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Bio Welcome to G.L.U.E.-Alkebulan! G.L.U.E. stands for G- God L- Love U- Unity E- Enlightenment We are a Movement aimed at reconnecting our people of African decent back to their Motherland, known originally as Alkebulan, Land of the Spirit People, Cradle of Creation, Mother of Mankind and we seek to awaken our people to the heritage, and the culture of our people before the continent was raped and stripped by colonialism. This was only the beginning of our Castration from our identity as a people and now we are scattered across the World assimilated into other Cultures all around the globe without having any Culture and Heritage of our own but that "We were Slaves". We have been so phased into other societies and cultures that our own identity as a people has almost been completely lost and with no knowledge of self or who we are, we are for ever at the whim of the World, being subjected to Exploitation, Misrepresentation, abuse, and misuse even by ourselves. Until we recover who we are, we will forever be seen as the bastards and step children of the World looking for a home in everyone else's home without having one of own. We are here to facilitate the restoration of a people! Thru God - Love - Unity -and Enlightenment we seek to awaken our people unto who we truly are that we may step out of the stereotypes, and images casted of us by Media and become who God Almighty, Jah, Yahweh has called us to be. Check out our -Music -Bloggs -Ghanian Clothing Line -Photos -Videos and much more right here. At G.L.U.E.-Alkebulan.com! Get awakened and enlightened to who we are as people of African descendants, as people of Alkebulan.

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