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Sports can be very complicated and unpredictable. A straightforward play can turn the whole game around, or maybe a conversational call can change the game around. No matter the game or sport, they all have one thing in common; debatable. That’s what we do on our podcast, Double Take Sports Talk. We debate different topics and predict games we believe will win or lose. Understanding the fundamentals of sports is one thing, but following the logic of games is another. You’re so confident that you studied and gave the right prediction. What happened? It is hard to determine why these things happen because you never know what the NBA or any league agenda is. There is never any sure way to predict games or study statistics. But you have to start somewhere right? Here is one idea of starting. Check out our podcast. We will give out previews to that day game, followed by predictions. We will give out our best-educated guess about the game based on our gut feeling and research of what we believe will happen. It is only our opinion based on our gut feeling. However, our study will give out specific factual information and stats relevant to that game. We share the daily news and information, followed by our final thoughts about anything that comes to mind. Darrell and I never realized our talent as podcasters. We debated things as kids and still do to this day. It wasn’t until after we became teenagers we started recording, but never knew what to do with our recordings but delete them. It was our way of improvements, yet satisfaction of our debates. Here we are now, years later, starting up, rebuilding our podcast and entertaining while giving out useful information. We do our best to take time once or twice a week to put podcasts out. We cover the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs in the MLB, we cover the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL, and we include the Indiana Pacers in the NBA. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our podcasts, or ways we can improve our podcast, please feel free to comment on the video or podcast section of our podcasts.

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