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The entire world is at war on a grand scale – a war that threatens to end life as we know it. It sounds like hyperbole, right? But do us a favor. Grab your iPhone and check out your favorite social media network. Turn on that flat-screen TV and tune in to a 24-hour news channel. Better yet, open your door and walk down the street. The war isn’t just being fought in foreign arenas over land and oil – we’re in the midst of a constant social, cultural, and spiritual battle for our hearts and minds. Terrorism. Depression. Poverty. Loneliness. Economic disaster. Slavery. Political upheaval. Technological saturation. Maybe it’s not a matter of finding a place of safety and peace and goodness – maybe it’s up to us to create one. Maybe we’re meant to love because we’re loved first. Maybe this war needs an invasion of love. On the Love//War Podcast, we’re going to use that philosophy to dive headfirst into the war. Answers won’t come easy, if they come at all – but we’re committed to unpacking and distilling the big, tough issues of this present darkness and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Grant Reitzel is a professional musician, business owner, and recovering pastor’s kid. Bryan Peach is a media and public relations expert, a writer, and a pop culture aficionado. It’s often said that politics and religion don’t make for polite conversation – but Bryan and Grant aren’t interested in a gentle tea party. This is a Love//War.

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