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This podcast shouldn’t work. Successful podcasts feature famous people having hilarious and informative conversations with other famous people. Duh. Or maybe one of those dynamite podcasts that solves the crimes law enforcement never could? Proven winners. Or even one of those super-nerdy podcasts about even nerdier topics? There’s always an audience for a well-researched, deep-dive about the basketball careers of serial killers. But alas, for reasons no one can fully explain, Bob doesn’t dabble in any of those actually lucrative audio avenues. Sadly, Bob Van Dyne has dedicated his podcast, and more pathetically his entire professional life, to the pursuit of something called “infotainment”. WTF?? There’s no factual data that’s even an actual thing, let alone an entire podcast genre. There’s a reason you’ve never accidentally sat next to an “infotainer” at an airport bar in the SLC Delta terminal. Unless your name is David Letterman, best of fucking luck with that. Imagine the elevator-pitch about the infotainment intersection of politics and media and pop-culture and humor. And it’s hosted by a non-famous person who’s never solved a single crime?? Hard pass. Full stop. How could it get any worse? Inexplicably, that’s the one problem Bob has solved. What if it was co-hosted by an always difficult and overly inquisitive, yet totally non-verbal, bass player named FishB? Seriously. But believe it or not, FishB is actually the least bad part of the entire operation, that’s why he gets the cover art. Quality infotainment simply demands quality musical accompaniment or whatever. Damn near as anyone can tell the only redeeming podcast quality is right there in the title—I ONLY HAVE 15 MINUTES. So it’s not like you’ll waste your whole day on it, just your entire smoke break. And even though there is no tangible or even imagined demand for infotainment, this podcast is up every single goddamn weekday by 4e/1p (assuming Friday is part of the weekend cuz no one is trying to die here). No doubt about it Gwen, this podcast should never work. Fucking infotainment. Best of luck with that.

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