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Home of the Rawcast, part of RawblogRusso.Com. My name is Anthony, aka Rawdog. Since I left my job as an investment banker in March, I’ve played a lot of golf, drank a lot of beer and had a lot of great conversations with friends (close and distant) about a number of topics that men don’t usually talk about. That’s what the Rawcast will feature, along with some special bits - "nuggets" if you will. The Rawcast isn’t just for men. It isn’t meant to be a “guy’s guys” podcast, so women may enjoy a lot of the content as well. Is everything going to be a home run? Probably not. The Rawcast will never be “shock” comedy. It will never be a Dr. Phil therapy session. It’ll just be a mixture of humor of all kinds, mixed with some self-reflection and discovery – all in the spirit of having a few drinks amongst friends.

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