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A lot of people claim to want things to be better in this country, but their main tactic is to tell half the country they’re stupid and bad. I don’t think most of us are actually that dumb or mean-spirited, but we’re so thoroughly given a raw deal when it comes to media and leadership that we’re all liable to be misinformed and distrustful of each other. It’s difficult not to be in a state of constant frustration with the deception and corruption, not to mention ineptitude, of the people who wield power in society. This should bind us, the people, together. We have so much more in common than we’re led to believe. The powers that be keep us artificially divided so as to maintain their grip.As an ex-Mormon lesbian, a conservative living a liberal's life, a Texan who’s lived and travelled all over the country, a critically-thinking "genderqueer," someone who's at least as opinion-fluid as I am gender-fluid, and a woman who doesn’t suffer from uptalk or vocal fry, I think I can help get the empathy ball rolling. I'm going to have conversations with people across the spectra about all the controversial topics I can think of, in order to demonstrate the diversity amongst each demographic, the reality that we all have so much more in common than FOX, MSNBC, the Twitter hoards, etc. would have us believe, and the fact that we can have constructive conversations even when we do disagree.

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