How Tyrannosaurus grew into a bone crusher


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Dinosaur of the day Opisthocoelicaudia, a late cretaceous titanosaur that may have been able to rear up on its hind legs.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new analysis of dozens of tyrannosaur specimens splits its growth into 5 major phases
  • The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit at just the right angle to do the most possible damage
  • The dueling dinosaurs appear to be going exclusively to the surface rights owners
  • A set of chinese "chicken claw prints" turned out to be Jurassic dinosaur tracks
  • Japanese researchers claim to have found the world's smallest dinosaur egg fossil
  • The NHM in London shared details about Qhemegha, South Africa and its importance in dinosaur paleontology
  • The TV show Dinosaurs is coming to Disney+ this fall
  • Dinosaur Batman uses the name B. rex for one character, it's not a shoebill or the T. rex specimen MOR 1125 that go by the same name
  • Filming for Jurassic World Dominion has resumed

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