Unsee The Future


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Music maker and creative TImo Peach explores the more hopeful human-planet future, when not twiddling synth knobs, in a regular podcast, Unsee The Future. How do we piece together a complete plan for a more sustainable – more exciting – tomorrow? Perhaps where art, science and play meet. His musical background? Leftfield Electronic New Wave. Filmic Art-Pop Cabaret. Retro Futurism Baroque Nu Disco. Electro-Clash Synthwave. Downtempo daft little tunes. Carefully chosen words. Fusing influences from across electronic music, cinema, theatre and cult telly, a richly entertaining production of beats and storytelling, mixing immersive atmospheres and spoken word with infectious musicality. Epic fringe club music. #ElectroPop #ArtPop #RetroFuturism #Synthwave #BaroquePop #ElectroClash #Downtempo #Myfi #Soundtrack

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