Red Pilled Woke


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A list of current podcasts published Red Pilled Woke: The adventures of two friends who have both been Red Pilled and Woke. Cole, a cis het cuck, who loves Castro, Stalin, and Mao. Dilvany, an austistic tranny, who is an edgy libertarian/neo-liberal. Join them as they explore various topics such as the alt-right, YouTube skeptic cringe, trap music, pop culture, public policy, etc. THOTcast: Pair a big idea with a work of philosophy or science and mix in a bit of unique analysis. Dilvany, brings to the table a unique perspective with her intersectional queer and libertarian identity to answer important questions. Is greed bad and altruism good? Can we claim something ought to be that way because it is? What does it mean to be transgender? Can someone else determine what is best for you? What is the purpose of a market? How do we best secure justice and prosperity for underprivileged groups? Are truth and progress real? Is technology a threat to our existence?

4 episodes available. A new episode about every 60 days averaging 33 mins duration .