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My name is Dee Silkie and I am the creator of The Dose of Dee Podcast. I started my own fashion line four years ago. I found that one of my biggest frustrations as a designer was an abundance of un-answered questions that I needed answered in order to propel my creative business further. These questions ranged from "what does it actually mean to be a 'Canadian made' brand? Is owning an online shop really the future like everyone says it is? Or is a brick and mortar store really the way to go? How do I get money (other than sales) to fund my business, and what comes first, figuring out my aesthetic or my target market?" I felt like non of these questions were being answered no matter how hard I tried to find them. When I turned to books or other resources they were either strictly fashion based, or strictly business based. I needed something in the middle to merge my fascination with the creative side of my business and the entrepreneurship side. I started the Dose of Dee Podcast to get to the bottom of these questions by exploring these topics through conversations with industry leaders. After a full year of interviews, the podcast has become known for its candidness and authenticity. We are passionate about showcasing other professionals talents, struggles and triumphs while exploring concepts such as "what lead you to this career?", "what makes you get up and follow your passions each day?", "what are some of the biggest mental/emotional hurdles that you face as a creative?", "how do you handle the stress of being a creative?", "what were some of your ah-ha moments in your career so far?"... Join us as we dive into the world of creativity as we try and figure out some of the most problematic obstacles in entrepreneurship, fashion and creativity. To Shop Dee Silkie's previous collections visit her online boutique here: Intro Music:

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