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Welcome to the official podcast for /r/xboxone Subreddit!Party Chat is a community podcast which involves members of the subreddit, moderators, developers, and other industry insiders.Topics include industry news, rumors and subreddit current events.Currently Hosted by:/u/uncle_jessy - Uncle Jessy (AKA Clayton Parker)/u/Moss842 - Ross Miller/u/Delicious_Cheese - Rhys Constance/u/RetroKrystal - Carina Calvert
We are a positive gaming and Xbox One community. We believe that gaming can and does have a positive impact on our lives and on the world. We are a community of friends who love gaming, comics, fantasizing about super powers and making lame jokes. We strive to bring you news, informative discussion and good times on a weekly basis all while discussing the world that is Xbox One. We are the brothers you never had and the sisters you always wanted... we are the XoneBros.
A console and PC gamers based podcast from The Veteran Gamers at where we give unbiased views on the games industry
IGN's Destiny addicts convene to talk about the joys, trials, and tribulations of life as a Guardian.
The official podcast of, every week the guys discuss the latest games, issues affecting the industry and more! This is THE gaming podcast for mature gamers.
Major Nelson Radio
The (sometimes) weekly unofficial podcast from inside Xbox at Microsoft.
The Giant Bomb East team gathers to talk about the week in video games, their lives, and basically anything that interests them. All from New York City!
Xbox The All In One
Podcast by Matthew Nemeth
Idle Weekend
Kick off the weekend as Danielle Riendeau and Rob Zacny bring their unique perspectives to video games and pop culture.
The Show Radio
Andrew Alliance and Daniella Manansala share the biggest stories in Technology, Video Games, and Entertainment.
Destiny Reset
Welcome to the Destiny Reset Podcast - the show about everything Destiny the Game! Every week, Hosts and Destiny Addicts AER0KNIGHT & CyborgSasquatch update you on their most recent reset, all the latest Destiny News and Rumblings, and hash out a main topic to keep you at the top of your game. You can also expect in depth tips, commentary from other players, the occasional Community Guest, and a healthy dose of the #DRPfam--the amazing community that has formed around the show. Tune in and s ...
Congratulations! You've found the most biased video game podcast on the planet! Join hosts Alex and Anthony as they offer their unique no-holds barred take on everything video gaming, from their passions to the controversies.
Breaking down the latest gaming news, history, and culture every week. Plus chiptune & video game music, industry interviews, and other cool features from the gaming world! If you like the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Giant Bombcast, Retronauts, Kotaku Splitscreen, What's Good Games, or Completely Unnecessary Podcast, you'll enjoy this show. Hosted by editors Ryan & Taylor Reeh.
Idle Weekend
Kick off the weekend as Danielle Riendeau and Rob Zacny bring their unique perspectives to video games and pop culture.
the Fallout Feed
A Fallout show. Visit asapodcasting.comThis Podcast was created using
Podcast Unlocked
Love Xbox? IGN's Podcast Unlocked is your source for everything Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you live and breathe Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and more, Podcast Unlocked has you covered. Tune in every week for the latest video game news for Xbox junkies around the globe.
DayOne GameCast
A comedic gaming podcast where actual gamers talk about actual games! We give our honest opinions on the gaming industies biggest news. Expect to laugh, talk, and game with us!
Podcast by Spawn Wave
Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show that spawn from them with unique perspective, from the minds of three very different gamers. Johnnie, Garrett & Joshua are a crew of 3 friends who love chopping it up about games and all the media they love and thought, "Hey, we do this all the time anyway so lets do it in a podcast!". Join the Super Co-op Squad as they talk about current gaming trends, upcoming titles, movies & more, and ...
Green UP Gaming!
Monthly+ We talk video games, tv, movies and podcasts. Find us on twitter @greenuppodcast & Feel free to email us at Call our voicemail (424) 262-2435
"Kids, wives, and 9 to 5's but we're still married to the games." Married to the Games is a weekly podcast discussing video games, marriage, jobs and more. Join the crew of Gabe Patillo, Tim Rauter, Chris McCrackin, and Ed Placencia as they discuss all the latest gaming news, offer marriage tips and discuss the balance between family commitments and their love for the games.
