The Shadow Files of Morgan Knox


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Morgan Knox can see the Darkness coming...but that may not be enough to stop it from destroying the world. In 1930’s Manhattan, a Latina private detective is posthumously hired by a man hoping to solve his own murder. Morgan Knox is just the right investigator for the job: ever since her experience in World War I left her with the ability to see paranormal phenomena, she’s had one foot in the shadows and another in the real world. As the case leads her through the city, Knox battles more forces beyond human sight: corruption, greed, and temptation have taken Manhattan by storm, and if she isn’t careful, she could be the Darkness’ next victim. The Shadow Files of Morgan Knox is a Realm production written by K Arsenault Rivera, Brooke Bolander, Gabino Iglesias, and Sunny Moraine. Listen Away. For more shows like this, visit

28 episodes