Terrace House.
This week we talk PLAYERUNKNOWNS: Battlegrounds, Doomfist, Stukov, and FFXIV.
Mario goes to the city for a big fat slice of Brooklyn style pizza. Then, he throws his hat at the pizza and becomes the pizza. This week, we do a one-on-one interview with a pizza wearing Mario's hat and mustache..
Okay, the last few episodes might have had some joke-y themes but let's be real: it's E3 week.
We're excited to bring you a whole episode dedicated to video game discussion! Join us this week with our video game expert, Sean, while we discuss the latest and greatest in digital games.
We're excited to bring you our annual Philadelphia Week podcast! This week we're featuring Sean, our friendly Philadelphia expert, to tell us all about video games in Philadelphia.
We're excited to bring you our annual Cheese Week podcast! Remember when we hired that cheese expert to join us? Well....
I don't know how this episode ended up being about haircuts.
This episode isn't really about anything, but we probably end up talking about.... Hearthstone? Food? Precious metals? Let's find out!
This week we're talking about all the new changes in Heroes of the Storm 2.0, and whether it offers enough to rope in new players and bring back old players.
Herein we discuss our desperate attempts to create the perfect Persona 5 fan-art.
This is not a Ghost Recon: Wildlands episode...or is it?
We talk first impressions of Journey to Un'Goro and second impressions of Persona 5.
Two games about going to school— Persona 5 and Has-Been Heroes—lead the discussion this week.
Since James writes the episode descriptions, this week we're discussing how The Force Awakens is the coolest of all Star Wars films. Full-length podcast on Konosuba still forthcoming.
We talk the beginning of Nier and thoughts on week 3 of Zelda (still mostly spoiler free).
We start off the week with some virtual reality discussion, then we spoil all of Resident Evil and a little bit of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (we warn before spoilers come).
We played Breath of the Wild this week and are excited to share our thoughts with you! Although we've played a large portion of the game we go in to very little detail and try our best to keep things spoiler free (no in-depth discussion beyond the tutorial area).
A few days before the release on Breath of the Wild, we talk about our experience with past games in the series, and what got us into gaming in the first place.
We gave For Honor another shot and discuss it in detail this week
This week we spend over an hour praising Nioh.
Featuring Resident Evil 7 discussion, spoiler free!
We're still catching up on everything that released and 2016 (and before that) but we also discuss initial thoughts on Resident Evil 7.
What does 2017 hold for video games? Frankly, we have no idea. That won't stop us from guessing!
Sean, James, and Ryan all select Overwatch as 2016 Game of the Year. With that out of the way, listen for our other favorites!
This week we wrap up our discussion of 2016's noteworthy games.
2016 was a great year for games so let us tell you about our favorites from the January to May!
We're playing too much Hearthstone to record a full-length episode.
We're chatting up those new Pokemon and continuing our discussion on Dishonored 2 and Hearthstone's upcoming expansion. There's also a Final Fantasy XIV discussion that James walks out on.
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