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Ever been curled up, reading a great book, listening to some background music... but somehow it's just all wrong? You know what i'm talking about, right? You're reading some Jane Austen but Biggie's singing 'gimme some HOES, a bank roll and a bag o' weed'. Or you're reading the Great Gatsby but some sweet (?) Bob Dylan harmonica is blasting. It's not that you don't love Biggie and Bob. It's that you're just not in the same place right now. It's you, it's not them. If you have ever experienced similar symptoms, I'm diagnosing you with a bad case of textual feelings. To which the only known cure is tuning in 6am-8am EST (or, more reasonably, listening afterwards/11am-1pm UTC) to hear me pick a different book each week and pick tracks to go with that book. I will also have guests (and, by guests, I mean the small subset of humans that allow me to be their friend and are also willing to get up at 5:30am for me). So come along, tune in and listen up to Textual Feelings to catch some textually transmitted reflections.

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