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Victor Weiss, Brazilian and passionate about music, brings an exciting repertoire and loaded with a unique vibe. The tuning with his audience makes for sure , his presentation an sold out event, besides providing unique moments for those who still do not know about he. Influenced by BIg names of "Progressive" and "Electro" House, Weiss creates a expressive and engaging feeling on dance floor. Tuned and curious to everything that happens in the music world, since he was a child, he had big interest in participate in some events of music. This interest resulted in the presence of this recent career DJ in some major events of electronic music in Brazil, United States and Europe. That was how it all started, the vocation in EDM music, caused Victor began his career as a DJ, producing numerous Mashups and setlists that are heard today and requested by fans around the globe. His refined selection of songs accompanying by releases in first hand, shows in a very rich way, his visionary and creative profile. Dj Victor Weiss promises to turn your dancefloor into a musical paradise of high quality.

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