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In the beginning there were 2 turntables and a microphone. Those tools, coupled with a bag of spray cans, some linoleum and youthful expression, eventually gave birth to a movement. Today this movement is moving slower than ever due to the heavy traffic of mainstream media and narrowing paths of creativity that many choose to take. But fortunately there is still a lane available that allows this movement and its travelers to continue moving forward at a steady pace. That lane is Ill Street Grooves. Here on Ill Street we’re all about this movement we call Hip-Hop. We celebrate all aspects of it from the producer to the listener, the bomber to the art buyer, the needle to the groove and the major label artist all the way down to the local MC. Not only do we explore the direction music is currently heading in, but we also map it back to its roots in Funk, Reggae, Soul, Rock and Jazz. And every night on Ill Street is like a block party featuring performances and interviews with a wide range of artists, guest DJ sets, live music jam sessions, on-the-spot ciphers, and more. Every Monday night ease on down Ill Street from 10-11pm on 89.3fm WPFW in DC (or for a live feed online) and let us take you for a ride, or else…….you may end up in that damn traffic!

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