Frag Tag Radio
Explosive, highly entertaining video game podcast. Gaming news, reviews, rumors, rants.
Years ago, John Davison and Garnett Lee were half of the lineup of the popular 1UP Yours podcast. Now, they live hundreds of miles apart - but still get together to talk about videogames whenever possible.John lives in the Bay Area while Garnett lives in Los Angeles, and has his own weekly podcast called Garnett on Games. Every Wednesday they get together for a live Google Hangout to chat about games, and then they post the audio as a podcast the following day. Each show they talk about gami ...
Sean and Vinnk take to their microphones about the latest video game news, review Future Retro titles, and lament their growing Pile of Shame. Produced by That's Orange, LLC. Updated Fridays.
Listen to the Lore!
Do you really love All Hallows' Eve? Well you're in luck! Because here EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN! This is a monthly podcast that gets you into the spirit all year long. You can expect horror film and television reviews, clips from your favorite Halloween specials, spooky vintage music, new frightening mixes, pumpkin beer reviews, scary and kooky video game reviews...Just about any and everything that makes you feel as if it is October 31st again and again!
The official weekly podcast of Say No To Rage where we interview a Twitch streamer, discuss Destiny, and talk about relevant game reviews and news.
Game Crunch
Describing Game Crunch as only a video game podcast may be true, but there is more than meets the eye. Join hosts Mike, Brandon and Nick as they take you through the video game world by talking about games, news, gaming news, movies, television and whatever crazy topic or absurdity derails the conversation. With a rotating door of guests it's hard to guess what will happen next. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy a podcast that's only problem is not being broadcast in Sumerian!
Video game news from the Trinity Force Network
We're three gamers that love talking about games! Join us weekly for news, interviews, and opinions from the world of Xbox!
Every week, a ragtag group of 1UP personnel sit down and talk about whatever the heck is on their mind.
It's all about video games! The official podcast of
Podcast Unlocked
Love Xbox? IGN's Podcast Unlocked is your source for everything Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you live and breathe Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and more, Podcast Unlocked has you covered. Tune in every week for the latest video game news for Xbox junkies around the globe.
The Bonfire Bunch
Discussion on the topics of Dark Souls 1 & 2, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, and general gaming shenanigans. Expect some salty language & inappropriate humor.We need YOUR help to keep this show on the air! If you like your content, please throw us a few bucks by donating through PayPal at the link below. Any amount helps!
Tina, Sam, Alice, and Chris dissect the strange gaming news of the week, pick through user blogs, read dirty fanfiction, and just generally bring shame and disgrace upon the once hallowed medium of videogame podcasting.
Two drunks (Max and Mike) and a Jesse talk about video games! Each episode the trio deep dive into current releases and interesting topics about the world of gaming! Join in for the laughs and play along with the guys!
Join EA SPORTS Game Changers MadScientist and Shopmaster as they discuss the latest EA SPORTS News, Interviews, Tips and Tricks.
Jerrett Calloway (Blade206), Charles King (DCI), and Wynton Harris (Worsecase) from First Players join forces like Voltron to bring gamers honest opinions of the gaming industry and the best infotainment on the net. Listen and laugh!
A podcast all about video games & the gamer! All the news you want to know about New and upcoming games from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, other! Covering Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Enjoy!This is the Redesigned podcast used to be known as the GamerTech Audiocast here on the JuJu2Cast Network via
My Favourite Game
Personalities in the games industry talk about their favourite game ever, how they grew up with games and more within the games industry.
Keith and Kyle talk about video games, make you laugh.
The DLB-Network Podcast is a gaming podcast were we discuss the latest news from PlayStation Xbox Nintendo PC and much more. If gaming talk is what your looking for then look no more we've got you covered.
A place where Geeks can speak freely about the things they love. We might be addicted but that isn't a problem around here. Geekoholic's are addicted to everything Geek, from games to movies you name it and we talk about it. Hosted by your Canadian bros Dayne and Rico, we share our unique take on Geek culture.
Loot The Room
The BEST fan podcast for all things GAMER
Post Game Report
We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
Weekly Games Chat
Chris, Jon and Shaun talk about video games. If you're a gamer and want to know what's new in the world of video games, Weekly Games Chat is for you.
Games Only Podcast
Video games? Take a look at Games Only, the podcast that deals with - Games Only.
