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I am now offering mastering services. I'm charging $30 per track for mastering jobs. $50 per track if you want .DDP for CD's. see for details. I do not require payment up front and you're not obligated to purchase the final product of my mastering work. I will master your track & send it back to you (with watermarks in spots so you can't use it without paying me). If you'd like adjustments, I will do so and send it to you again. You then have the option of either paying me for the finished product, or not. Please list me as the mastering engineer at the bottom of your track description if you publish the tracks with my engineering work. Testimonials to my recent mastering work: "dude, im gonna leave you a huge testimonial, cause it sounds so fucking good,... youve gone so above and beyond that i want to pay you for future work too, youre amazing...." ~Infinati David Pixley ₮he〽️uzzl3 is a founding member of Pixelgasm, found here: Pictures of and by theMuzzl3: Pixelgasm is currently a collective of artists, consisting of Spacey Blurr, Infinati, Scott Anderson, Joseph Wozniak and theMuzzl3. Original tracks that created Pixelgasm was theMuzzl3, Spacey Blurr, and Infinati. Artists from Pixelgasm have individual soundclouds, Twitters, websites, and blogs: Spacey Blurr: theMuzzl3: Infinati: Scott Anderson: Joseph Wozniak: The original long recordings happened in June of 2013, consisting of: Sync'd Ableton Lives and electronic hardware with: Spacey Blurr on synths, vocals, beats, sounds, remix effects; Infinati on synths, vocals, beats, sounds; theMuzzl3 on vocals, percussion, and remix effects. Further projects were done by collaborating online. New tracks are in progress, so check back soon! Check out for a more up-to-date full list of contributors -- need to keep updating it... we have 15 contributors now, and 16 potential contributors for the future.

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