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Pedro Amaral Music "Because Different its good!" Bookings : Hypno Bookings: Paulo Silveira - CEO Mobile / Whatsapp: + Fone: + 55.11. 3842.8113 Skype: hypno3012 Helton Mazzer - Booker Mobile / Whatsapp: +55.11.97228.6838 Skype: helton.mazzer Bruno Mayer - Booker Mobile / Whatsapp: +55.11.97023.9128 Pedro Amaral Music, promising producer on the underground E-Music scene "Graduated in Music Production by Anhembi Morumbi and owner of the label Mommy Love Records, Pedro Amaral began his career as a DJ / producer in 2008 creating musical arrangements for his band. Pedro drew attention to his differentiated perspective, using his audio engineering techniques coupled with his musical aspiration with influences from progressive and psychedelic rock. Transfiguring elaborate melodies and virtuous harmonies reflects in their musicality and is the main focus in his productions. Starting the project that bears his own name "Pedro Amaral Music", Pedro started his project with a 12 original tracks album named "Naive Imperfection", showing all his musical integrity by releasing on his own label "Mommy Love Records", which seal Prioritizes for the great majority of its releases s by total freedom of creation and spontaneity. Pedro`s music is not limited to just a House or Techno song, his last two releases include the "Faithless" EP that explores his unique approach to Deep House. While "The B" Sides Of The History VOL-1 "addresses his whole aspiration for experimentalism, stating his virtue that it is very important the artist to be free to simply produce quality music without labels. Virtue that attracted the Spanish label "Soleid", remixing the track "Cold Sweat" received support from artists like Marco Carola - David Museen - Highjacks - Fancy Inc - Bruno Marangoni - Moe Turk - Dani Hageman AKA Muzikjunki - Camilo Do Santos - Gera Barrera In addition to the support of several emerging international artists that often support their tracks.

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