Video games are still on the rise. There's a lot to be talked about and a lot to be loved. It gives the kids and adults in the world who don't really want to party an activity to do. It gives the people who don't have many friends an opportunity to make some online and have fun. As gamers we tend to have huge opinions on what should and shouldn't go in our favorite games. The reason I'm starting this podcast is because I want to have a platform where I am able to make the voice of the gaming ...
Join us as talk about all the things we love, Movies, Comics, Tv, Star Wars, gadgets and more. Everyone could use S'more geek in their lives. Join us every week to discuss the latest goings on in the world of geek, and join in on the conversation by following on facebook and twitter.
Welcome to Arsenal X, NGR Radio's Xbox Show. Corey and Edward are back with another podcast, this time to take on the world of Xbox. Join in the shenanigans as they talk news, games, reviews, and more. Episodes launch every Wednesday on your podcast service of choice and broken out daily on the official YouTube channel of NGR Radio! Arsenal X: The Premiere Xbox Show by NGR Radio and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.
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You might’ve seen Nikki Howard on the walls of Equinox Fitness or in an Old Spice commercial. She’s worked with Sprite, GMC, Lucky Brand, Xbox, Bose and American Express. Not only is she a model but she’s an actress and is slowly looking to step in the comedy world. Born in New York and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, she’s a mix of Russian, Pol ...…
On this week's episode we ponder the possibilities of what a Statham vs shark fist fight looks like. We also go over the week's Infinity War news as the avenger sized meteor is on collision course. Also we talk about the new Xbox One backward compatible games and so much…
The group is joined by Churn and it starts getting fiscal May your gil forever be increasedGames Tera Xbox One Diablo III Xbox One Dragon Quest Builders Switch The Witness Xbox One Far Cry 5 Xbox One Lost Sphear Switch Ni No Kuni II PS4 and a multitude of Switch gamesStock Corner Nintendo and ActivisionBlizzard stocks discussed in depthNews Fin ...…
Hey everyone Dr Donna here today Im chatting with David Amador of Upfall Studios about his game Quest of DungeonsWe also chat about roguelikes RPGs game development and so much moreIf you want to check out Quest of Dungeons find it on Switch PS4 Xbox One Steam Wii U 3DS and Mobile If you want to find more about Upfall Studios find it out here u ...…
Vit Vit returns and much rejoicing is heard gaming will forever be changed Dont forget to drain those ears before listeningGames Far Cry 5 Xbox One X Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom PS4 Lost Sphear Switch Alliance Alive 3DS HalfLife 2 PC Salt amp Sanctuary PS Vita DKC 2 Diddy Kongs Quest SNES The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch Dragon ...…
This week Alex and David talk about Uber's fatal autonomous crash, Myer's financial troubles, perfected bolognaise and the origin of phrases. Follow-Up Ataribox Update Fatal Autonomous Uber Crash Commerce Corner Myer's $500m First Half Loss Russell 2000 Cooking Corner Slow cook pork Slow cook lamb Alex's Low-Fuss Bolognaise Guinness Stew Lingui ...…
Warren, Jeremy and Andrew join Mathew who is back from vacation for this week's show. Discussion includes Paper Girls and Saga graphic novels, Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption Xbox One X enhancements, Fortnite, Radical Heights, Casey Neistat's new creator space, the full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Ready Player One impressions. *** SP ...…
Gals have an exceptional knack for controlling the power play in online dating. They take what little power they have in their real life and employ it against the male population in a display of silent anger by denying real high value males worth listening to the ability to even interact with them. You see it all the time. Gals literally swipe, ...…
Colby returns this week for one of our more bizarre podcasts. While we did have a serious plan going into this one it fell by the wayside as we reconnected like long lost brothers. While we did spend some time trying to figure out where Xbox fits in the current console environment, things quickly took a turn for the stranger side. Either way, t ...…
Crowley welcomes Curtis as this week's guest host. The two of them discuss #GamesAsAService #RTSGames and #SurvivingMars Is #GaaS good for the gaming industry and gamers in general? What current games are examples of how #GaaS impacts gaming? Curtis then breaks down #SurvivingMars #PS4 #XBOXONE #PCGAMING #NINTENDOSWITCH #Podcast #PodcastLifeYou ...…
Short one this time with Drac and Calico looking at a few select games coming out in April. Future Proof The Haunting of Baskerville (PC) – April 9th Extinction (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – April 10 Maelstrom (PC) – April 11th God of War (PS4) – April 20 Nintendo Labo, Variety Kit & Robot Kit (Switch) – April 20 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchirid ...…
