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Best Z Morning Zoo podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Z Morning Zoo podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Call the Z Morning Zoo on Wednesdays and tell the Zoo what dirty work you want them to do for you! Whether it is telling someone you have had a crush on them for years or telling someone you are interested in someone else. Let them do the dirty work for you!
Phone Scams
Listeners write in or call in the Z Morning Zoo and ask them to prank call someone they know. The prank calls can be anywhere from kids trying to prank their parents to employees trying to prank call their bosses.
War of the Roses
War of the Roses, catching cheaters one at a time! Listeners call the Z Morning Zoo and put their boyfriend/husband to the ultimate test will they or wont they choose them. The Zoo calls the boyfriend/husband and offers him a dozen free red roses to send to anyone they want. The ultimate test is, will they choose the right person.
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Google's Corporate offices called the Zoo request line and were attempting to update the "business listing" for that number. HUGE MISTAKE.By Z Morning Zoo
WAIT A MINUTE!! Using War of the Roses...for GOOD??? Check out what happens when use WOTR to GET a man, rather than LOSE one...By Z Morning Zoo
Imagine coming back from your honeymoon after your wedding, only to find out that there was an "incident" involving one of your bridesmaids, and now she refuses to speak with you about it! You won't believe what it turned out to be!!By Z Morning Zoo
Ashley's back at it again with her favorite character: the OLD WITCH! This time, hear what happens when everyone's favorite old hag decides to rent a house!By Z Morning Zoo
Justine puts her BF Tim to the test, and he gives a surprising answer, with an even more unbelievable reason!By Z Morning Zoo
This might be one of the craziest mix-up stories ever heard on DWW! It all started after a lot of drinking at a Halloween party...By Z Morning Zoo
Everyone's favorite survey taker, Bob Dobalina is back with all new ridiculous questions, that even border on INAPPROPRIATE!By Z Morning Zoo
How would you feel if your man became another woman's "shoulder to cry on"? Especially when that role can lead to so much more...By Z Morning Zoo
Get ready for a double-cross of EPIC proportions! This DWW has a twist ending you WILL NOT see coming!By Z Morning Zoo
After this phone call, I don't think this guy will ever put up Halloween decorations in his yard again...By Z Morning Zoo
Mike loves his GF Brianna, but his sister Nicole does NOT. Now Mike is caught in the middle over a birth control argument where he doesn't know WHO is telling the truth, and who is lying to his face!By Z Morning Zoo
This War of the Roses presents a very interesting argument: is it okay to reach out to an ex, even if it's only to tell him he totally BLEW IT!??By Z Morning Zoo
One of our favorite things to do is ask people to "Go Fund Me" for absolutely stupid reasons to see if they go along with it...By Z Morning Zoo
Ashley's BF Glen has been going to see a co-worker named Shelly perform at a few bars across town. But is he just being a supportive co-worker, or is there something ELSE going on?By Z Morning Zoo
Rachel (and several other people in her office) believes that her boss is sleeping with one of her co-workers, and that's the reason she gets away with murder! Is there some low-down inappropriate behavior going on here? Or is their theory completely WRONG!?By Z Morning Zoo
Sneakerheads are a unique breed. They value their shoe collections like precious GOLD... So what would happen when one sneakerhead found out his wife donated his ENTIRE COLLECTION to a church sale??By Z Morning Zoo
Stephanie pulled a daring move that few girls would ever try during her date with Jeremy. But did it scare him off for good?By Z Morning Zoo
Paige recently took her ex boyfriend Scott back after a brief break-up. But she thinks he may have messed around on the side during their time apart. Are any of these "side projects" still around?By Z Morning Zoo
The people at Animal Control asked us to prank one of their officers who is retiring. Here's the call he got on his LAST DAY of work!By Z Morning Zoo
Kyle found a mysterious website on his wife Brooke's iPad...and now it's got him questioning everything about their marriage...By Z Morning Zoo
Candace has noticed that one of her boyfriend's co-workers (a girl named Rachel) has been liking all his pics on Instagram, and her comments are getting a little bit to "flirty" for comfort... time for an intervention!By Z Morning Zoo
Brandon wasn't exactly THRILLED to find out his GF Hannah spent most of Hurricane Dorian in the apartment down the hall with 2 single guys... but was the weather the ONLY reason she was there??By Z Morning Zoo
After meeting the guy of her dreams and hoping he was THE ONE, Shelby was heartbroken to find out Brian was CHEATING on her the whole time! The only thing left to do is GET REVENGE!By Z Morning Zoo
