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In a fraught & fast-paced political climate, Mackenzie Brennan, Court Attorney for the NY Supreme Court, and Brooke Rogers, writer at The New York Post, tackle politics and human rights with a focus on law, policy, and reason. As young women from different backgrounds and fields, Mackenzie and Brooke aim to show that minds can be changed with understanding, disagreement can be passionate AND civil, and taboo topics should be dissected openly. And that policy talk pairs well with one or three Michelob Ultra(s)™️. On Instagram @BrookeAngeline & @MkzJBrennan On Twitter @BkeRogers & @GetMe2ANunnery Theme music by Shithead's Rainbow Cover Photo by Lauren Wisnewski; text excerpt edited from United States v. Virginia, 518 U.S. 515, 546 (1996) (Hosts’ views are expressed solely in personal capacities and should not be imputed to the Court System, Judges or judicial officers therein, or any publication. No content is intended as political endorsement or formal legal advice.)

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