Main Review: Ali Recommendations: Ben - SOMM and SOMM: Into the Bottle Tyler - Xbox One X Neil - Veronica Follow Ben on Twitter at @CroghanMaster. Follow Neil on Twitter at @dinoneilman. Tyler on Twitter at @TylerOwen and find his game at Feel free to email us any thoughts and questions at See th ...…
Welcome back to another episode of the Gamescast, where a tired weary Joe and Adam, recap the week in games. This week the guys played a bunch of games, including the new Co-Op prison escape game, A Way Out. While Joe finally finished Call of Duty: WWII, Adam tried his hands at PUBG mobile, and celebrated opening day with MLB 18 The Show. Adam ...…
Who knew when you cross Neopets with porn you get furries? Show Notes: 0:1:59 - Fortnite Patch Notes 0:07:58 No Man's Sky Update Coming to Xbox 0:09:51 Sea of Thieves Death Tax Revoked 0:11:21 Fortnite in Schools is a Problem 0:20:00 Dragon Quest 11 coming to PS4, PC and Switch No 3DS Version 0:23:30 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creative Director Le ...…
On this week's Geek Heart Games podcast, will God of War III opinions split our dynamic duo? Sam can't resist a deal and played a lot of disappointing games as a result, though she finally got to play Resogun multiplayer with our good friend Aleandro! Cody took on the terrifying new pickle monster of Monster Hunter World. We're getting back int ...…
The most anticipated bad guy of 2018 is here in Far Cry 5. How does he rank among the greatest bad guys of all time? Do we love to hate him, or was your angry grandma scarier than this poser? The question must be answered and we have it! Pull up a chair, and lets us pleasure the crap out your ear drums for the next 2 hours as you listen to the ...…
This week the fellas get into Xbox Live policy changes, hopes for Ready Player One, HQ Trivia and much much more!
Zach is discussing No Man's Sky coming to the Xbox One, Lego The Incredibles gets a release date and much more!
Simone entertains us with even more Fable fables, Kyle takes us on his Sea of Thieves adventures and Lee struggles with news, in what is probably our most profressional episode ever. Playstation console exclusive Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice comes to Xbox, with Xbox One X support in tow, Doom is coming with a 4K patch and Xbox is having another ...…
This week Stu is off boning sheep or whatever so we had Chris from the Bosswave to join us. The show is crap as ever so don't hold your breath. It's not like Chris saved it or anything. I guess if you hate Stu then this is the episode for you. The soundFX's are still here though so I'm sorry about that. Look on the bright side it's not that lon ...…
Thanks to MeUndies for sponsoring this episode.To get your 20% off your first pair, free shipping, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, go to: and Greg talk about the return of No Man's Sky, video game action figures, and more!00:07:20 - HousekeepingThe Roper Report -00:09:40 - Red Faction Guerilla Remaster Coming ...…
Apple goes back to school, but will it make any difference in its battle with Chromebooks? Microsoft unveils a game subscription service, because we live in the era of subscription services. And Facebook has another bad week. This episode of Download is sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code DOWNLOADFM at checkout to g ...…
On today's episode of Caffeinate we check out news stories ranging from new weapons coming to Fortnite, Sony slashing the price of the PSVR heasdet, Sea of Thieves' record-breaking sales and more! Be sure to subscribe to keep up to date on every episode of Caffeinate.Twitter: ...…
Well we've thought long and hard about it, and we've decided to switch allegiances. This is Xbox Radio UK. 0:02:42 - Intro 0:11:37 - Games of The Week 0:42:26 - Biggest Xbox One Games To Play In 2018 0:48:46 - Goodbyes n Stuff Website - Email - Twitter - @PSRadioUK Facebook - www.fa ...…
Well we've thought long and hard about it, and we've decided to switch allegiances. This is Xbox Radio UK. 0:02:42 - Intro 0:11:37 - Games of The Week 0:42:26 - Biggest Xbox One Games To Play In 2018 0:48:46 - Goodbyes n Stuff Website - Email - Twitter - @PSRadioUK Facebook - www.fa ...…
This week Matt and Matt Talk about: The physical distance between Matt and the world's largest ball of twine, Matt was apparently a free style rap artist at one point in his life, Wifi crashes in schools nation wide due to Fortnite Mobile, Overwatch League's super shady code of conduct, Matt goes to Disney 2 days in a row because Florida, Urine ...…
Kevin Gammill of Microsoft Cloud Gaming Services joins us to close out GDC 2018. We discuss his contributions to the successful launch of the Xbox One X, the state and future of game development using cloud technology, and what game devs stand to gain from embracing cloud-based tech.
