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One of the most popular games on Facebook today is Playdom’s “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”. It doesn’t matter if you’ve picked up the game for the first time today or are a veteran Shield Agent… THIS podcast is for you! “From the Helicarrier” is the #1 news source for M:AA and Marvel’s expanded universe. Hosted by Charles “Epic Boss” McFall and fellow Agents Brian “Golden Age” Ibbott, and Paul “Soap Box” Klotz, M:AA is an incredibly in-depth game with many different layers and modes of play. From The Helicarrier gives you a weekly breakdown of game play, including every new development added to the game as well as how to make the most of all your hours of play. In each episode you’ll get tips & tricks and, long running strategy that helps you level up, while taking your opponents down! You’ll find From The Helicarrier on the web at or search Facebook, iTunes, Blog Talk Radio and anywhere your favorite Podcasts are served!

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