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Welcome to the R.O.A.D. Podcast. The show that gives you unfiltered opinions from the eyes and ears of 4 seasoned DJ’s from the Las Vegas nightclub industry. DJ Crooked and DJ Neva come to us by way of New York; Manhattan and The Bronx respectively. Both relocated to Vegas in the early 2000s to open, what was then, Light and Jet Nightclub. Crooked is known for his workhorse mentality, and high energy DJ sets, but has never been one for the industry politics. While DJ Neva has earned his OG status due to his countless years of experience in the DJ game. In 2007, they brought a piece of home with them by founding KNYEW (acronym for “Keeping New York Every Where), a successful clothing brand, the first of its kind to be seen in Las Vegas. Similarly, both D-Miles and Jaime Da Great grew up in the LA. Jaime, while making a huge name for himself in the sneaker industry, has shifted his focus into becoming a full-time DJ. D-Miles climbed the ranks by opening for the industry’s

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