This week, Marc and Riley talk about today's Apple educational event, the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, downloading your Facebook archive (and the problems it might cause you), and Marc's quest to #DeleteFacebook. Speed round: -The iPhone camera sound is a Canon AE-1 film camera -Foxconn is buying Belkin (and, by proxy, Linksys and Wemo) -Netflix ...…
Today I discuss A Way Out, the recently released game for PS4 and Xbox One. I also provide a quick overview of my thoughts regarding the Amazon Prime series Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Enjoy!
Hello everyone and welcome to episode thirteen of HCS Pro Talk! In this weeks episode, Will and Josh bring you the post-show for HWC Columbus. We also finally have some information in regards to the Optic split, a new Halo novel coming soon, among many other things! Thanks for listening and as always, links to everything discussed within the sh ...…
Bringing you everything that is FRESH in the Gaming Industry. Opinionated and Unadulterated! Hold on as we cruise thru these gaming streets. Stay FRESH my peoples!
Caffeinate is streamed live on every weekday morning at 6am EST. Today's topics include the biggest news stories from over the weekend, from Hellblade coming to Xbox One to the newest Street Fighter TV show that has found an audience. Twitter: @PrettyChillGuyYouTube: /SamuelAdamsMediaTwitch: /TheSamuelAdams…
Holy cow, we're already at episode 60 of the Deep Six Podcast!? Feels like just last week we were at episode 59... Time just flies when you're ranting about nonsense, never the less, Steven and Matt are back for your listening enjoyment! The quick hit for this week's show sees the guys discussing artist, Marisa Livingston's, reimagining of the ...…
The week that was (TWTW) takes a look back at the week’s most prominent tech stories from around the world. Video versions of TWTW appear on our website as well as our YouTube channel and Facebook page. For those that prefer an audio only version, you can subscribe to the TWTW podcast feed on iTunes or by add this feed ( ...…
We are live!!! Of War has no Loading Screens? ...…
Welcome back to Games That Betray. On this episode, we take a look at one of the Rare games that many gamers hate: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the Xbox 360. We take a look at the backstory with Rare at the time, and the few things leading up to this game’s release, why this game hurt so many gamers, and figure out some of the reasons why it ...…
This week on the Gaming Pilgrimage Podcast (Episode 141 - It's Clobberin' Time):- Citrus, Macross, Celeste, Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter World - Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Super, Pokemon Crystal- World of Warcraft, Civ VI: Rise and Fall, MedianXL, Star Trek: Discovery- Listen to Brock defend Fantastic Four (2015) for close to 1 ...…
Episode #370 of the SMRpodcast is online and ready for download. It’s a two-man show this week and Robb and Chris walk you through a bit of the tech news from the last week. We question if folks should cancel their Facebook accounts in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica debacle, or, just lock them down keeping your data “safer”. We talk about ...…
It’s your video game industry news update for March 22nd, 2018 – Nintendo schedules a Super Smash Bros. for Switch tournament at E3 2018, GDC 2018 brings about a Nindies Showcase, and Vivendi sells its stake in Ubisoft. The video game industry changes every day and your time is important. Let’s get you caught up, starting right now, on Games in ...…
Episode 200 This week we celebrate our 200 episode. We talk about video game hackers and how to secure your game. A new way to game with Nvidia. Then a good new patch update over at Rare about Sea of Thieves day one. All of this with some new reveals about GameZilla Media and some fan shout outs. Time to Grow Up ...…
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