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I like you. Do you like me too ? CHECK YES / CHECK NO. Thats exactly how the process of falling in and out of love started for many of us. And now, here we are! This show speaks to the trial and tribulations and successes we have all experienced in pursuit of love via our relationships with others. We welcome your thoughts an opinions on the wide ranging topics that we cover from that very first heartbreak to "is monogamy really natural for us?". This is a 4-6 weekly series hosted by MC Elixir ( who will be releasing a music project on February 14, 2018 under the same title. Each week the series will feature a special guest co-host. THE FORMAT: Each week we begin by listening to pre-recorded conversations (OBSCENE LANGUAGE) from a relationship forum comprised of friends (3 men and 3 women) discussing different topics. The hosts then chime in with their opinions while fielding phone calls on the topic.

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