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ABOUT ME I am a Dutch illustrator and animator. I always strive for a simple image, with a clear message, without noise. ABOUT THIS PAGE This SoundCloud page contains my field recordings. An old hobby that grew big over the last years and gives me great pleasure. A lot of these recordings end up being used in my music and live performances one way or another. Follow the Einzelganger-link below to go to my musical project. BINAURAL Some of the recordings are 'binaural', meaning that the method of capture recreates an accurate stereo image of the environment when listened to using headphones. To enjoy this effect, listen to those marked 'Binaural fieldrecording' using headphones! Here's more on binaural recording. GEAR I use a Zoom H2 and Zoom 4Hn recorder. Sometimes with additional Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 binaural microphones. MUSIC Some recordings end up being used in my music. You can hear examples of that on the pages of and

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