Everyone's favorite angry man, Frank Kaminski is back! And he's pretty angry at somebody's kid for pushing on the bus...By Z Morning Zoo
Seems like an awful coincidence that Lauren's fiancee James went to Vegas for his bachelor party on the EXACT SAME weekend his ex GF was there celebrating her birthday... and in such a big city, how is it that they just "randomly" ran into each other???By Z Morning Zoo
Samantha has noticed two unusual things lately about her BF Josh. First of all he's posting a lot of pics of himself at the gym on IG. Second, all these pics are being "liked" by the same girl- a girl named Crystal, who he just happens to work with...By Z Morning Zoo
Dirty Work HISTORY was made as we attempted the first ever DWW reveal LIVE ON FACEBOOK. Hear how it all went down as Shaggy sneaks into a hotel to see if Erin's husband Mark is secretly cheating on her!By Z Morning Zoo
After being forced to spend 12 hours at O'Hare in Chicago because an airline booked, delayed, and cancelled three different flights Nick was on, he decided to get even with the airline that did it to him.By Z Morning Zoo
Mike's wife HATES that he plays fantasy football. So she's gonna hate it even MORE when she finds out this year's draft party is at THEIR house, and she's required to make dinner for 20 people!By Z Morning Zoo
Chloe and Matt have been together all summer, and it's getting pretty close to "relationship season." But before she agrees to anything, Chloe thinks one last "test" is in order, to see if she is the only girl on Matt's mind...By Z Morning Zoo
After a successful couple of months dating, Chris dumps Jana claiming they're "too different." But was that the REAL reason? Or was he just covering for a different excuse?By Z Morning Zoo
Crystal's BF Adam claims that the reason for their break-up was because he needed a "little break" to get his life together. Crystal thinks there's a DIFFERENT reason for this break-up. She's about to find out the TRUTH...By Z Morning Zoo
Jeff's wife Lisa went away for a weekend of camping and river-rafting with some co-workers. It was supposed to be a "work retreat..." but Jeff thinks something happened out there that turned it into much, MUCH more...By Z Morning Zoo
This guy goes from calm to INCREDIBLE HULK in just minutes, after hearing that his precious sports cars were involved in a slight "accident..."By Z Morning Zoo
Jason has a suspicion that his GF Shannon has her eyes on another guy...he's about to find out just how right he was...By Z Morning Zoo
Liz is concerned that her husband Pete is a little TOO into his daughter's new soccer team. Turns out, it's not the TEAM that Pete's crazy about...By Z Morning Zoo
What happens when a bride-to-be's FATHER joins her fiance for a night out on the town bachelor party? Well for one thing, the bride's MOM gets VERY nervous! She's about to be even MORE nervous when she gets a call from the ZMZ!By Z Morning Zoo
This one started off like a typical WOTR, but what happened at the very end has all of us scratching our heads still!By Z Morning Zoo
Steve thought when his GF Lindsay ran into her ex a couple months ago in DC that it was a "crazy coincidence." But the same thing happened a month later in Atlanta. Now Steve is wondering if these chance "meetings" aren't really a coincidence at all!By Z Morning Zoo
Is there anybody MORE NERVOUS than a mom who just sent her son away for summer camp for the FIRST TIME??By Z Morning Zoo
What if a business responded to your harsh criticism of them on Twitter with an actual PHONE CALL?By Z Morning Zoo
When Lisa's BF Brice started to suspect something was up, the Zoo thought they were busted! But what happened next is even crazier!By Z Morning Zoo
When Adam discovers that his GF spent the weekend with somebody named "Henry" he DEMANDS to know who this new guy is! But what he finds out is something NOBODY expected!By Z Morning Zoo
They say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" but this time they might be wrong...By Z Morning Zoo
Question: how long will a guy selling his car stay on the line with an old lady while she tells the SAME STORY OVER AND OVER AGAIN? You're about to find out...By Z Morning Zoo
How much will one bride-to-be freak out over a teeny tiny misspelling of her name on the official napkins for her wedding? Well when it's THIS mistake, it turns out she'll freak out a LOT.By Z Morning Zoo
Eli is dating Brittany. She delivers food for Door Dash. But poor Eli is about to discover that FOOD isn't the ONLY thing she's "delivering"...By Z Morning Zoo
Lisa is seriously into Chris, but thinks there might be another woman in his life. She's sort of right...By Z Morning Zoo
Stephanie is pretty sure her man Chad has something going on after he walked out of a movie to take a phone call. He said it was "work calling" but it turns out he was only telling HALF the story...By Z Morning Zoo
What's the only thing worse than having an ex you HATE? How about one that still has nakey pics of you on his phone?By Z Morning Zoo
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