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HypnoTalks Questions & Answers with Axel Hombach and Dr John Butler is a new Podcast format meant to help practicing hypnotists, hypno-coaches and hypnotherapists in their daily practice with clients and patients. In this PodCast format, we answer questions practicing hypnotists encounter in their daily works. We take question from our Facebook Group on Transforming Therapy™ and discuss it. Our aim is to let you participate in the vast knowledge that John Butler has built in his nearly 40 year career as a clinical and medical hypnotherapist. You ask the question, we give you the answer that you can directly use in your daily practice. Submit your question here: mailto:info@noj-coaching.de Dr John Butler has been a practicing clinical and medical hypnotherapist for nearly 40 years. He is an active medical researcher, neurologist, university teacher, psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. Dr John Butler is also the head of the HTI, the Hypnotherapy Training International, the leading school of hypnotherapy, especially the Transforming Therapy™ hypnosis approach. Transforming Therapy is the seminal and holistic approach to the application of hypnosis that the legendary Gil Boyne started to develop already in the 1960. Axel Hombach is the head and principal hypnotist of the Hypnose Zentrum Köln. He studied with Dr John Butler many years ago and works with him to pass on the knowledge countless generations of pioneers like Gil Boyne and Dave Elman have given us and help to develop the potential of the human mind. If you have any questions you would like to have answered, send your question here: info@noj-coaching.de

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