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Jellybeans with Dr Doug Lynch, poorly differentiated doctor and pathological polymath. Emergency Medicine. Critical Care. Aeromedical Retrieval. Remote Area Medicine. Resource Poor Medicine. Disaster Medicine. Conflict Medicine. Ethics. Politics. Life. Death. These podcasts are atypical interviews with persons of interest. Critical conversations with Critical Carers. Carers like you. The people that listen to this podcast are insiders, movers, shakers and, I suspect, every listener is potentially a future interviewee. Each conversation is a story shared that has at least one hidden lesson. This is not straight forward #FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education. This is about the people behind #FOAMed, their ideals, their victories, their failures, their thoughts. What we do in our working lives is, on the good days, the best job in the world. What we do in our working lives is, on the bad days, one of the worst jobs in the world. I am just a human and so are you. I need to be reminded of why I put myself through all this, why I tolerate the damage to me, my life, my health, my family. I need to be inspired and re-inspired almost everyday. The Jellybeans exist because the people I talk to are inspiring, they are fascinating and they are funny. The Jellybean Podcast is has been around since before the first SMACC conference. We have been at every one. We have been a lot of places. We talk with interesting people in the Critical Care Medical World or on the fringes of it. We do this everywhere and anywhere. We speak to world leaders and front liners, we speak to paramedics, nurses, academics, researchers, students, the quiet achievers and the rock stars. Its about the quality of the conversation not the quality of the audio. Please visit Contact via Twitter @TheTopEnd Jellybeans are available on and Jellybean Jelly Bean Jellybeans Jellybeanz Beanboozled TopEnd TheTopEnd DougLynch With a bizarre side interest in Baggage or more accurately an interest in Less Baggage. Twitter and Instagram @LessBaggage Pinterest LessBaggage

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