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Our goals here at FreedomWire are simple… Our first and most important goal is to ensure that we bring the truth and ONLY the truth to you and our fellow patriots. We can say this openly and proudly: you will not find any “Fake News” here. In today’s America, it’s getting increasingly harder for conservatives to be recognized, let alone heard. That's why our secondary goal is to create a community where we —the true patriots of America— can voice our opinions and defend our rights. We welcome your feedback and want each of our members to interact. So please, leave comments and tell us what you think. You won’t be silenced here! We value honesty and integrity above all else! That's why we vow to bring only true and real stories each and every day. Our reporting may run afoul of the mainstream media, but we don’t mind… We’re not here to fit in. We’re here to keep the conservative ideals alive and give them a voice! So thank you for choosing to be a part of FreedomWire…

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